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Los Angeles: 323-547-8786

Orange County: 714-541-1155

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San Diego: 619-381-4859

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Corona Bail Bonds

Corona, CA was once the capital of lemons in Southern California and has since become the source location of Monster (energy drink) production worldwide, and if that isn’t making lemonade – you need to rethink the modern model.    If you can imagine a state that was patch-worked with grove-lands from just outside of Los Angeles and extending to the Arizona border in the mid-1900’s, take a look at what it has become by 2019; changes to the residential demand and state economics have now replaced most of those groves with housing developments and commuter trails into the cities.    From a point just beyond the Cleveland National Forest in the Southeast corner of Orange County, Corona has since grown into the first city of Riverside County outside of Riverside.  

Located just 48 miles from Los Angeles, the City of Corona, CA is home to approximately 153,000 people. Corona was originally considered a part of Riverside, as it lies just to the Southwest of that city. Once referred to as South Riverside, the city incorporated in 1896 under the name Corona as a tribute to the circular boulevard that encloses the city’s standard grid streets.

The Corona area played a large part in the citrus boom of the 1880 and 1890s, enjoying the title of “Lemon Capital of the World” for a time.

Early celebrities like Dezi Arnaz and Lucille Ball spent time in Corona, with their ranch located in the northern part of the city. The privacy and rural nature of the City of Corona appealed to celebrities seeking shelter from the business of LA. However, high land prices and overcrowding in Los Angeles led to housing development in Corona during the 1980s and by the 19990s, the city was considered a suburb of Los Angeles.

Where to get a bail bond in Corona

The Inland Empire is the vast area where Justice Bail Bonds provides a unique brand of understanding that serves persons with unique legal problems.  Their domain includes the counties of Riverside, San Bernardino, and inland Orange and San Diego counties.  When you have found yourself or a loved one entangled in something on the fringe-edge of a nightmare, you can call on Justice Bail Bonds to expedite the bail bond process to get you or your loved one out of jail and on a path to support and healing.   Justice Bail Bonds helps make lemonade from the sour depth of a bad situation in Corona or elsewhere in the state.

Justice Bail Bonds provides a single contact point to help level your stress and guide you away from the edge.  Call (951) 445-4155 for help in Riverside county or the most immediate needs.  Schedule a visit to one of the Justice Bail Bonds offices  (714) 541-1155 in Orange County, (909) 381-3899 in San Bernardino – each offering private consultation to regain your freedom or the freedom of someone you revere.

Corona Neighborhoods

The City of Corona is divided into distinct neighborhoods.

North Corona

North Corona borders the City of Norco and is known for its upscale, safe housing developments. Prominent areas in North Corona include Corona Hills and Corona Ranch.

Downtown Corona

Downtown Corona is home to the Fender Museum, the main Metrolink Station, and an abundance of office and apartment buildings.

Central Corona

The oldest part of the city, Central Corona, includes the inner circle of Grand Avenue. This part of the city contains many historical markers and restored historic residences.

South Corona

The newest part of the city, South Corona, is that part of the city south of Ontario Avenue. South Corona boasts the highest rated schools in the city and the region. Most of the housing in South Corona was built after 2000.

Sierra Del Oro

Sierra Del Oro is located in western Corona, with neighborhoods situated all along the Green River Road. Sierra Del Oro neighborhoods are comprised of may apartment complexes and is designed to cater to commuters.

Dos Lagos

In the southern portion of the city, straddling I15, the Dos Lago area is made up of new homes, upscale apartment complexes, a large golf course, and a large shopping center.

Several unincorporated communities border Corona, including Coronita, Temescal Valley, Home Gardens, Eagle Glen, and El Cerito.

24 Hour Corona Bail Bonds Services

Corona’s motto is “the circle city” named foremost for its infrastructure design, and while you can still see the circle under satellite imaging, you will see more outside angles on the original.   Neighborhoods consumed former grove areas and the presence of recreation additions like golf courses and parks expand the more angular masses around “the circle.”

Everyone is entitled to missteps and for the most part, the bumps in the road are all things that people deal with daily, some just ride them through, others can be deeply affected.  The women agents who comprise the staff of Justice Bail Bonds know that an arrest is a hurdle for many people, and their understanding and discreet dialog will help all the persons involved deal with the issue at hand and you can get a clear understanding of the upcoming lesson at hand and how to proceed – call any of these numbers for urgent help:

24 Hour Bail Bonds in Corona: (951) 445-4155

Justice Bail Bonds in Corona

Bail bonds are an economically sound way to handle bail (an amount assigned by a state schedule based on offenses).  Typically bonds are a small percentage of money required to achieve freedom.  Bail bonds may require anywhere from 1 to 10% of the bail schedule amount, and are delivered by a Justice Bail Bond agent directly to the holding location in the Inland Empire in order to expedite release.

