24 Hour Bail Bonds:

Los Angeles: 323-547-8786 | Orange County: 714-541-1155 San Bernardino: 909-381-3899 | San Diego: 619-381-4859 | Riverside: 951-445-4155

24 Hour Bail Bonds:

Los Angeles: 323-547-8786

Orange County: 714-541-1155

San Bernardino: 909-381-3899

San Diego: 619-381-4859

Riverside: 951-445-4155

24 Hour Bail Bonds Riverside California

There is no good time to find yourself in the back of a police car, on your way to jail. However, sometimes a good time out with friends turns into a fight or a little too much to drink, and next thing you know it’s 3 AM and you’re sitting in a holding cell, rather than sacking out at home.

But, whatever the time of day or night, if you find yourself in jail, you need the help of a 24-hour bail bond agent who can be by your side in a moment to help get you home.

If you need a 24-hour bail bond in Riverside, CA, Justice Bail Bonds will answer your call 24-hours a day! One call to (951)445-4155 will reach the caring professionals at Justice Bail Bonds. Their team of bilingual, female bail bond agents will come to your aid in Riverside any time of the day or night!

For 24-hour bail bonds in Riverside, CA, call (951)445-4155 and speak to the professional bail bond agents at Justice Bail Bonds!

24 Hour Bail Bondsman

When you need a bail bondsman at 2:00 AM, you don’t want to dial the phone and get an answering machine. You need help getting out of jail right now! Justice Bail Bonds understands the importance of finding the help you need when you need it. With offices located all over Southern California, Justice Bail Bonds works with licensed and experienced bail bond agents who are ready to be there at a moment's notice. Most locations are near enough to jails that you could have a bail bond agent by your side in minutes. 

Having someone who can respond quickly is even more important when you’re being arrested in one of the many California cities that don’t have small, local holding facilities. In many of the larger cities, the booking process takes a couple of hours, and then a defendant is processed into a large, county jail where it can take much longer, sometimes as much as a day, to get someone bailed out. 

No matter what time you find yourself behind bars, you can call Justice Bail Bonds 24 hours a day and get the help you need. Get out of jail fast by calling (951)445-4155

Day Or Night Bail Bondsman

There is no good time to be arrested. Finding yourself behind bars at any time of the day or night is a stressful and difficult thing. However, a 3 AM arrest might be a little more stressful due to the pressure to get out of jail in time to make it work tomorrow. But, no matter the time of day or night, Justice Bail Bonds is here to help you get out of jail as quickly as possible and back to “real” life.

Call us anytime, day or night, to get a professional, bilingual, female bail bond agent working to get you out of jail ASAP! The professionals at Justice Bail Bonds understand that bad things happen to good people. You won’t find judgment or condemnation when you’re in trouble, only a helpful hand, ready to get you out of jail and back home where you can take care of your family, the way you always have.

For a day or night bail bondsman in Riverside, CA, call Justice Bail Bonds today! Call (951)445-4155.

24 Hour Bail Bondsman Near Me

If you’re online at 4 in the morning, searching for a “24-hour bail bondsman near me,” there’s some serious trouble going on in your life right now, and you need help! Finding yourself or someone you love behind bars is stressful and difficult during the best of times. But, in the wee hours of the morning, it can seem nearly hopeless. You’re certain no one will be able to help you until business opens in the morning, and that will be too late for getting to work on time. Perhaps your job or livelihood rests on your ability to get out of jail before 7 AM.

Justice Bail Bonds has got your back!

Justice Bail Bonds has been serving the people of Riverside County for more than 20 years. Their team of all-female bail bond agents are experts in helping people in crisis get out of jail and back to their everyday lives. At Justice Bail Bonds, you won’t find judgment and condemnation, just good people who understand that we all have bad days. A call to Justice Bail Bonds, 24-hours a day, will be answered by a licensed, professional bail bondsman ready to help you get out of jail anytime, day or night. Call (951)445-4155 for a “24-hour bail bondsman near me.”

Bail Out Of Jail Anytime

When a person is arrested and taken to jail, bail is assessed based on the charges against that individual. Bail for some infractions is only a few hundred dollars. But, for some charges, the bail required to get someone out of jail can be thousands, and even tens of thousands, of dollars. Just a few examples of bail in California are:

Some examples of bail in California are:

Misdemeanor Charges                                         PC Violation                                    Bail Amount

Violation of Probation                                              PC 1203.2                                         $5,000

Carrying a Concealed Firearm                               PC 12025(b)(7)                                $5,000

Exhibiting a Firearm                                                PC 417(a)(2)                                     $10,000

Indecent Exposure                                                   PC 314                                               $5,000

Possession of Underage Obscenity                      PC 311.11(a)                                     $10,000

Failure to Register as a Sex Offender                  PC 290                                               $10,000

Violation of a Protective Order                               PC 273.65                                         $10.000

Interfering with Emergency Personnel                 PC 148.2                                           $5,000

Assault Against a Peace Officer                            PC 241                                               $10,000

DUI Alcohol or Drugs                                               PC 23152(a)                         $5,000


