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Los Angeles: 323-547-8786

Orange County: 714-541-1155

San Bernardino: 909-381-3899

San Diego: 619-381-4859

Riverside: 951-445-4155

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Navigating the legal system in California can be frustrating and overwhelming, especially when it is your first-time arrest. Every criminal case is unique and comes with different circumstances. So, when you or your close relative find themselves behind bars awaiting trial, the situation might be challenging, especially if you do not know how to post bail.

You want to know how bail works, how to post bail, and to work with the best bail bond company. We have helped numerous customers post bail and exit the jail at Justice Bail Bonds. Our knowledgeable and friendly professionals are here and ready to answer your question about bail bonds. That’s why you want to work with our professionals if you want to secure your release in Solana Beach.

Booking in San Diego County

Law enforcement officers can arrest you anywhere in California at any given time when you commit a criminal offense. Also, the officers can arrest you if they have an arrest warrant. When law enforcement officers arrest you, they may release you on a citation or take you to the detention facility.

At the detention facility, the police will conduct a booking process. During the booking exercise, the officers take your personal information. The process involves the following activities:

Recording of Essential Information

During this step, the police record your contact information, full name, address, the nature of the crime you commit, and the time of your arrest.

Personal Property and Clothing Confiscated

The law enforcement officers provide the suspect with incarceration clothing and relinquish the suspect's personal properties and clothing. The officers keep the confiscated clothing until the release of the suspect.

Taking Fingerprints

The police also take the suspect's fingerprints from side to side. If the alleged crime involves fingerprints, law enforcement officers will match the fingerprints with the suspect's fingerprints. The officers may also require the suspect to provide other requirements like hair, DNA sample, and saliva.

Body Search

The officers may require the suspect to remove all clothing. The search ensures the suspect will not bring drugs or weapons to the holding facility. The officers must search even if the crime is minor and does not involve drugs.

Health Checks

The incarceration staff must conduct health care screening to ensure the suspect does not cause harm to the other arrestees. The process involves X- rays and blood tests, among other tests required by the law.

Types of Bail Bond in San Diego County

As per California laws, you may post various types of bail. Each bail contains its own set of rules, regulations, and purposes. Here are the most common:

  1. Surety Bond

A surety bond is an agreement between the bail bondsman and the arrestee that the client will pay a certain amount of the bail amount. With a surety bond, you want to have cash in hand to cover only a portion of your bail. The bondsmen cover the remaining percentage of the bail amount.

After the payment, you want to appear in court hearings. If you fail to appear in court, the criminal court might forfeit the bail. When securing a surety bond, bail agents may ask for collateral. The collateral may include your property, like real estate.

  1. Cash Bond

Cash bond involves paying the total amount of bail in full with cash. If you have enough money, a cash bond is the best bail bond option available for you to use after making the payment you want to appear in all your court dates and appointments. After making the appearances, your trial ends, and the court reimburses the entire bail.

The court deducts its fees, although they are minimal compared to the entire bail amount. Therefore using a cash bail bond, you don't lose any coin. The advantage of cash bonds is the rapid processing that allows you to be released from jail quickly. However, the posted bail is forfeited when you fail to appear in court during the hearing.

  1. Property Bond

Property bond involves using real property. You use the property as collateral for your release from jail while awaiting trial. Examples of the property you may use include real estate and other tangible property. You use your property to guarantee you will appear in court during your hearing and trial. The court allows you to use a property Bond when you lack sufficient funds to pay bail.

Using property Bonds is only possible when there is sufficient equity. The property used must be worth the bail. The equity lets the court know they can sell the item and pay for the amount spent if you do not meet the bail terms. Selling your property is different from the court's goal. The court holds a lien on the property until you appear on all your court dates. After resolving the case, the court removes the lien.

  1. Citation Release

Citation Release occurs when the arresting officer issues you a written document and officer does not take you to jail. The citation depends on the arresting officer's decision, and you cannot apply for it.

