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Domestic violence is among the most prevalent crimes in San Bernardino, California. In most cases, when law enforcement officers come to investigate a domestic violence scene, an arrest happens. And even though most studies show domestic violence victims are 80% women, anyone can be a victim. Sometimes though, domestic violence arrests happen out of false accusations. For instance, a wife may accuse her husband of battery to have the upper hand in their child custody case. Being arrested for domestic violence can be a confusing and daunting experience, especially if you’re innocent. The good news about this is that you have constitutional rights that protect you. One of these rights is being released on bail so you can prove your innocence while outside police custody.

What you’ll need to do is reach out to a bail bonds company to bail you out. Justice Bail Bonds is a female-owned and operated company that has served defendants in Chino Hills, San Bernardino County for several years. We are at your service to offer you the help you need to be released from custody.  There’s no better person for this job than our bail bonds agents. We’ll walk through the intricate bail process, and you or your loved one will be back to their family within no time. Please contact us as soon as the arrest happens, and we will start working on your release right away.

The Bail Schedule for Domestic Violence Cases in Chino Hills

A bail bond refers to financial security a bail bonds company gives to the court via a bail agent to secure a defendant from jail. The bail bond ensures that the accused will present themselves in court any time the court needs them to until their case ends. More specifically, it’s a surety bond or the total amount of money posted to guarantee the accused will appear on the court dates & hearings.

By making bail, you may go back home to fulfill your professional, family, or other duties. Like any other Chino Hills Bail Bonds, Justice Bail Bonds understands that being released from custody and going back to your friends and family is what you need the most after an arrest. Thus, we make every effort to make the release process in this challenging time quick and smooth.

In Chino Hills, the California Department of Insurance controls bail bond rates in domestic violence and other cases. The bail bond premium is only 10 percent of the total bail bond amount and isn’t refundable. The bail bond premium refers to the amount of money a bail bonds agent charges for their service.

In San Bernardino County particularly, there’s a bail schedule. It’s usually the judges’ responsibility to determine precise amounts of bail, which they do by referring to the specifically assigned rates for every crime. As per the San Bernardino bail schedule, the amount of bail for felony domestic violence cases ranges between $50,000 and $100,000 depending on the type of case and whether it’s your first or subsequent offense. On the other hand, the least bail amount you can post for a misdemeanor domestic violence case is $10,000.

Deciding the amount of bail you will post usually involves various factors and often includes offense rates in given areas. For example, compared to San Bernardino County, the Orange and Los Angeles Counties have the highest amounts. Note that the stipulated bail amounts could be increased or changed sometimes. The judge who imposes the bail is most likely to refer to the bail schedule as the starting point before assigning a precise amount accordingly. The judge will consider various factors when imposing bail. They include, among others:

  • The likelihood that you will return to court
  • Whether you are a threat to public safety
  • How severe your crime is
  • Your criminal history

Note that these factors are only a guideline. They aren’t a guarantee. Sometimes the judge might decide to deny you bail. In this case, you’ll have to remain in custody until your trial. In case the judge denies you bail, no Chino Hills Bail Bonds service can offer their services to have you freed from jail on bail.

Alternatively, the judge might release you on your O.R (Own recognizance). To be set free on O.R means you are let go on the condition that you come to court on the set dates. Here, you will only have to sign a written promise to come to court as required— a Chino Hills Bail Bonds isn’t required for your release.  However, all the other aspects of bail remain unchanged. That is, the judge may place conditions on you. For instance, he/she may order you to abstain from alcohol & drug use and check in regularly with a probation officer.  The judge may also order your arrest if you fail to appear in court when required, just like it happens when released on bail. The likelihood of Own Recognizance is more prevalent for defendants arrested for minor offenses.

Chino Hills Common Domestic Violence Charges

For cases to do with domestic violence in Chino Hills, various charges help determine how severe the dispute was. They’re as follows:

PC 243(e)(1)— PC 243(e)(1), spousal battery is a misdemeanor domestic violence charge. It is the most commonly charged crime. Its bail amount can go up to $25,000. The law provides that when you intentionally touch another individual in a harmful manner, it amounts to spousal battery. Spousal battery happens when the harm is against these parties:

  • Ex or current wife or husband
  • An ex or current fiancé(e)
  • Someone you have resided with in the past, or you currently live with
  • Your child’s other parent
  • Any other person whom you currently have or has previously had an engagement or dating relationship

Note that you can face spousal battery charges even if the bodily injury isn’t evident. The law dictates that only application of force or violence is needed to face these charges. Here are instances of what could result in domestic battery charges:

  • Pulling your spouse’s hair or clothing
  • Shoving or pushing your spouse during a quarrel

PC 273.5— PC 273.5, corporal injury on a cohabitant or spouse, is a wobbler domestic violence charge. In case the abuse results in bruising or visible marks, it could lead to a felony sentence. Its bail amount is $50,000, and if you have any priors of the same offense, the amount will be $100,000. Instances of corporal injury on a cohabitant or spouse include:

  • Biting, slapping, or punching your spouse
  • Placing hands on your spouse forcefully in that you cause bruising

Corporal Injury on a spouse/cohabitant is sometimes known as spousal or domestic abuse. It’s worth noting that if you have prior offenses or are presently on probation for the charges we have mentioned, it’s the court’s discretion to raise your bail amount so that it matches the current San Bernardino’s bail schedule. Understanding how Chino Hills Bail Bonds services works may be confusing, especially if you haven’t used any before. Domestic violence-related bail bonds slightly differ from average bonds since a protective order might also be involved. A protective or restraining order could impact all the aspects of your life and add more stress to the already stressful situation.

