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Los Angeles: 323-547-8786

Orange County: 714-541-1155

San Bernardino: 909-381-3899

San Diego: 619-381-4859

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Beaumont Bail Bond

Nestled between two of the highest peaks in the state, Beaumont, CA is a city of nearly 50,000 people. Located in Riverside County, the City of Beaumont is bordered on the east by Banning and the west by Calimesa in the San Gorgonio Pass between San Gorgonio Mountain and San Jacinto Peak.

The San Gorgonio Pass, site of the present-day City of Beaumont, was discovered in 1853 by a surveying expedition led by Lieutenant R. S. Williamson.  By the early 1860s, the railroad had found its way through Beaumont and a station was established, named Edgar Station. The city was originally called San Gorgonio, but incorporated in 1912 under its current name of Beaumont, which means beautiful mountain.

In its early years, Beaumont was known for its apple crops, even referred to by residents as “the land of the big red apple.” Apple orchards formed the basis of the economy during the 1930s. But as nearby cities experienced increasing tourism from visitors seeking a resort getaway, the City of Beaumont made a decision to capitalize on the trend. The residents of Beaumont established guest ranches that advertised horseback riding, tennis, archery, swimming, dancing, basketball, and overnight accommodations.

Beaumont Development

Since the year 2000, residents from larger, nearby cities have discovered Beaumont as an alternative to crowded living conditions. The population of Beaumont jumped by more than 20% over the past two decades, making it the fasted growing city in the state. Many master-planned communities have sprung up around Beaumont, including Oak Valley Greens, Three Rings Ranch, Solera, Sundance, Tournament Hills, and Fairway Canyon. Most of these communities operate under HOAs and have strict guidelines for development.

Visiting Beaumont, CA

Beaumont, CA offers slightly cooler temperatures during the summer, compared to many of its Inland Empire neighbors. Visitors often seek out the cooler weather offered by the higher elevation and enjoy a variety of outdoor activities available in the area. These include hiking in Massacre Canyon and camping in nearby campgrounds,

Law Enforcement in Beaumont, CA

Law Enforcement within the city lii mites of Beaumont, Ca are provided by the Beaumont Police Department. Located on Orange Avenue, the Beaumont Police Department is made of three divisions: Investigations, Patrol, and Support.

Beaumont Police Department

660 Orange Ave

Beaumont, CA  92223


In the unincorporated areas surrounding Beaumont, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department is responsible for policing operations based out of the Cabazon Station.

Cabazon Patrol Station

50290 Main Street

Cabazon, CA  92230

The Cabazon Patrol Station provides services to the central county pass area, including the unincorporated portions of the county around the cities of Beaumont and Banning. The station also provides contracted policing services to the City of Calimesa and the Morongo Indian Reservation. The Cabazon Station is responsible for law enforcement in Cabazon, Cherry Valley, Poppet Flats, San Gorgonio, San Timoteo Canyon, Twin Pines, and Whitewater.

Beaumont City Jail

The closest jail to Beaumont, and the place were an arrested person would be booked and incarcerated, is the Smith Correctional Facility, located in nearby Banning.

Larry D. Smith Correctional Facility

The Smith Correctional Facility is the Riverside Sheriff’s Department’s largest correctional facility and is home to several programs that help serve the inmates of the Riverside County Jail system. Located in Banning, CA.

Larry D. Smith Correctional Facility

1627 S. Hargrave Street

Banning, CA  92220

For General Information Call (951)922-7300

To Schedule Visits Call (951) 922-7540

Bail at the Beaumont Jail

Bail is an amount of money that the court holds onto in order to ensure that a person shows up for court dates and hearing, etc. The amount of bail that is required will vary depending on the charges. The bail schedule is set in for each county and should be posted at the Banning Jail where you can find out how much bail you will need to post.

To figure out how much bail you will need:

  • First, find the charge that carries the highest potential jail time and fines.
  • Use that charge to determine the basis of the bail.
  • Now find any “enhancements” or additional charges and the bail that applies to those enhancements.
  • Add all of that together to find the total amount of bail that will be required.

If you or someone you love is behind bars in Beaumont, call Justice Bail Bonds right away for help in posting bail. The experienced team at Justice Bail Bonds can help you post bail and get back home with your family in no time! Call Justice Bail Bonds at (951) 445-4155.

Beaumont Jail Visiting Information

When visiting an inmate at the Larry D. Smith Correctional Facility, you must make an appointment in advance.