The arresting officer cites your criminal offense, so you want to appear in court when asked. The officer issues citation releases for traffic offenses and non-violent misdemeanors. Citation releases save your money. Again it saves you from spending hours in jail and then posting a bond.

  1. Federal Bail Bond

A federal bail bond is important to you when charged with a federal crime. Federal crimes include robbery, homicide, and kidnapping. Federal bail bonds tend to be more expensive than other bonds. Again, federal bail bonds are difficult to obtain.

To determine your bail, the court uses pretrial services to investigate your criminal records, employment, financial background, and family. Federal court surety demands you meet the terms of the bail. If you violate the bail terms, the court demands payment of the total amount from your bondsmen.

  1. Immigration Bail Bond

Immigration bail bonds are exclusively for people who are not citizens of the United States. An immigration bail bond is a legal option to discharge you from custody in immigration detention. Again, it is a government bond you might post after facing arrest and detention by the Bureau of Immigration and Customs enforcement.

You post the bail bond to guarantee you will appear for the planned court dates and procedures. After processing the bail bond and you are discharged, you want to show up in court during the proceedings and report to the immigration offices. However, obtaining bail will not erase your conviction. You want to continue with any efforts to acquire citizenship in the United States.

Bail Hearing

In California, a bail hearing is a court hearing requested by the arrestee to persuade the court to either lower the bail or release them on their own recognizance. When released on your own recognizance, you promise the court to appear for all the court dates without posting bail.

During the bail hearing, the criminal court judge listens to arguments from the arrestee's defense attorney and the prosecutor. Once the defense attorney secures the release on their own recognizance, the court ends the hearing. However, the criminal defense attorney can request the court to reduce the bail if the hearing does not go through.

The bail hearing can occur during the court arraignment. Also, the bail hearing can occur anytime during the court proceeding. To set the bail, the court considers the following factors:

  • Public safety.
  • Your past criminal records.
  • Your possibility to show up at the court proceedings.
  • The nature of the crime.
  • Your current employment status.
  • Your ties to your family, work, or relatives.

Usually, public safety is the judge’s main point of reference when setting the bail. The law ensures the judge follows the bail schedules when setting the bail. However, the law allows the judge to differ with the bail schedule when the suspect faces violent or severe felony charges.

Remember, the judge can either reduce or increase the bail. The law gives the judges great discretion when setting the bail. Ensure you work closely with an experienced and well-skilled criminal defense lawyer to assist you persuade the judge to reduce the bail.

How Solana Beach Bondsmen Can Help You, Post Bail, in San Diego County

The most common method of posting bail is working with licensed and experienced bondsmen. However, the bondsmen must charge you a service fee. Usually, the fee is around 10% of the general bail amount. For example, if the court sets your bail at $70,000, you pay the bondsmen a service fee of $7000.

After paying the service fee, the bondsmen deliver the bail at the court and secure your release. The service fee you pay to the bondsmen is non-refundable. Sometimes, you may also place a property or a valuable item as collateral. The property is usually real property since it cannot disappear. When you fail to appear at the court scheduled dates, the court can forfeit your bail. The bondsmen could also sell the collateral to recover their money.

The Conditions of Bail

After the court sets your bail, the judge may inflict bail conditions, limitations, and rules. The conditions issued are similar to the general requirements imposed on probation. Violation of the conditions may attract a re-arrest. Also, the court can forfeit your bail. The following are the potential conditions imposed by the criminal court judge:

No contact: when your case involves domestic violence, the judge may order you to remain away from the victim after being released on bail. Therefore if the victim is your spouse, you want to obey the order by seeking a new home for the time being.

  • Travel restrictions: After securing your bail, the court may order you remain within the state until your court proceedings resume.
  • Employment: After securing your release from the detention facility, the court may order you to keep your job or find an appointment if you are unemployed. By doing so, you keep providing to your family members until the day of your trial.
  • Substance abuse: under certain situations, like an arrest for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the judge may order you to refrain from taking drugs and alcohol until your case is sorted.
  • Firearm restrictions: After you secure your release from custody through posting bail, the judge may order you to stay away from possessing or owning a firearm. The judge will more likely impose the rule if you are arrested for committing violent crimes or threats.

