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Orange County: 714-541-1155

San Bernardino: 909-381-3899

San Diego: 619-381-4859

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Hesperia Bail Bonds

Freedom ranks high in the human hierarchy of needs. Incarceration can take a toll on your physical and mental well-being, and you are likely to suffer more with each day that passes without your freedom. This is why you need Justice Bail Bonds services. We are the best bail bonds company in Hesperia and have what it takes to come to your aid as soon as possible. Once you are booked, placed in a holding cell, and later arraigned in court, we will be on standby to hear the judge’s ruling about your official trial date and bail.

Raising the bail money is crucial if you don’t want to remain behind bars until your trial date. Typically, the courts set this date weeks or even months after the arraignment. We can make the necessary arrangements to bail you out, irrespective of the seriousness of the domestic violence charges you face and the total bail amount.

How to Post Bail for a Friend or Loved One in San Bernardino County

When the courts grant you bail, this means as a detainee, you can go home and wait for trial. However, the authorities will need to ensure that you, the defendant, attend all hearings, so the set bail serves as a guarantee that this will happen without a problem. Such an arrangement also means that the court can seize the bail money and issue an arrest warrant if you fail to appear for court hearings.

It is not mandatory to use a bail bonds service to raise the bail amount and free yourself from jail. However, a Hesperia bail bonds company can offer invaluable assistance when you need help raising the bail.

Here are the steps involved in posting bail for a defendant:

Decide On the Most Suitable Type of Bail

The courts accept three types of bails, which include:

  • Cash payment
  • Signature bond (own recognizance)
  • Property bond

There are variables that a judge will consider before setting the most suitable bail amount during the arraignment. One of the key aspects that will play a leading role in dictating the bail amount is the gravity of the defendant’s domestic violence charges.

Some people can post cash bail for domestic violence misdemeanors such as causing a commotion. However, the judge tends to set a higher amount for defendants facing domestic violence charges classified as felonies. If you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges and cannot raise the bail amount, it will be necessary to seek financial help from a Hesperia bail bonds company.

Signature bonds allow a defendant to gain their freedom without paying the set bail. Whether you can offer a signature bond or not will again depend on the ruling of a judge. You will need to sign a statement promising you will appear for hearings as the court demands (own recognizance). This is by far the best kind of bond, although it is unfortunately not offered to most defendants.

Property bonds are yet another bail bond option accepted by the courts. They allow you to buy your freedom by placing some form of security such as a property deed. Like cash bonds, the courts will seize the property bond if a defendant fails to appear for court hearings.

Bonds are expensive, and putting down the needed amount can be challenging for most people. By seeking the help of a bail bonds agent, you will only have to raise as little as 10% to 15% of this money. The bail bondsman will then clear the balance, securing the freedom of a loved one.

If the judge does not offer a signature bond deal, you cannot raise the cash bail and don’t have property deeds to provide as security. All is not lost. We can even offer bail online or over the phone to ensure service convenience and our clients’ peace of mind.

Find Out More About the Bail

If you are willing to bail out a friend or family member, there is vital information you must know before you make any moves. This information includes

  • The terms and conditions of a bail bond
  • Who is responsible if the courts seize the bond?
  • How the bail amount was set

Bail bond companies are in business for profits. While these companies are well insured, swift operations depend on their ability to collect their 10% to 15% fee without losing any money to the court. Even the best agents will have specific terms and conditions that must be respected for a defendant to benefit from a bail bond.

At Justice Bail Bonds, we seek to meet our clients in the middle. Most bonds merely require a cosigner, although higher amounts require collateral or GPS services without collateral. We will discuss our fair terms with you depending on the bail amount you need and the defendant’s flight risk.

It is in your best interests to know that you as the cosigner will be responsible for clearing the lost bail if the friend or loved one you bail out skips town. The bail amount set by a judge and is often dictated by a range of factors, including:

  • The severity of domestic violence charges — When a domestic violence case is seen to be vicious and dangerous, a judge will set the highest possible amount as bail. The bail amount is likely to be lower if you were only charged with causing a commotion because of a misunderstanding.
  • Available evidence and the likelihood of a conviction — If the prosecution has managed to gather plenty of viable proof against you, this may very well mean that you face a higher risk of being convicted. In such a case, the judge will again set a high bail amount to reduce the flight risk.
  • A defendant’s standing in their community — Aspects such as family ties, assets, or even local employment drastically reduce a defendant’s flight risk. Typically, those with nothing to lose if they skip town are likely to receive a higher bail amount.
  • A defendant’s criminal history — Defendants who already have a criminal record and possibly a few ongoing cases hardly enjoy low bail amounts. Other aspects that significantly impact how bail is set are whether a defendant has a history of not showing up for court hearings after being released for past domestic violence charges.