Justice Bail Bond’s does maintain that special sensitivity to deal with arrests regarding Child Endangerment, Domestic Violence, Probation Violations (controlled substance), and the general knowledge of the processes involved to handle anything else.   Justice Bail Bond’s offices exist in Riverside, Banning, Indio, San Bernardino, and there are contact numbers for reaching them within your neck of the Southern California “groves” or within the radius of where the source of the problem began (e.g. arrested on highway 91, incarcerated in Riverside).

Justice Bail Bond agents know the ins-and-outs around all the major holding locations of the Inland Empire and likewise the courthouses and police departments throughout.   For persons who are overwhelmed and financially fearful in the dilemma, they offer 4 walk-in offices, conveniently located in the following communities: 

When an arrest of someone close to you occurs and you have been summoned to deliver the aid or “ade” part of the recipe, this is the beginning of a new recipe on life.  You do have the option of trudging to Riverside or one of the satellite holding facilities to release your person-who-has-been-arrested or you can make the call to Justice Bail Bonds.  Negotiate and apply for the bond, complete the paperwork on-line and have them run all the errands associated with obtaining the freedom to move forward.

How does Bail work in Corona, California?

Many people learn their lessons young and in stride learn to move on.   Some of us have the misfortune or eye-opening drama of being caught by the police after a night or day that challenged our behavior.  Were you or your loved one caught while driving under the influence or after a physical row with a domestic partner?  Were you or your loved one entrenched in a stressful situation and acted out so badly so that there was no alternative for the general public than to have you hauled away by legal authority? 

This is the moment when most call Justice Bail Bond’s agents -- there with the ability to listen to your answers and help with the deep understanding of situations like your own.   Call them and a professional bail bond agent will answer your call and be versed in the special nature of your case.

Chances are that if someone you know is arrested anywhere in the vast area between Palm Springs, the Arizona Border, and Yucaipa to the North and Indio to the South they are being held in the Riverside Jail.  If you are contacted, your choices are to make the adventure into downtown Riverside yourself in the hour of zero-dark-thirty or deal with Justice Bail Bonds to handle all the paperwork and delivery of freedom.    Bail bonds are a financial blessing when you are faced with bail schedules (set by the state) that all carry sensitivities necessary to deal with a DUI/DWI, reckless driving, assault, trespassing, vagrancy and Domestic Violence arrest of someone integral to your life.

The distinctive Justice Bail Bonds point-of-view will help level your stress and set you at ease with what your next steps should be.  Call for a private consultation with a kindred spirit over an arrest of someone close to you.  Call (951) 445-4155 in Riverside.

How do I post a bail bond in Corona, California?

You answered your loved one’s call so now they have volleyed the ball into your court for support.  Who do you call to receive some guidance in what to really do about the situation? Justice Bail Bonds is the compassionate logical answer.  The arrest of an immediate partner affects your income and may put you on the edge of financial disaster, bail will get them out to attend to current obligations (work) and fulfill their legal obligations regarding their case.  A bail bond will answer the bail problem with only a small percentage of the full bail amount, leaving enough room to retrieve the vehicle (impounded in most DUI/DWI arrests) and perhaps even leave some money free to consult an attorney – consultation with Justice Bail Bonds for you bail bond options is free. 

Regardless of your relationship with the arrested individual and the conditions of this crisis, agents for Justice Bail Bonds have more compassion for the situation you are in.  Being a business run almost entirely by women, they share a greater sensitivity to the big picture and have a deeper understanding of what you face in light of your partner, your spouse, or your loved one being in jail.  Whether it is one of your children or grandchildren, you received their call for help because you are the anchor of your family, perhaps not in financial power but in the steering and nurturing power of your soul.    Justice Bail Bonds was formed to serve the same.

For Justice Bail Bonds specific type of Bail Bonds help with an Inland Empire arrest call (951) 445-4155 in Corona.

How do I pay for Bail in Corona?