Benefits of Working with Our Bondsmen in San Diego County

Every bail bond company wants to offer the best services to its clients and keep as many customers as possible. Therefore when you are arrested, you do not just want to choose any bail bond company. Choose the best bondsmen.

Our Solana Beach bail bonds company we are well-licensed and insured. We know time is everything, and you wish to carry on with your daily activities as soon as possible. By working with our bondsmen today, you will enjoy our bail services:

Bail Online or Over the Phone

Sometimes law enforcement officers may arrest you before an important event like a wedding. You now want to secure your release and exit the jail immediately. We do not wait for regular working hours to serve our customers.

Our bondsmen are well-equipped and can help you post your bail online or over your phone. We understand your case is an emergency and needs an immediate response. You only require the following essential documents: the detention facility's name and your full name.

We help you secure your bail within the shortest period possible. Our bondsmen will work with the detention officers to ensure we understand the nature of the crime and the possible bail amount.

Fewer Rates and Fees

Our bail bond company offers fair legal fees and rates. We know the police arrest many people when they least expect it. Therefore the officers may arrest you when facing the worst financial situation. Also, you need to save money for posting bail. We allow several payment plans like property bonds and credit card payments to ensure you have a smooth legal process. We also know you might be confused about what to do immediately after the police arrest you.

24/7 Bail Bond Services

Police officers can arrest you any time of the day, either nighttime or daytime. So, you want to work with a bail bond company that offers bail services around the clock. Our Solana Beach bail bond company is ready to start the bail process immediately after the police arrest you. We do not wait for business hours to kick off the bail process. We are equipped and ready to offer our services anytime.

Highly Skilled and Experienced Bondsmen

After police arrest you, the first thing to consider is your privacy. You should not just want to work with a bail company that will expose you. In Solana Beach, bail bond agents have decades of experience offering bail services in and across California.

We know your personal information is essential, and nobody should access them. In our Solana Beach bail bond company, privacy is 100% observed. All our papers and files remain safe and confidential. We focus on protecting your rights. Despite your situation, your privacy and security are preserved. Therefore feel free to work with our bondsmen for the best bail bond services.

We Guide You Throughout the Legal Process

Do you know your case does not end after posting your bail? Posting bail is just a part of your general legal process. An arrest can frustrate you, especially when it is your first arrest. That’s why you want to work with a bondsman who will guide you throughout the legal process.

Our Solana Beach bondsmen work with the court and the police agencies to ensure you obtain the best possible outcomes in your case. We also guide you on what to do if you have any other case outside bail bond. We understand an arrest can bring difficult moments, and you deserve legal guidance.

Jail Information in Solana Beach

Solana Beach Detention Center

175 North El Camino
Encinitas, California 92024


La Mesa Jail

8085 University Avenue
La Mesa, California 91942


Solana Beach City Hall

635 Highway 101
Solana beach, California 92075


Vista Detention Facility

325 South Melrose dr
Vista, California 92081


Courthouse Information in Solana Beach

Beach area Community Courthouse

1503 Garnet Avenue
San Diego, California 92109


Governor George Deukmejian Court

275 Magnolia Avenue
Long Beach, California 90802


San Diego Superior Courthouse

330 West Broadway
San Diego, California 92101


San Diego Central Court

1100 union Street
San Diego, California 92101


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An arrest in California can be a painful experience. The situation might worsen when the court sets the bail bond too high. What is the next step to take? Do you have sufficient money to post bail? If you lack enough funds to post your bail, a well-insured and licensed bail bond company can help.

At Justice Bail Bonds, we can help you resume your duties by posting bail. If you are seeking bail services in Solana Beach, contact our bondsmen. Contact us today at 951-445-4155, and we will work on your case immediately.