  • Be sure to call at least a day before the requested visiting day to make an appointment.
  • Each housing unit has a specific day available for visiting.
  • Inmates may have two visits per seven day period. The seven day period begins on the day of the first visit.
  • Schedule an appointment by calling (951) 922-7540 between 9 am and 5 pm, a minimum of 24 hours before the visit.
  • Check-in for visits begins one hour before the beginning of the visit.
  • Visitors may not check-in during the twenty minutes before the visit begins.
  • Visits are limited to two people per visit, including infants and children.
  • Have the inmate's booking number and housing location available when calling to schedule a visit.
  • If you don't know the housing location of the inmate you wish to visit, use the Find Booking Number link to look up the inmate housing assignment.

When visiting a friend or loved one at the Beaumont Jail, the Larry D. Smith Correctional Facility, don't be late. You can't check-in earlier than one hour before the visit, and you won't be allowed to check-in closer than twenty minutes before the visit starts. This only gives you a forty-minute window for checking in. Arriving early, and then waiting for time to check-in, is advisable.

Sending Mail or Money to Inmates at the Beaumont Jail

Inmates are allowed to send and receive an unlimited number of letters each day. But, incoming mail is subject to inspection. Many items are not permitted or are limited.

All mail will be inspected, and if it contains any of the disallowed items will be rejected.

You can send money through the mail, using a US Postal Money Order. Remember to put the name and booking number of the inmate for whom you are depositing money, on the front of the money order. Cash and checks are not accepted through the mail and will be returned marked “Return to Sender.” You can also deposit money into an inmates account directly through Access Corrections, though fees may apply. Or, you can make deposits into an inmates account by phone by calling 1-866-345-1884. You'll need a credit card to use either of these latter options.

To send mail to an inmate at the Larry D. Smith Correctional Facility:

Smith Correctional Facility

(Inmate Name and Booking Number)

1627 S. Hargrave Street

Banning, CA  92220


Bail at the Beaumont Jail

If you, or someone you love, is being held at the Southwest Detention Center, you'll likely want to post bail, so that you or they can get back to regular life, as quickly as possible. To determine the amount of bail that will be required to obtain their release, you'll need to consult the Riverside County Bail Schedule.

To Calculate Bail for Felony Charges:

  • Find the count that could carry the longest jail time.
  • Find the bail amount from that charge.
  • Check the “Special Bail Section” to see if there is a larger amount that could apply. You'll have to use the larger amount if it applies.
  • Add bail for all enhancements of the original charge.
  • Bail bonds will have to be posted for each charge.

There are some cases in which the defendant will not be allowed to post bail until a hearing has taken place.

PC 1275 Hold on Bail in Beaumont, CA

There are some cases where the arresting officer finds that there is a good possibility that the money being used for bail was gotten through illegal activity. If this is the case, the officer can file special paperwork that requires that no bail be available to the defendant until a hearing has been held. For help in getting a PC 1275 Hold On Bail released, call the bail bond experts at Justice Bail Bonds. (951) 445-4155.

Domestic Violence Bail Bonds in Beaumont

A charge of domestic violence will land you in jail, at least until you can post bail and answer the charges against you in court. For domestic violence charges in Beaumont, the defendant will be taken to the Beaumont Jail to be processed and charged. Once the paperwork has been filed and a mug shot and fingerprints taken, the defendant will have an opportunity to pay cash bail, post a bail bond, or remain in jail to await trial.

If you or someone you care about needs help with domestic violence bail bonds in Beaumont, CA, call Justice Bail Bonds at (951) 445-4155.

Other Charges Related To Domestic Violence

While “domestic violence” is the charge most commonly referred to when an argument between intimate partners develops and the cops get involved, it is not the only charge closely related to domestic violence.

Other Charges Are:

  • Corporal Injury of Spouse
  • Corporal Injury of a Cohabitant
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Spousal Abuse
  • Violation of Penal Code 273.5

California Penal Code, Section 13700

Domestic Violence is defined as “abuse committed against an adult or fully emancipated minor who is a spouse, former spouse, cohabitant, r person with whom the suspect has had a child or is having or has had a dating or engagement relationship.” (California Penal Code, Section 13700)

The definition of abuse can include:

  • Physical Abuse
  • Verbal Abuse
  • Abusing Trust
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Emotional Abuse
  • Psychological Abuse
  • Coercion
  • Harassment
  • Economic control
  • threats and intimidation
  • Destruction of Property
  • Isolation

Arguments are inevitable when two people spend a lot of time together. If you argue with someone you are in a relationship with, it's extremely important that you stay calm. Don't let your temper get the better of you. If things do go wrong, however, and you find yourself dealing with law enforcement over a domestic disturbance or domestic violence issue, we can help you negotiate the path between county jail and back home so that you can work on your marriage or relationship in a responsible way.