An agreement with the Justice Bail Bonds agent for posting a bail bond is all the time and trouble that you need to spend, whether the arrest arises from Bakersfield or Los Angeles.  They can appropriately and confidentially accomplish the mission in hours for what could have taken days for you to do, alone.  Whether the problem is local to the Inland Empire area or elsewhere in the state, they will be able to help you through the incident.  You may have a great understanding of the potential and sincerity of your loved-one, but conquering the California legal system is a little too much to overcome in less than a day.   Contact Justice Bail Bonds and let their sensitivity, sensibility, and expertise in the local and statewide processes for arrest and subsequent bail requirements handle the situation that you now face.

Call Justice Bail Bonds or visit any of their Inland Empire locations to have a sit down conversation with someone who will understand and clarify all the pros and cons of the process you may enter.  You are not alone, a myriad of people face the same confusion because they have been so focused on keeping life together that no one could foresee the challenge coming.  You are strong but you don’t need to suffer alone, come and talk it out and discover what options you have.

Corona Bail Bonds near me

If you have been arrested in Corona, or if you have a loved one in trouble within the circle of Corona’s county tolerance, discuss options for release on Bail Bond with Justice Bail Bonds.  They can take the worst news of your night and convert it into something that will let you get back to sleep and find contentedness with life again.

If you are the one incarcerated, keep in mind that the ideal lemonade is 1 part citrus (pulp and liquid), 2 parts water, ½ part sweetener or sugar, ½ part optional tea or berry extract flavoring.  That is the formula for a near perfect beverage or mixer, be it lemonade or not. You can apply the same to the life game.  1 part your ambitions  (if they can’t fill one part you need to grow them), 2 parts your situation NOW, ½ part your assistance league (family or friends), ½ part your drive to change.

Get the help that you need from the sensitive staff of agents at Justice Bail Bonds!  From wherever you are and whatever your need, call the applicable number below:

24 Hour Corona Bail Bonds (951) 445-4155

Make the best out of what you can.  Justice Bail Bonds can help you show the way to the sweet beyond the sour.

Law Enforcement in Corona, CA

Law enforcement services for Corona, CA are provided by the Corona Police Department. With a staff of more than 200 employees, the Corona Police Department partners with civilian resources to maintain a safe environment for the residents of Corona.

Corona Police Department

730 Public Safety Way

Corona, CA  92880

(951) 736-2330

Corona Courthouse

While the courthouse in Corona, CA doesn’t hear criminal cases, there are still a number of services available there. The Courthouse on Buena Vista is open five days a week from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM, with the exception of court holidays. Cases heard in Corona include traffic tickets, small claims court proceedings, and unlawful detainer cases. Public parking is available both at the courthouse and across the street.

Corona Courthouse

505 S. Buena Vista Rm. 201

Corona, Ca  92882

(951) 777-3147

Bail at the Corona Courthouse

If you or someone you love is detained at the Corona Courthouse and needs assistance with bail, call the licensed, experienced professionals at Justice Bail Bonds. The caring staff at Justice Bail Bonds have been helping the people of Riverside County with bail bonds and bail related problems for more than 20 years and they can help you! Each situation is unique, call to discuss yours today! (951) 445-4155

Jail in Corona, CA

A person arrested in Corona, California, will likely be transported to the Robert D. Presley Detention Center in Riverside.

Robert Presley Detention Center

4000 Orange Street

Riverside, CA  92501

(951) 955-4500

The RPDC is located in Downtown Riverside, California. Opening in 1989, the Presley Detention Center was a replacement for the old Riverside County Jail.

Visiting Someone at the Corona Jail

When visiting an inmate at the Robert Presley Detention Center, you must make an appointment at least 24 hours  in advance.

  • Be sure to call at least a day before the requested visiting day to make an appointment.
  • Each housing unit has a specific day available for visiting.
  • Inmates may have two visits per seven day period. The seven day period begins on the day of the first visit.
  • Schedule an appointment by calling (951) 341-8888 between 9 am and 5 pm, a minimum of 24 hours before the visit.
  • Check-in for visits begins twenty minutes before the beginning of the visit.
  • Visitors may not check-in during the ten-minutes before the visit begins.
  • Visits are limited to two adults and two children per visit.
  • Have the inmate's booking number available when calling to schedule a visit.
  • If you don't know the booking number of the inmate you wish to visit, use the Find Booking Number link to look it up.

Important!!! When visiting a friend or loved one at the Corona Jail don't be late! There is only a ten-minute window for checking in. Arrive early.

