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Wrightwood Bail Bonds

If you are booked in a San Bernardino County jail for domestic violence or any other criminal offense, you can secure your freedom by posting bail. Bail money is posted with the court, and it not only allows your release from jail but also ensures you show up for the set court appearances until your matter is determined.

The primary charge you face will play the leading role in determining the bail amount you should settle. A judge will also consider special circumstances such as your flight risk and additional charges to determine the total bail amount that can ensure your release from jail.

If raising the bail money is a challenge, contact Justice Bail Bonds for a quick and efficient way to process bail and go back home within the shortest time possible. We are a leading Wrightwood bail bonds service, and we work round the clock, seven days a week, to ensure you receive the much-needed assistance as soon as you reach out.

How Is Bail Set in San Bernardino County, California?

In San Bernardino County, a bail schedule indicates the bail amount required depending on the type of offense committed. You can review your loved one’s bail schedule or request a bail bond agent to check it on your behalf.

While the schedule in question is helpful, it is crucial to know that the judge has the final word. He or she is allowed to deviate from local bail schedules based on a range of aspects, including:

  • The criminal history of a defendant
  • Facts specific to an offense
  • The seriousness of an offense
  • The severity of injuries caused to other people
  • Threats made to specific victims or the public
  • The involvement of drugs or weapons
  • The flight risk level involved.

For offenses like domestic violence where a defendant causes commotion but persons are not attacked, and no property is damaged, the judge may order a release with no bail. On the other hand, an arresting officer may opt to request a judge to set the bail amount higher than what is indicated in the local bail schedule. In short, you have no choice but to wait for an arraignment to know the actual bail amount based on the unique circumstances of your case.

What If You Challenge The Bail Set During The Arraignment In A San Bernardino County Court?

If the bail amount is set too high, you can request your attorney to schedule a bail hearing within two days following the arraignment. This allows you to challenge the set bail amount with the hopes of having it reduced or scrapped off. Again, the judge is tasked with deciding the bail amount. Even after a bail hearing, he or she may choose to:

  • Leave your bail amount as it is
  • Decrease the bail
  • Increase the bail
  • Release you on your own recognizance (OR)

How to Post Bail in Wrightwood

You can explore three main options if you want to post bail in San Bernardino County. They include:

Cash Bail

If you can afford to raise the bail amount, then you can secure your freedom without involving a bail bonds service. Most people don’t have the required cash at hand, making it crucial for them to consider other options.

The cash bail should be deposited in full with the arresting agency or the court’s clerk. Some courts allow cash payments while others accept personal checks, bank cashier’s checks, traveler’s checks, or money orders.

You can collect your cash bail in full within 2 to 3 months after your case is resolved. Of course, a refund is possible only if you attend all the hearings without fail. In case you “FTA” fail to appear, then you lose the money to the court.

Property Bond

Another option to consider is placing a property bond. The courts accept such bonds after verifying the authenticity of their documentation. The involved verification process can be time-intensive, meaning that it may take a few days for you to secure your freedom.

While placing property bonds may seem like a good option, it is not. It poses numerous risks that most people prefer to avoid. For instance, your property’s equity may decrease, and the courts are allowed to seize your property if you fail to show up in court for future hearings. Because the courts place a lien on the property in exchange for your freedom, even the smallest blunder authorizes them to initiate foreclosure proceedings.

Wrightwood Bail Bonds Services

You can still secure your freedom if you cannot afford a cash bail or property bond. Another suitable option, which also happens to be the most popular, is seeking bail bonds services. You only need to pay a small percentage of the bail amount as the premium fee. Dependable bond dealers work 24/7/365, and this assures you of securing your freedom quickly and easily.

What Are Considered Suspicious Bails In Wrightwood?

The courts don’t accept “feloniously obtained bails.” These are suspicious bails suspected to be raised from proceeds obtained from illicit transactions or acts. If the judge, prosecutor, or police have reason to deem your bail suspicious, the courts have to “hold” your release and conduct the needful investigations.

You need an attorney to prove to the courts that the funds raised for your bail were obtained legally. With enough evidence, the courts will accept the bail in exchange for your freedom. The bail will be denied and perhaps even used to negatively affect your case if the judge finds any reason to raise an eyebrow.

The courts set bail for the core reason of ensuring that defendants show up for hearings. If bail is feloniously obtained, this means an accused is not likely to attend hearings. Even if you can raise a cash bail, it is safer and easier to maintain a low profile and regain your freedom by going through certified bond agents.

An Overview of How Bail Bonds Work in Wrightwood

Property bonds are not an enticing option for people who find themselves in jail for minor offenses like domestic violence. On the other hand, most people cannot raise the set cash bails to secure their freedom after an arraignment. This makes bail bond services not just popular but also the sole viable option for the majority of people.

Obtaining a bond from a bond dealer is fast and straightforward. You can find local bail agents in San Bernardino cities standing by with your processed paperwork in 20 to 30 minutes. In 4 hours or less, the agent should be able to secure your release from custody, allowing you to get on with your life as you work on means to deal with your legal issue.