Felony Charges                                                      Violation                                           Bail Amount

Using a Minor to Commit Drug Offense               HS 11380.1(a)(1)                             $20,000

Commission of Drug Offense Involving PCP       HS 11370.4(a)(2)                             $30,000

Commission of Drug Offense Near School          HS11353.6(b)                                   $40,000

Drug Offense Involving a Minor 4 Yrs. Ynger      HS11353.6(c)                                    $40,000

Inducing a Minor to Commit a Drug Offense       HS 11343.2(a)(1)                             $10.000

Hate Crime                                                                PC 422.75(a)                                    $20,000 

Carrying Firearm During Com. of Crime PC 12021.5(b)                      $20,000 – 30,000

Theft over $100,000                                                PC 1203.045                                     $50,000

Discharging a Firearm in the Comm. of Felony PC 12022.53(c)                                 $200,000

Click here to find the bail schedule for Riverside County. Whatever charges you may face, it is likely that the amount of bail required to get out of jail will be more than you or your family can comfortably come up with in cash.

A 24-hour bail bondsman can be by your side, day or night, to help you get out of jail for as little money as possible. Call Justice Bail Bonds at (951)445-4155 to find a 24-hour bail bondsman to help you get out of jail any time. 

24 Hour DUI Bail Bonds

Driving under the influence (DUI), or driving while intoxicated (DWI), means that you are operating a vehicle when your blood alcohol level is .08% or greater. If you drink and drive in Huntington Beach, CA, even if you “only had a couple of beers” you are running the risk of being pulled over for DUI. 

California's legal definition of DUI is operating a vehicle under the influence of any substance, including drugs, that can affect your nervous system, brain, or muscles and includes illegal substances, prescription drugs, and even over the counter drugs if they affect you to a significant degree. You are driving under the influence if you drink alcohol or take any kind of drug that impairs you to the point that you are unable to drive like a sober person and, yet, you drive, anyway. 

If you are arrested, or pulled over, on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you are required by the California State “implied consent” law to submit to a test to determine the amount of alcohol in your blood. 

There are three tests available for testing your blood alcohol level:

  • Blood 
  • Urine
  • Breath 

If you cannot or do not wish to take the breathalyzer test, you may elect a blood or urine sample test, but you must submit to one of the three. Failure to submit to the chemical test of your blood alcohol level, as required by law, will result in the automatic loss of your driving privileges for one year. 

DUI bail amounts are often more than $5,000, not an easy sum to come up with at 2 AM on a Sunday morning. 

This is where a bail bondsman comes in. A 24 Hour Bail Bond Agency like Justice Bail Bonds, works with a surety company to post a bond with the court that says that the bail bond agency will ensure your appearance for court-related business, and the court accepts that bond in place of the cash money they would normally require. Bail bonds require a fee to be paid to the bail bond agent, usually 10% of the total cost of bail. This fee is non-refundable and is payment for the part that the bail bond agent and the surety company play in ensuring a person's cooperation with the court system and the convenience of being able to get out of jail much faster than having to wait for a court hearing and trial. 

For 24 Hour DUI Bail Bonds, call Justice Bail Bonds at (951)445-4155.

Domestic Violence Bail Bonds 24 Hours

Domestic Violence is defined as “abuse committed against an adult or fully emancipated minor who is a spouse, former spouse, cohabitant, r person with whom the suspect has had a child or is having or has had a dating or engagement relationship.” (California Penal Code, Section 13700)

The definition of abuse can include:

  • Physical Abuse
  • Verbal Abuse
  • Abusing Trust
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Emotional Abuse
  • Psychological Abuse
  • Coercion
  • Harassment
  • Economic control
  • Threats and Intimidation
  • Destruction of Property
  • Isolation

Other Names For Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence isn't the only charge that can come up when people who have or used to have a relationship fight and the police get involved. Several other charges are closely related to “domestic violence.” They are: 

  • Corporal Injury of Spouse
  • Corporal Injury of a Cohabitant
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Spousal Abuse
  • Violation of Penal Code 273.5

Arguments between loved ones tend to escalate in the late hours, often resulting in domestic violence arrests late at night. If you find yourself facing incarceration for domestic violence, call Justice Bail Bonds 24 hours a day, and they will help you get out of jail and back where you belong. Call (951)445-4155 24-hours a day for domestic violence bail bonds when you need them. 

Assault & Battery Bail Bonds 24 Hours A Day

If you are arrested and charged with assault and battery, you will be transported to one of the Riverside County Jails or the nearest city jail. There, you will be “processed” or “booked” and charged with a crime. This process includes taking your fingerprints and mugshots and logging you into the county jail system.

Once you know the formal charges against you, you will be able to find the amount of bail required to get out of jail. The bail schedule should be posted at the jail facility and can also be located here. If the amount of bail needed to get out of jail is more than you can comfortably produce (as it often is), you will need the services of a bail bond agent who can post a bond for your release for a fraction of the cost of full bail.

For assault and battery bail bonds 24 hours a day, call Justice Bail Bonds at (951)445-4155