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24 Hour Bail Bonds:

Los Angeles: 323-547-8786

Orange County: 714-541-1155

San Bernardino: 909-381-3899

San Diego: 619-381-4859

Riverside: 951-445-4155

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Chino Bail Bonds

After an arrest affecting you or a loved one, you may search for options to leave jail before trial. Sometimes, your choices may be limited, especially because they involve paying high bail amounts. Consequently, you may spend a long time in jail and miss the chance to continue with your regular life.

On the other hand, using a bail bonds service is advantageous when dealing with the detention experience thanks to the accessibility and convenience provided. However, you want to make sure that you select a reliable bail bonds company. With the right team, you get the assurance of expeditious transactions for your release.

At Justice Bail Bonds, you will benefit from our quality bail bonds services that aim to help you get released from jail as soon as possible. With over twenty years of experience in domestic violence-related bail bonds, you can count on us for accessible and expeditious services regardless of your arrest time. Moreover, we offer our services at low competitive prices with an easy payment plan available for your benefit. You will also find our stand-by local bail agents in Chino, San Bernardino County helpful, especially when your arrest is unexpected. This way, you do not have to leave your city to seek our services.

The Role of Bail Bond Services in Chino

An arrested person often has several options to leave jail pending the official court hearing, provided he/she can afford to post bail. However, since the bail charges are often expensive, you may not afford to make a complete payment.

A bail bonds service steps in to help you post the required bail amount at a lower fee. In doing so, you stand a better chance of leaving jail sooner, to help you prepare for any domestic violence charges pressed against you.

When you or a loved one faces arrest after domestic violence accusations, you will first be detained in jail for booking. The booking process entails capturing your identification details that will reflect on your future criminal records.

 As soon as you arrive at the station, you will have to remove all accessories and hand your phone over to prepare for the booking process and subsequent detention. The arresting officers will instruct you on how to undertake the booking process to help you comply accordingly.

Learning of the different procedures you expect to undertake during booking is necessary because it gives you an estimated waiting time. This way, you can choose the best time to call your Chino Bail Bonds service provider and begin the release process.

Firstly, the officers will take your photographs and fingerprints for physical identification. The procedure should last only a few minutes, granted that not many people undergo booking at once. Apart from that, the officers will also note down your official name and physical address, along with your ID card registration number.

Your phone number and email address will also be recorded, as they are necessary contact details for future follow-ups. Upon concluding the booking process, we recommend requesting to make your phone call, to help you reach your Chino Bail Bonds company promptly.

You need to note that you do not have to call us directly, especially if you find it more important to notify your loved ones of arrest first. Therefore, the close friend or family you contact can reach us on your behalf,  provided he/she has all your essential identification details available.

Filing for Chino Domestic Violence Bail Bonds

When you contact a Chino Bail Bonds service, the process of filing for your bail begins when the agent fills out an application on your behalf. Hence, we recommend providing the agent with your details in advance as it makes the process easier to complete.

The details you can expect to provide include your occupation and information on your current bank account. These details are beneficial to the bail bonds department, as they can verify your need for the service based on the available funds in your account.

On top of that, learning of your occupation helps the relevant authority to validate your need for the service, instead of posting bail. You will also have to provide your personal details when posting bail, including your phone number and home address. Since your bail bonds agent handles this on your behalf, you want to communicate accurate information, to prevent mishaps.

When posting bail without a bail bonds agent’s help, you may have to provide a credit report that is used as eligibility criteria for your bond payments. The requirement exists because the court is not prepared to risk non-payment by criminal suspects, as it could compromise the entire justice system. The credit report provides your records in credit repayment, to show whether you can handle posting bail.

However, when working with a bail bonds company, the agent will handle any necessary paperwork and present it on time. In doing so, you are relieved of the stress that comes with arrest and demands to be met for release.

The court will also ask to verify the bail bonds company's details before allowing the procedure to ensure. Thus, working with a legitimate company is crucial, as you avoid delays and disappointments of having to extend your jail detention.

The Payment Process After a Successful Bail Bonds Application in Chino

As mentioned, most arrested persons cannot afford to pay the full bail amount as the court directs. Therefore, they will have the option to request for payment plans, where they make small installments over some time. While the option seems convenient, you may end up paying a higher amount than the actual bail in interest.

Alternatively, the court may ask you to provide a valued asset to serve as collateral for making payments. Thus, you will leave jail without paying the bail amount in exchange for your asset. The court holds on to the asset until you complete all payments. While the two options are accessible, they may cause subsequent inconvenience and delays.

On the other hand, working with a Chino Bail Bonds service makes the payment process easier to handle. Upon the verification of all details required before posting bail, your agent will make payments immediately. Since our priority is to have you released from jail as soon as possible, complete payments are made upfront. Afterward, you will be ready to leave jail and follow up on several details.

