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Yucca Valley Bail Bonds

You could face arrest for committing domestic violence in California by causing severe or minor injury to your family member or intimate partner. Therefore, if arrested in Yucca Valley, San Bernardino County, you need to work with a reputable bail bonds agent to help you secure your freedom.

At Justice Bail Bonds, we understand that serving time in jail is stressful. Our compassionate and experienced team works closely with our clients in ensuring you walk out of the jail facility soon. Notably, we allow online bailing. Therefore our Yucca Valley bail bonds agents will respond to your call anytime you try to reach us.

How California Law Defines Domestic Violence in Yucca Valley, San Bernardino County

Under the San Bernardino County laws, domestic violence is an event that involves family members or households, which creates fear of physical injury or results in bodily injury. The household or family member may include:

  • Married couples.
  • People living together.
  • Currently dating partners.
  • People having a child together.

Any crime involving fear of harm or physical injury to a family member or household is charged as domestic violence. The crimes include:

  • Sexual assaults
  • Assault
  • Kidnapping
  • Breach of peace
  • Disorderly conduct

Any person may commit domestic violence despite his/her criminal records. Criminal charges under domestic violence vary from stalking to assault and are not limited by actions between wife and husband. Notably, law enforcement officers may arrest you in front of your children, parents, and loved ones. Speak with a Yucca Valley bail bonds agent to help you post a bail bond and assist you in dealing with the unique circumstances which result in domestic violence arrest.

Understanding Yucca Valley Domestic Violence Bail Bonds

Domestic violence crimes are a serious issue in Yucca Valley, governed by a set of laws. Once you are thrown to jail for engaging in domestic violence, the bail charges could be as high as fifty thousand dollars. If arrested for the crime, you may speak with our Yucca Valley bail bonds agent to assist you in walking out of the holding facility immediately. Notably, paying the bail amount is the best way of walking out of the county jail without waiting for several days before the case proceeds to the court. Therefore, it is essential to work with justice bail bonds agents in Yucca Valley, San Bernardino County. With the assistance of our experienced team, you will walk out of jail immediately and back to your normal life as you wait for the trial.

Basic domestic violence crimes often have a bail of five hundred dollars alongside other release requirements. The release requirements may include:

  • Keeping distance with the alleged accuser in the case.
  • Avoiding contact with your kids.
  • Stipulations of staying away from your home or avoiding the use of alcohol or drugs during the release period.

However, the release conditions may vary. Therefore, it is crucial to observe the rules to avoid suffering extra penalties.

What Happens After a Domestic Violence Arrest?

After you are arrested, you have only two options to choose from. First, you may pay the required bail amounts and walk out of jail immediately. Alternatively, you may remain in prison with the hope of release upon personal recognizance of your case. Notably, if you are released upon personal recognizance, your bail bond amount may be less when you have an experienced bondsman arguing on your behalf. When you fail to pay the bail amount, you may wait for approximately three days for arraignment before you walk out of jail. Once you pay the bail bond amount, you will be free to step out of jail with a release condition to observe.

Posting a Yucca Valley Domestic Violence Bail Bond?

Posting a bail bond after a domestic violence arrest is very important. If you are in Yucca Valley and want to post a bail bond, you need to get in touch with a bail bond agency that provides services across San Bernardino County. After contacting the agency, you will fill an application for the bail bond. The application includes both parties, the cosigner, your banking information, among other elements. Additionally, a credit report is also required during the process. After approval of the application, the cosigner issues payment options. The bonding agents usually require ten percent of the total bail bond amount. Several agencies accept collateral or payment arrangements.

After your release on bond, the court expects you to attend all future court proceedings. Upon failing to attend the court proceedings, the agency receives a notification, and a fugitive recovery team is ordered to arrest you.

The Cost of Bail Bond for a Domestic Violence Case in Yucca Valley

California court considers domestic violence crimes as a misdemeanor. The fee for the bonds is often $500. However, the amount is usually higher, depending on several factors like your criminal record or the severity of the sustained injuries. If the damage causes great harm to the alleged victim, the bail amount is $50,000. Additionally, the bail amount may rise to $70,000 if you disobey the protective orders.

What Influences Bail Bond Amounts for Domestic Violence?

Several factors may affect bail bond amounts. California court considers the bail amount for domestic violence as $500. However, the amount may vary depending on the details of the case. For instance, if you have been significantly injured or had a traumatic experience due to a domestic violence case, the bail amounts may increase by thousands of dollars up to approximately $50,000.

Other circumstances may also increase the bail amount. For instance, when you fail to follow the release conditions, the bail amount will be higher to approximately $70,000. Therefore, for the cases where the bail amount is higher, you need to speak with a Yucca Valley bail bonds agent to guide you on how to meet the bail amounts.

Bail Bond Process

After you are arrested for committing domestic violence, the entire process of walking out of jail may be tiresome. Our Justice Bail Bonds agents understand this and are always ready to help you. We will collect relevant information about your situation as soon as you contact us. Your co-signer will carry out the bail bond responsibility. Additionally, we will make a bail application, agreement and perform the entire paperwork.