Sending Mail to the Corona Jail

Inmates are allowed to send and receive an unlimited number of letters each day. But, incoming mail is subject to inspection. Many items are not permitted or are limited.

  • No perfume or cologne scented paper
  • No correctional fluid (white-out, etc.), gel ink, or crayon writing
  • No tape
  • Pictures are limited to 10 per envelope, 4x6 only, and cannot be sexual or violent in nature. Pictures also cannot contain any images or symbols of gang activity.
  • No cash or personal checks (U.S. Money orders, only, are allowed)
  • No phone cards
  • No postage stamps
  • No book, magazine, or newspaper clippings
  • No colored paper
  • No craft materials
  • Nothing with adhesive, such as stickers or labels
  • No books or magazines – you may send softcover books, magazines, and periodicals that are prepaid and delivered directly through the USPS. In other words, you can order books or magazines and have them shipped directly to the inmate, but you cannot mail them directly to the inmate from yourself.
  • Prepaid books, magazines, and periodicals may not be of a sexual or violent nature. They also cannot be about any kind of unlawful gambling or lottery or of a gang-related nature.

All mail will be inspected, and if it contains any of the disallowed items will be rejected.

To send mail to an inmate at the Corona Jail

Robert Presley Detention Center

(Inmate Name and Booking Number)

4000 Orange Street

Riverside, CA  92501

Sending Money to Inmates at the Corona Jail

Inmates have an account, which they can use to purchase snacks, hygiene items, phone cards, and writing materials. They can also use the money for medical co-pays, should they require non-emergency medical services. You can deposit money into an inmates account directly through Access Corrections, fees may apply. You can also make deposits into an inmate's account by phone by calling 1-866-345-1884. You'll need a credit card to use either of these options.

If you're able to visit a jail in person, you can deposit money using the kiosk in the lobby of any Riverside County jail. The kiosk takes cash but does not make change and won't accept anything smaller than a $5.

You can send money through the mail, using a US Postal Money Order. Remember to put the name and booking number of the inmate for whom you are depositing money, on the front of the money order. Cash and checks are not accepted through the mail and will be returned marked “Return to Sender.”

While everyone hopes that they never find themselves in jail, or a loved one facing criminal charges, it's good to know that you have good people like Justice Bail Bonds on your side to help you get out of jail fast.

Call Justice Bail Bonds to start the bail bond process today! (951) 445-4155

California Institute for Women in Corona, California

Corona is home to the State's largest women's detention facility, the California Institution for Women, or CIW. Established in the 1950s, the CIW was the only women's detention facility in California until 1987. Originally called Frontera, the CIW accommodates all levels of female inmates, including an area for special needs incarceration. Special needs include inmates who are pregnant, require psychiatric care, those needing methadone, or with medical conditions. CIW also serves as a hub for the selection and training of female firefighters who have been selected for conservation camp placement. The CIW offers a wide range of specialized programs that include academic and vocational programs, substance abuse programs, pre-forestry and camp training, and an arts-in-corrections program, along with a variety of self-help groups and community betterment projects.

Visiting Inmates at the California Women's Institute

Visiting days are Saturdays and Sundays, along with New Year's Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Visitation Hours are from 8:00 AM and 2:00 or 3:00 PM.

Before you can visit an inmate at the CIW, the visitor must first obtain approval from the CDCR. To apply for approval, the visitor must fill out a Visitor Questionnaire. To get a Visitor's Questionnaire, the inmate must send it to you. Be sure to fill the questionnaire out completely and then mail it to the Visiting Sergeant/Lieutenant at:

Visiting Sergeant

16756 Chino Corona Road,

Corona, CA  92880

Inmates in the general population are allowed to have contact visits with up to five visitors at a time. Contact visits take place in common areas, with other prisoners and their visitors present, as well. A brief kiss or hug, and hand-holding may be permitted. Some prisoners are eligible for “family visits.” These visits take place in an apartment-like facilities and can last 30 to 40 hours. Applications for family visits must be made by the prisoner to the assigned Correctional Counselor at the prison.

Sending Money and Mail to Prisoners at CIW

You may wish to send money to an inmate at the CIW for discretionary spending. To send money to an inmate, first, look up the inmate's CDCR number using the Inmate Locator. Next, determine where the inmate is located, using the Facility Locator. Finally, you can send money in three different ways. 

You may use the same mailing address to send both correspondence and money to an inmate. Send To:

Inmate's Name and CDCR #

16756 Chino-Corona Road

Corona, Ca  92880

Arrested in Corona, California?

