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24 Hour Bail Bonds:

Los Angeles: 323-547-8786

Orange County: 714-541-1155

San Bernardino: 909-381-3899

San Diego: 619-381-4859

Riverside: 951-445-4155

Assault and Battery Bail Bonds in Riverside

If you are searching for a bail bondsman in Riverside, California, Justice Bail Bonds is here for you. We proudly offer professional bail bonds service for a variety of charges, including assault and battery. Specifically, if you have been arrested for assault and battery, then keep reading—we can help!

Assault and battery charges do not discriminate against gender—both men and women can be charged. You may or may not know that assault and battery are common crimes frequently committed throughout the State of California. At Justice Bail Bonds in Riverside, California, we understand how challenging this time can be, and we do not judge anyone. We believe in second chances.

Below, you will find valuable facts regarding the entire process of working with a bail bondsman in Riverside, California—from picking up the phone and making the call to getting released from jail and returning for your court date. Further, you will get a fuller understanding of pricing, benefits, and laws regarding assault and battery. 

Do you need to speak with a bail bondsman today? You can contact Justice Bail Bonds in Riverside, California now by calling (951) 445-4155. Let us assist you in getting past this troubling experience.

After the Arrest—Assault and Battery in Riverside

We will be clear: There is nothing fun, exciting, or easy about getting arrested. This time will likely prove to be difficult, but at Justice Bail Bonds, we will do our best to make it make the procedure as smooth as possible for you and your loved ones.

If you have been arrested for assault and/or battery in Riverside, California, you are probably wondering what happens next. The law can be confusing, but you should become familiar with some basic information, starting with the fact that assault and battery are two different crimes:


  • Assault includes creating fear by making threats, gestures, and/or suggestions
  • The assaulter does not have to physically touch another person to be charged
  • Misdemeanor assault charges vary but can carry a one-year sentence behind bars


  • Battery is physically harming someone
  • Battery can be referred to as “assault and battery” because the two are often used together
  • You can batter someone without assaulting them

Aggravated Assault 

  • Aggravated assault cases are more serious than assault and/or battery cases
  • Assaulting someone with a weapon (i.e. butt of a gun, broken bottle, knife, etc.) can increase the charge to “aggravated assault”
  • Assault against certain groups of people (i.e. the elderly, children) can increase the charge to “aggravated assault”
  • Aggravated assault charges vary, resulting in a sentence of years to decades behind bars

Please Note: While charges can vary from misdemeanor to felony, and penalties can differ, too; the more the severe the crime is, the harsher the punishment.  

Assault and Battery Bail Bonds in Riverside, CA

Bail, which may or may not be set depending on your specific case, is a monetary and written promise that you will appear for a future court date following your arrest. In order for you to be released from jail, you will have to pay this monetary amount. Every county throughout California has its own bail schedule.

As stated above, the more severe the charge, the harsher the punishment, as well as the higher amount in which bail will be set—if it is set.

If bail is set for your assault and/or battery charge, anyone is permitted to pay that monetary amount. Specifically, they can “post” your bail. The fastest way to move this process along is to give the jail or police station the accused person's full name and their date of birth.

If you pay or “post” your bail, this fee will eventually be returned to you (minus standard court fees), but only if and when you appear for your scheduled court appearance.

It is common for individuals to have difficulty coming up with the bail money on their own. In this case, a licensed bail bondsman, such as the experienced professionals at Justice Bail Bonds in Riverside, California, can assist for a small fee.

Helpful Legal Resources—Riverside, California

Please make note of the following links as they will likely prove to be useful during this time. Throughout the course of your legal troubles in Riverside, California, you need to know:

Why Choose a Bail Bondsman in Riverside, CA

You may decide or have no choice but to use a bail bondsman in order to get out of jail while awaiting trial for your assault and/or battery charges. It is important for your case to choose the right bail bondsman, one who will consider your best interest. Find a bail bondsman who is smart, educated, and experienced. 

At Justice Bail Bonds in Riverside, California, we offer many incentives as to why you would want to choose our professional team to help you, such as: 

  • Free Consultations—Regardless of Charges
  • We Travel to You
  • Speed Release Process
  • Reliable and 24-Hour Service
  • Conveniently Pay by Phone
  • Affordable—Lowest Rates in Riverside, CA
  • No Hidden Fees or Agendas
  • Payment Plans Available
  • Discrete and Judgement-Free

Are you ready to let Justice Bail Bonds help you?

Learning about Justice Bail Bonds

We are pleased to announce that Justice Bail Bonds is conveniently located in downtown Riverside, California. We actually have three different locations, allowing us to help even more people. We provide fast and fair bail bond/jail release service to the entire Riverside County.

At Justice Bail Bonds, we are an experienced staff, made up mostly of strong, educated women, who are entirely dedicated to our clients. We proudly treat every client with the respect and dignity that he or she deserves.

To speak to a bail bondsman today, please call Justice Bail Bonds at  951-389-0769. We even offer free consultations.

Justice Bail Bonds Frequently Asked Questions

In this business, we often get asked many different questions. Therefore, we have compiled a list of "frequently asked questions" in hopes that you can get quick answers for everything you want or need to know. 

Take a look below, and if you do not happen to see your specific questions, please feel free to contact us and we will provide an answer to you promptly. Thank you.

Q: What happens after my arrest?

A: Following an arrest, the arrestee is taken into a holding facility and the booking process begins. Charges will be confirmed and bail will be established. Please be as patient as possible, as the entire process may take a few hours to finish.

Q: Are your services expensive?

A: The price of our services depends on the amount at which bail has been set. We generally charge between 7 and 10 percent of the bail amount. Remember, there are no hidden fees and we offer payment plans. We are willing to work with your needs.

Q: Does my bail expire or last a certain length of time?

A: The bail lasts as long as the case lasts. In the unlikely chance that the case lasts longer than a year, we are legally entitled to another 7 to 10 percent fee.

Q: Do I have any other options other than posting bail?

A: Other options besides using a bail bondsman include the following:

  • Pay the court or jail cash, which you will get back less any fees or outstanding fines due to the court once the case has been completed.
  • US Treasury Bond
  • Real Property

Q: I have posted bail; how long do I have to wait to be released?

A: After bail has been posted, you can usually expect to be released from jail within 7 hours. Factors that could potentially delay the release process include staff to inmate ratio and an overall number of inmates currently being held.

Q: How do I know if the bail bondsman is good or professional?

A: A: During your consultation with a bail bondsman (remember, Justice Bail Bonds offers a free one), you can ask questions to get a better feel for the company's experience and expertise, like:

  • How long have you been licensed?
  • Can you briefly explain your history?
  • Where do you stand with the California Department of Insurance?
  • Do you put your client first?

What makes you stand out amongst other bail bondsmen?  

Q: What happens if I don't post bail?

A: If you cannot or chose to not post bail, you will remain in custody until your court date.

This information may seem overwhelming, even confusing. Remember, we are here to make this entire process as easy and smooth as possible—so reach out to us and let us help.

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