Upon filing the paperwork, our agents will take care of the whole process. The bondsmen will post your bail in the place of detention and allow your release. We may complete the entire application and posting process within an hour. Notably, we only begin the exercise after you have gone through the booking and arrest process. The booking and arrest exercise may take up to six hours, depending on the jail size.

After posting the bail, the court will inform you of the time and date to appear before the court. The co-signer will be liable for your court appearance. Upon failing to appear on the court proceedings, the cost of re-arrest will fall on the co-signer. The cosigner should show they trust you before they sign for the bail. Additionally, the co-signer should be aware of your whereabouts during the designated time.

Bail Bond Release Conditions in Yucca Valley

After being arrested and booked for domestic violence in San Bernardino County, or after the court summons you to appear in court, a law enforcement officer may ask you to agree and sign a release condition before you go home.

The release condition's primary purpose is to ensure the alleged victim's security before the first court hearings. During the restraining court hearing, your lawyer can contest the conditions if you disagree with them. The conditions for release are based on:

  • Your physical and mental well-being
  • Your communication and contact with the alleged victim

In moderate domestic violence cases, the law officers may order you to avoid any communication with the alleged victim. In other domestic violence situations, the court may allow communications between you and the alleged victim but limit you from walking to his/her home. It doesn't matter whether you pay the rent or own the home. Other restrictions that may be present at the domestic violence release conditions may require you to:

  • Leave home/state.
  • Avoid possessing a gun.
  • Avoid taking alcohol.
  • Avoid communications with your children.

For the mental health conditions, the court may require you to undergo various exercises like drug counseling, drug testing, alcohol counseling, and anger management counseling.

Why is Yucca Valley Bail Bonds the Best Choice for You?

Justice Bail Bonds is a women-owned and operated firm serving across San Bernardino county. Regardless of your relationship with the alleged victim or the condition of your current financial situation, our agents across Yucca valley have experience in handling domestic violence bail bonds. Women bear great sensitivity to what they are going through. Additionally, they have a deeper understanding of what you face in light of your spouse, partner, or loved one held in San Bernardino jail.

After you or your relative is arrested, speak with a Yucca Valley bail bonds agent since the arrest may physically, economically, and financially affect you. Additionally, your kids' arrest may affect your lifestyle and place you in a financial problem. Therefore, contact our agents at Yucca Valley and have a conversation with someone who understands the consequences of domestic violence. Visit our offices or speak with our agents across San Bernardino county and enjoy services like:

Female-Owned and Operated

The majority of our staff members are women. The women are determined to interact with every client and ensure they walk out of jail through a bail bond. We understand how emotional and financial stress can have significant impacts on your family and normal life. The women commit themselves to handle every situation of every client. They provide legal help on receiving the best discounts and have your loved ones walking out of jail immediately.

As a women-owned and operated firm, we aim at applying ease of conscience to you when choosing the best alternative for your circumstance. Additionally, the women of justice understand that sometimes good people are arrested, and therefore they are ready to assist you at all times of need.

Bilingual Staff (Se Habla Espanol)

Our women staff is bilingual and competent in handling cases of people from different backgrounds. In San Bernardino county, Spanish speaking people are very many. Therefore, Spanish-speaking people may find it challenging to bail due to the language barrier. The bondsmen at Justice Bail Bonds are bilingual and fluent in speaking Spanish. Therefore, the team is ready to provide interpretation and assistance to Spanish-speaking people.

Over 20 Years of Experience

As women-owned and operated, our agents have served across San Bernardino County for over 20 years. Therefore, we are familiar with the county domestic violence laws. Our team has helped countless people with domestic violence cases walk out of jail at a low price. Therefore, feel comfortable to visit our experienced bondsmen.

Bail Bond Over Phone or Online

Do you know that you can bail online and keep your partner or friend out of San Bernardino jail without walking into the holding facility? Try our company and have your loved ones walk out of the jail as you are comfortably seated in your home. You only need to provide several documents for the accused. The documents include full names, ID reference, address, phone number, and payer's occupation. Justice bail bonds make it easy to bail online and avoid the expenses incurred when walking in and out of jail.

24/7 Availability

We provide our services across San Bernardino on a full-time basis. We understand that domestic violence happens at any time, and thus the arrests also occur anytime. You may contact our offices and agents across the county at any time, either during the day or night.

Lowest Prices and the Best Payment Plans in Yucca Valley

Justice bail bond offers a down payment bail option to its clients. When you lack money to pay the bail amount, at Justice Bail Bonds, we work with you in coming up with a payment plan that works best for your current situation. Additionally, we offer flexible financing with cheap payments. Our firm does not charge for hidden interests or fees. Rather, we work closely with you in determining the bail payment option best for your budget, either weekly or monthly payments. Moreover, you may make the payments over the phone, online, or pay in person.

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Walking out of jail through a bail bond may be challenging impossible if you cannot pay the full bail amount. If you or your family member is arrested for engaging in domestic violence, you need to seek help from an experienced bail bondsman.

At justice bail bonds, our bondsmen know how the situation may be challenging. We are determined to ensure you walk out of jail and continue with your normal life. Contact us today at 951-445-4155 and talk with our agents.