Call the compassionate, experienced bail bond agents at Justice Bail Bonds for assistance with domestic violence bail bonds in Beaumont. Call (951) 445-4155 today!

Assault & Battery Bail Bonds In Beaumont

If you are arrested and charged with assault and battery, you will be transported to the Beaumont Jail. There, you will be “booked” and charged with a crime. This process includes taking your fingerprints and mugshots and logging you into the county jail system.

Once you know the formal charges against you, you will be able to find the amount of bail required to get out of jail. The bail schedule should be posted at the jail facility and can also be located. If the amount of bail needed to get out of jail is more than you can comfortably produce (as it often is), you will need the services of a bail bond agent who can post a bond for your release for a fraction of the cost of full bail.

For assault and battery bail bonds 24 hours a day, call Justice Bail Bonds at (951) 445-4155.

DUI of Drugs in Beaumont

DUI of Drugs, or Driving Under the Influence of Drugs, is a serious offense. It is similar to the charge of Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol, the more common form of DUI, and carries with it serious consequences. A charge of DUI of drugs can result from driving while under the influence of any drug or marijuana, including prescription drugs, whether legally prescribed to the defendant, or not.

VC 23152(e) – DUI of Drugs Charge

Driving under the influence of drugs is a violation of the Vehicle Code 231452(e), which reads: “It is unlawful for a person who is under the influence of any drug to drive a vehicle.” It is very similar to driving under the influence of alcohol. One way that this charge differs from a regular “DUI” charge is that when an officer suspects the presence of drugs in someone's system, a breathalyzer test will not show drugs and a blood test will have to be ordered. Other evidence that can be used to charge someone with DUI of drugs includes the defendant's statements, behavior, and appearance.

Penalties for DUI of Drugs

The penalties for DUI of Drugs is identical to the penalties of DUI of Alcohol. In most cases, DUI of Drugs is a misdemeanor, and the consequences can include:

  • Driver's License Suspension
  • Fines Up To $1,800 For A First Offense
  • Possible Jail Sentence
  • Probation Of Three To Five Years

Felony DUI of Drugs

DUI of Drugs can be filed as a felony, if:

  • You have already had three DUI offenses.
  • You have already been convicted of DUI, at least once.
  • Your actions cause an accident that injures someone else.

A felony conviction of DUI of Drugs can carry more severe consequences than that of a misdemeanor DUI of Drugs.

DUI of Drugs Bail in Beaumont, CA

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Bail Bonds Financing in Beaumont

If you can’t afford the full cost of bail (and most people can’t) then a bail bond agent can be your very best friend. Bail bond companies post a bond with the court in place of bail, taking responsibility for the defendant and promising that if the defendant fails to appear for hearings or proceedings, then the bail bond company will pay the whole amount of bail instead. The fee for this service is typically 10% of the total cost of bail, allowing a defendant to get out of jail for pennies on the dollar.

However, there are times when even 10% of the total cost of bail is more money than a defendant or their family can comfortably come up with. In these cases, Justice Bail Bonds will work with you to design a payment plan that gets your loved one out of jail and back home, while making payments toward the cost of the bail bond. Call (951) 445-4155 today to discuss your situation with a bail bond professional at Justice Bail Bonds.

0 Down Bail Bonds in Beaumont

Justice Bail Bonds has served the people of Riverside County, California for more than twenty years. They understand the stress and difficulties that incarceration can bring on a family. The all-female, bi-lingual staff at Justice is committed to helping your family in your time of need. An incarcerated person can’t care for their children, provide for their family, or repair strained relationships. The bail bond professionals at Justice understand that when someone faces jail time, bail is often the fastest way to put your family back together.

Bail can be expensive. Paying the full amount of cash bail is often more than someone can comfortably come up with. Whatever your financial circumstances, Justice Bail Bonds will work with you to get yourself or your loved one out of jail and back home where they belong. Justice offers no down bail options, on approved credit, and will work with you to figure out what type of payment plan will work best for your family.