The Bond Process for Domestic Violence Cases in Chino Hills

If you are placed under arrest, the whole process to have the law enforcement officers set you free may be overwhelming. However, with a bail bonds service, it won’t be as so. We have local bail agents in San Bernardino cities standing by to make the process as easy as possible. At times just knowing the things to expect helps a great deal. Even though every case is different, we have standard guidelines that apply to the whole process.

After you or the person who is bailing you out reaches out to your preferred bail bonds company, the bail bonds agent will collect as much info about you and your case as possible. Once the initial consultation has been held, the person bailing you out (referred to as the Indemnitor or co-signer) must agree to be fully responsible for the bond. Accepting to be accountable for the bond is also taking full accountability for you. This means your co-signer is held liable for your court appearances at the specified time and dates.

After that, the bail bondsman and the Indemnitor will complete the indemnity agreement and bond application and handle all the relevant paperwork. After the paperwork is ready, the bail bondsman will do the rest. He/she will post the bond at the jail where you are held, which allows you to be set free. This whole process may take an hour or so. It’s that easy. But note that no Chino Hills Bail Bonds service would start the process to post bail until after you have been arrested and booked. Booking may take anywhere between one to twelve hours based on the jail size. 

Better yet, we have companies that offer bail online or through the phone, which is much easier than your co-signer driving to the bail bonds office. Here, a live bail bonds agent will take your co-signer through the whole process and snap pictures of any necessary documents. This way, your bond will be posted as quickly and as conveniently as possible.

Before you are set free, you will be given a time and date on which you will be expected to present yourself in court. Your co-signer is liable for your court appearance.  In case you fail to appear on a given date, the full bail amount falls on him/her.  As the Indemnitor, you must be capable of trusting the accused and know wherever they are during the selected court dates.

Other Types of Domestic Violence Bonds in Chino Hills You May Consider

Apart from surety bonds or bail bonds, where a bail bonds company posts bail for you, there are two other ways through which you can pay your bail amount.  They are:

Through Cash Bonds

A cash bond means that you have to pay your full bail amount through cash. Paying your whole bail amount in cash is always an option, but it means actual cash and not checks from business or personal accounts or credit cards, though we have a few courts that may accept credit cards. Here, you simply deposit the full bail amount with the court clerk or arresting agency and are set free pending trial. If you don’t miss appearing in court, you’ll have your money back within 60 to 90 days after your case concludes.

Cash bail may appear to be the easiest way to clear your bail fee, but it isn’t for many people who don’t have cash at hand. As we have seen, the domestic violence bail amount can go up to thousands of dollars, and most people do not have this kind of money lying around waiting for when they’ll be arrested to post bail. Thus, it will be difficult for these defendants to afford the bail amount on short notice.

Through Property Bond

Unlike bail or cash bonds, property bonds are secured with collateral and aren’t transferable to another Indemnitor. By this, it means that if your co-signer doesn’t want to be responsible for your bond anymore, they’ll need to complete proper paperwork and have the assets released, and you will be returned to custody. Collateral could be any property worth one and half times the bail amount. Common collateral used includes jewelry, houses, boats, cars, etc.

The disadvantage of property bonds is that it’s a long process, and more paperwork is involved. Whereas a bail bond can be secured in an hour, a property bond could take you several weeks to secure. This is because it requires that the property be assessed for its value and a court hearing to be held to make sure that everything is agreed upon.

Being in police custody is not pleasant. You would want to be set free as soon as possible, which means being able to post bail as quickly as possible. The purpose of a bail process is to be fast, affordable, and efficient. Cash bail may be fast, but it does not come cheap. Property bond, on the other hand, is quite slow and inefficient. But with a surety bond, you’ll be released from jail after having paid only 10% of the total bail amount.

Most Chino Hills Bail Bond firms offer bail bonds at the lowest prices and have devised easy payment plans and options to make a bail bond affordable to families of all economic grounds. For example, we have companies that accept checks, credit, cash, cashier’s check, debit, money orders, or collateral in exchange for a bail premium fee.

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Nobody ever wishes to be arrested. However, should you be caught on the wrong side of the law, it is good to know that you can secure your release as soon as possible through a bail bonds service. At Justice Bail Bonds, we boast the best bail bond agents in Chino Hills. Each of our staff members has over 20 years’ experience in handling bail matters and is well-known throughout the city for our expertise and knowledge.

The years we have spent working with local judicial systems, and police officers have earned us an excellent reputation. All you have to do is contact us at 951-445-4155 to talk to us and let us handle your case. The best part is that there won’t be a language barrier to our Spanish clients, Se Habla Español!