Charges for a Bail Bonds Service

Since the Bail Bonds company provides a service, a charge applies upon the completion of posting bail. Regulations also apply towards the service charges, with a standard rate set in place. Therefore, the bail bonds company should charge 10% of the total bail amount as a service fee.

Based on the applicable rules, the amount varies depending on the court's bail directives and could vary from one person to the next. For example, if the judge sets your bail at $25,000 your bail bonds service fee will be $2500. Since the rates vary significantly, we recommend contacting your Chino bail bonds agent for an exclusive and accurate estimate.

Why Work With Justice Bail Bonds in Chino

Numerous Bail Bonds services are available in Encino, making the service widely accessible. However, not all companies deliver on their promises as expected, creating difficult experiences for arrested persons. As a result, working with a trusted Bail Bonds company could greatly affect the success of your jail release process. Some reasons to choose Justice Bail Bonds include:

Our Wealth of Experience

Doubtless, working with an experienced company increases your confidence in service delivery. You will remain calm knowing that our team has handled numerous bail bond cases, and know what they are doing. We have worked with different clients for over twenty years, creating the best option for arrested persons seeking a bail bonds service.

Moreover, specializing in one niche gives you an edge over other service providers. Dealing with domestic violence bail bonds cases, therefore, equips us with vital knowledge that makes it easier to complete the bailing job for you.

Since the department of justice is more vigilant on domestic abusers, requesting for release on bail may be more difficult to handle on your own. The situation is more difficult when you are facing a second or subsequent arrest, as the court may require to impose more penalties.

With your bail bonds agent acting on your behalf, you can benefit from the effective solutions provided. The agent can negotiate on terms of release, and help you leave jail even after a subsequent arrest.

We are Female Owned and Operated

Additionally, our company is run by women who understand the difficult nature of most domestic violence cases. As a result, our services have an additional personal touch, coupled with a goal to get you the easiest jail release procedure.

Bilingual Services are Available- Se Habla  Español

Sometimes, communication may harbor the success of your jail release process if you do not understand a specific language. The country is home to many Spanish-speaking people, creating the need for language accommodative services. Therefore, we incorporate Spanish-speaking agents to cater to any arrested person who prefers the language for official communication.

Thanks to our bilingual staff, you do not have to struggle with filling out different documents as well. The agent working with you can translate the different requirements for you and even help you fill out most spaces. This way your bail bonds experience is more effective and leads to a prompt release from jail.

Our Bail Agents are on Standby in Chino, San Bernardino County

Moreover, our services extend beyond Chino, as we purpose to assist arrested persons in different cities around San Bernardino. We recognize the possibility of facing arrest in different locations, leading to our widely accessible team.

Thus, you can worry less about accessing a bail bonds service provider outside Chino, provided you can contact us. Additionally, we understand that arrest may occur at any time, meaning that the agents should be on standby for twenty-four hours.

Hence, when you face an unexpected police apprehension and detention, our phone lines and agents will be available to take on your matter and begin the bailing process. Alternatively, if you want to post bail for a loved one, you can also contact us at your earliest convenience. We can then decide on a meeting location to have you sign various documents that authorize the bailing process.

Our Services are Available At Affordable Prices

Moreover, working with a Chino Bail Bond service should give you access to affordable prices to post bail, compared to posting bail yourself. Therefore, we purpose to provide services at competitive prices that depend on the set bail amount.

Additionally, our charge rates are transparent, meaning that we do not include any hidden fees in the total bill. As a result, you can trust that the paid amount is proportional to the court bail set. You will also receive detailed receipts upon completing your transaction to help you track the expenditures.

Further, we understand that some clients may not have all the money to complete bail bonds payments upfront. Subsequently, we accept payment plans geared towards giving you an easier time when paying for our services. We advise our clients to propose a suitable payment plan in advance, to help our relevant staff in preparing account records.

We Can Post Bail Virtually on Your Behalf

Different innovations in technology and communication now allow us to post bail for our clients online, or over the phone. Thanks to the ease of access to services, all you have to do is contact us upon arrest and provide your identification details.

Our agents then begin the bail posting process, to promote efficiency in providing services. The online option also allows loved ones who may live in different locations to initiate the bail posting process on your behalf through us. In doing so, we save time and costs that you would otherwise make when conducting the procedure physically.

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Facing arrest without the assurance of release can be devastating, as it halts your life indefinitely. Additionally, the situation is more difficult when monetary constraints are the only limiting factor to your freedom. However, you do not have to spend unnecessarily long in jail, thanks to Bail Bond services.

At Justice Bail Bonds, you have access to reliable bail bond services in Chino, San Bernardino County, backed by a well-experienced team. We aim to promote a fast bail process to get you released from jail as soon as possible. Moreover, our readily available team is happy to take on your matter regardless of your calling time. Contact us today at 951-445-4155 to begin your bail bonds process.