If you're arrested in Corona, California, you'll likely be transported to the Robert D. Presley Detention Center in Riverside.

Robert Presley Detention Center

4000 Orange Street

Riverside, CA  92501

(951) 955-4500

Bail in Corona

The bail schedule is set in each county, based on the various charges a person might face. Once you've been booked and understand all of the charges that are being filed against you, you should be able to discover the bail that will be required for those charges. Bail is an amount of money held by the court to ensure that you appear for court dates, hearings, and a trial. Once you've satisfied all of the court requirements for your charges, the bail money being held by the court will be returned to you or the person who paid it for you.

What if I Can't Pay My Bail in Corona?

It is common for police and district attorneys to file the most serious charges that could possibly apply to any given situation, even if the charges might be reduced or dismissed at a later date. This can make the bail much higher, making it even more difficult to come up with the cash to pay your bail. That's where a bail bond company, like Justice Bail Bonds, can help. With more than 20 years of bail bond service in Riverside County, Justice Bail Bonds has the connections and experience to get you out of jail fast! Call (951) 445-4155 today for help paying your bail on Corona!

Corona Bail Bonds Services

Justice Bail Bonds has served the people of Riverside County, California for more than twenty years. They understand the stress and difficulties that incarceration can bring on a family. The all-female, bi-lingual staff at Justice is committed to helping your family in your time of need. An incarcerated person can’t care for their children, provide for their family, or repair strained relationships. The bail bond professionals at Justice understand that when someone faces jail time, bail is often the fastest way to put your family back together.

Bail can be expensive. Paying the full amount of cash bail is often more than someone can comfortably come up with. Whatever your financial circumstances, Justice Bail Bonds will work with you to get yourself or your loved one out of jail and back home where they belong. Justice offers no down bail options, on approved credit, and will work with you to figure out what type of payment plan will work best for your family.

Justice Bail Bonds Offers:

  • The Best Rates On Bail Bonds in Corona, CA
  • The Ability To Write Large Bail Bonds (over 2 million)
  • Payment Plans For Bail Bonds
  • No Down Bail Bonds (OAC)
  • 1% Bail Bonds
  • Bail Bond Payment Plans
  • Low Monthly Payments
  • Accept All Major Credit Cards
  • Online Payment Options
  • All Paperwork Can Be Submitted Online
  • Military Discounts
  • All Female Staff
  • Bilingual Staff
  • 20 Years Of Experience In The Bail Bond Industry

24 Hour Bail Bonds Corona, CA

The state of California requires that all bail bond companies charge 10% of the total amount of bail, in order to post bond for a defendant. That means that if the bail is $20,000, the bail bondsman is required to charge $2,000 to post a bond in place of the bail. While this may still seem like a lot of money, it's far less than having to pay the entire amount. The rates the law requires for Federal and Immigration Bonds can be as high as 15 – 20%. But, all of these rates are set by statute, and all bail bond companies are required to charge the same amount.

California law allows for a discounted rate on bail bonds if the defendant retains a private attorney and pays the premium in full within 72 hours. These discounts are allowed for government union workers, members of the military, and AARP members. These discounts are determined by the surety company that is writing the bonds for the bail bond company.

Justice Bail Bonds is available 24-hours a day to help you navigate the path from incarceration to home. For 24-hour bail bonds, call Justice today at (951) 445-4155!

Bail Bond Payment Plans in Corona

Whether you have good credit, bad credit, or no credit, we can help get you financing for bail bonds***. As long as you have a job or a cosigner with a job we can get you a bail bond loan* and help you get out of jail fast!

Why Use Justice for Corona Bail Bonds?

Justice Bail Bonds offers:

  • The lowest bail bond rates allowed under the law.
  • There are no hidden fees or annual charges.
  • We offer interest-free financing on bail bonds. (OAC)
  • No collateral needed! Your job is your credit!
  • Military discounts for service members.
  • Female owned and operated.
  • Bilingual staff – All of our agents speak English and Spanish.

Justice Bail Bonds accepts payments online, over the phone, or in person, whatever works best for you! We accept all major credit or debit cards and welcome wire transfers, money orders, and PayPal payments. We work hard to ensure that making payments on your bail bond will be as easy as possible! Call us today to find out how easy making payments on a bail bond can be! Call (951) 445-4155 to speak with a bail bond professional and discuss your bail bond situation.