A judge’s reasons to adjust bail on the higher side are not limited to the above points. Domestic violence cases are not taken lightly in California, especially when charged for a vicious incident that leaves a person or persons injured or feeling threatened.

Irrespective of how high the bail is, we can still make arrangements to have your loved one released. One of the easiest ways to secure a high bond amount is to provide collateral in the form of a credit card or physical assets like jewelry or a vehicle. Call us for more personalized details.

Find a Bondsman in Hesperia

If you need help raising the bail, you cannot afford to underestimate the importance of finding a reliable Hesperia bail bonds company. Bond dealers, also known as bail bonds agents, serve as sureties and can put down the money or property required to guarantee that a defendant will show up for court hearings.

In California, the bail bond agent fee is between 10% and 15% of the overall bail amount. This is a nonrefundable fee that you need to settle upfront to facilitate the service and secure your loved one’s freedom.

In cases where the courts set a high bail amount, it may be necessary for a defendant or a family member to also provide property security to the agent. If you are required to provide collateral, it is imperative to ensure that your agent of choice is licensed and legitimately in business within your area.

Moreover, ask about the payment plans offered and insist on obtaining signed receipts and document copies of your agreement. Other documents an agent may need you to sign once a bail bond is approved include:

  • Bail bond application
  • Indemnity Agreement

Project the Potential Aftermath of Your Decision

Irrespective of whether you want to bail out a sibling, friend, or even a spouse, it is vital to embrace the possibility that they will fail to show up for court hearings. This means that through the contractual arrangement between you and a Hesperia bail bonds company, the laws allow an agent to recover the seized money from you, the cosigner.

You owe yourself the favor of bailing out a friend or relative that you can ensure will attend court proceedings after being released. It also makes sense to be prepared for anything, including unpredictable behavior from a defendant. While posting bail for someone else is always a noble act, make sure you know what you are committing to before signing any agreements.

When searching for the best local bail agents in San Bernardino cities standing by, we are your best bet. With over 20 years’ experience in the field, we have streamlined our operations to offer prompt services and ensure the quick release of defendants within California detention facilities. We pride ourselves on providing the lowest prices, easy payment plans, and fairest agreements without discrimination.

5 Good Reasons to Work with a Hesperia Bail Bonds Company

Claiming that going to jail is a nightmare is an understatement. If you find yourself behind bars for domestic violence charges, you can regain your freedom by seeking help from a bail bonds agent in San Bernardino County. Even though you have the option of posting cash bail or providing a property bond, there are compelling reasons to consider working with a bond dealer instead.

These reasons include:

Financial Leverage

Bond dealers pay blanket bonds to the courts, making it easier and faster for them to secure their clients’ freedom. If you lack the finances or property deeds to settle the bail amount, such agents can promptly provide an easy way out. You simply need to pay their 10% to 15% fee, depending on the nature of the charges you face. This is often just a small price to pay for something as vital as your freedom and peace of mind.

Faster Processing of a Defendant’s Release

The courts work continually with respected Hesperia bail bonds agents like the Justice Bail Bonds. These agents understand the process of securing a defendant’s release and can ensure that your loved one is free within the shortest time possible. While there are unforeseen challenges that may cause delays, most defendants working with bond dealers are released in less than 24 hours.

Enjoy Additional Legal Advice

Bail bond agents are not lawyers. However, they work closely with the courts, attorneys, defendants, and other people within the legal system. This exposes them to information that may be vital during challenging circumstances such as a wrongful arrest.

With an experienced agent on your side, you may just receive the advice you need to obtain your freedom without going through an overly complicated process.

Handle Your Legal Issue More Discreetly

Domestic violence allegations can easily taint your image. Whether they are true or not, it is bound to be a little embarrassing to approach your friends and family requesting them to raise your bail money. If you want to save yourself from the stress of people raising an eyebrow each time you are with them, you should consider working discreetly with a bond dealer.

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