In San Bernardino County and California in general, the laws allow bail agents to set the non-refundable premium at 10% maximum.


The total bail amount for domestic violence in San Bernardino County, Orange County, and Los Angeles County is $50,000.  This means you should settle a 10% premium of $5,000 per year. Because the fee is a premium (yearly fee), you must renew your contract with a bail bondsman if your case is not concluded in a year.

Steps Involved in the Bail Process

If you are in San Bernardino County waiting to post bail, there is a good chance you are facing charges for crimes like:

  • Domestic violence
  • Battery
  • Burglary
  • Criminal threats, etc

During the arraignment, the judge will inform you about the total bail amount you should settle to secure your release as you wait for future hearings and your case’s conclusion.

Here is the process involved when you contact Wrightwood bail bonds services:

Contact the Wrightwood Bail Bonds Agent

Finding the best bail bonds service in San Bernardino County is crucial to enjoying a seamless bail process. Dependable service providers have the underwriting jurisdiction to write as much as 2 million dollar bonds within an hour. You need an agent with the expertise to provide a same-day bound, irrespective of your case’s nature.

Sign Against a Payment Plan

With the right bondsman, you don’t have to worry about getting into an unsuitable payment plan. The experts will offer enough flexibility by creating an affordable and personalized plan that suits your financial means.


The next step is to get you home. While reliable bond dealers can handle the needful paperwork in minutes, it is best to understand that different jails and holding centers have varying waiting times that could range from 15 minutes to over 24 hours. Delays are mainly caused by holds, days of the week, warrant checks, and shift changes just to mention a few. Fortunately, respected agents can make recommendations to ensure the release process is not delayed longer than necessary.

Recovery of the Bail

Bail bond agents profit from the premium. The bail money they post is the capital, and they need to recover it once your case is over. Typically, the courts will release/exonerate the bail once an issue is resolved, and this frees you from any contracts you have with a bail bonds agent.

Is Collateral Required to Secure Bail Bonds from a Wrightwood Bail Agent?

Bond dealers are in business, which means they need assurance that you will not indulge in acts that can jeopardize the bail money. Apart from the premium fee, a bail agent may also demand collateral, especially if you require a large cash amount. Collateral is a valuable item that guarantees you will not “skip town” or fail to honor your responsibility to show up for court hearings.

Whether a bail bond agent will demand collateral or not may vary from one agent to another. Some agents only demand collateral for bail amounts that exceed $100,000, meaning that the nature of the charges you face may determine whether or not collateral is required. By setting surety, you allow the agent to sell or keep your property if your actions force the courts to seize your bail money.

If you cannot provide security, other options may be available. For instance, the agent may provide bail as long as you agree to wear a GPS tracker. You may also be able to access the required bail monies if you can find a credible cosigner. Note that the terms and conditions of service may vary from one bail agency to another.

What Happens to the Posted Bail If You Fail To Appear For Hearings?

Failure to appear “FTA” for court hearings allows the judge to seize the bail and issue a warrant of arrest. In this case, your cash bail will not be refunded, or the courts will start the process to have your property bond foreclosed.

If you secure your release through a Wrightwood bonds agent, the involved company will contact you to seek reimbursement. They will also pursue your cosigner in an attempt to recover their money.

The courts allow a 180-day time limit from the date of a bail forfeiture notice for a defendant to appear and provide a reasonable excuse for FTA. Some of the excuses considered appropriate or satisfactory include:

  • Insanity
  • Severe illness
  • Disability
  • Being in the custody of another jurisdiction, etc

Again, the judge has the prerogative to either exonerate or vacate the bond.

Who Is a Cosigner When Securing Wrightwood Bail Bonds?

If you want to secure a bail bond for a loved one or a friend through a bail bondsman, you become a cosigner. This means you vouch for the defendant and promise that he/she will appear in court. In case a defendant skips town or fails to appear for hearings, and the courts seize the bail money, a cosigner is just as responsible for the lost bail and the defendant.

Find Wrightwood Bail Bonds Near Me

Se Habla Espanol—we speak Spanish. Don’t let the fear of a possible language barrier hinder you from receiving the much-needed help from us. Justice Bail Bonds is a female-owned and operated company with over 20 years’ experience in the field. We deeply understand your need to get home to your loved ones and can assure you of a speedy and smooth Wrightwood bail bonds process 24/7/365. We can also lend a hand with locating where a loved one was arrested and the holding station to contact.

Apart from offering the lowest prices, easy payment plans, and super-fast bond approvals, we are also flexible enough to allow our clients to secure bail online or over the phone. You can also contact us for no collateral bonds for minor offenses like domestic violence, out of state bail bonds with cosigner or collateral, and even GPS bail bond services without collateral. For more inquiries about our fast and easy Wrightwood bail bonds, give us a call at 951-445-4155.