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Ontario Bail Bonds

Facing accusations related to domestic violence can be devastating, as you are likely to end up in police custody despite false accusations. Additionally, domestic violence charges often attract harsh penalties, including spending years in jail. You also need to remember that your criminal record will permanently hold your conviction details if found guilty.

As a result, you need enough time to prepare for a criminal trial to increase your chances of acquittal. To do this, you will need to secure release from jail after an arrest, using a bail bonds agent. At Justice Bail Bonds, you will benefit from first-rate bail bond services that are available in Ontario.

When you partner with us, you will work with bilingual agents who speak in English and Spanish, depending on your preference. Additionally, you can expect excellent service delivery, thanks to our twenty years of bail bonds experience under our entirely female operated and owned company. You will also benefit from our highly competitive prices and openness towards repayment plans.

Crimes that Fall Within Domestic Violence Charges in Ontario

Before understanding how bail works, you need to learn of the different offenses that make up domestic violence charges. With this knowledge, you can learn whether your arrest was lawful and how to avoid facing similar consequences in the future.

Section 13700 of the penal code describes domestic violence as an offense that you commit against an adult or independent minor. However, the victim must be related to you through any of the following ways:

  • A current or former spouse
  • An elderly person who is under your care
  • A current or former boyfriend/girlfriend
  • Your family members related by blood or marriage
  • A person you are cohabiting with
  • Someone you had a child with

Additionally, several divisions of domestic violence offenses are listed in the Penal Code. They are:

  • Child abuse contrary to section 273(d) P.C
  • Elder abuse contrary to section 368 P.C
  • Domestic battery contrary to section 243(e) P.C
  • Posting harmful content on the internet contrary to section 653.2 P.C

Any of these offenses may lead to arrest, prompting the need for a bail bonds service.

The Significance of Posting Bail in Ontario After Arrest

Mostly, domestic violence accusations warrant immediate arrest to allow for a smooth investigation process. Additionally, your apprehension may be important to protect the alleged victim, where he/she complains of your violent nature. After going into police custody, you may spend twenty-four hours or more behind bars as you await court arraignment for your bail hearing.

While the waiting period may not be too long, different factors like court backlogs may delay the hearing, meaning that you will spend additional time in jail. Posting bail is the available option when looking to leave jail after an arrest, as it allows you to continue enjoying your freedom before official court proceedings. The California Penal Code creates provisions on how to post bail, giving you various options.

Usually, the bail transaction works by releasing you in exchange for a cash settlement. The money you pay will be security that binds you to attend all future court proceedings when necessary. Therefore, the bail you post restricts you from defeating the judge’s directives, as several consequences exist for missed court sessions.

The main outcome of attendance defiance is that the court retains the paid bail amount, which would have otherwise been reinstated to you after appearing for all sessions. Additionally, the judge may issue an arrest warrant for the contempt of court displayed in your actions. Consequently, you will face additional penalties that result in minimum chances of evading a domestic violence conviction.

The different options available to you when posting bail include:

  • Paying the amount in cash
  • Engaging a bail bond agreement
  • Providing a property bond to the court

Each of the options gives you several advantages, depending on your financial position and arrangements with the relevant parties. Therefore, you should understand how each payment option works, as it may help you decide on the most suitable decision.

Upfront Cash Payment

Firstly, you may choose to post bail by paying the amount in cash, leading to a quick and easy process. The steps to undertake when posting cash bail are found in section 1269 of the Penal Code, including the acceptable means of payment.

The cash office handling bail payments is mandated to accept credit card transactions, as well as debit card swipes if you can complete the payments. Alternatively, you could provide physical cash payments in acceptable denominations. This way, the cash office operations have an easier time confirming that you have paid the bail amount in full.

You can also present a money order when posting bail, especially if you are receiving the funds from a different location. While the order takes some time to process, the court should accept it as long as they verify the source of funds. Similarly, banker’s cheques are also acceptable, although you will have to wait for an officer to cash the cheque for complete clearance from custody.

Ideally, making cash payments when posting bail would be the best option. However, in reality, most arrested persons cannot afford all the required funds while in custody. Additionally, your loved ones may also take some time to gather the whole amount, causing delays in your release. Subsequently, the cash payment option remains limited to very few people who have readily available funds.

Release Based on Property Bonds

Under section 1276.5 of the Penal Code, you may also choose to post bail by presenting a property bond. The agreement you make before release will place your property in the court’s possession or control and will act as collateral in case of any missed court appearances.

Some common options to provide as collateral include cars, stocks, or financial bonds. However, broader options are available, provided they are within the court’s specifications and hold the same value as your bond amount.

Once the court receives the collateral property, you are released from jail on bond. However, you should note that you risk losing your property entirely if you fail to appear for proceedings even once. Thus, the option can be risky and detrimental, especially if you value the collateral property.

Working with an Ontario Bail Bonds Service

The safest and most convenient way to secure your freedom from jail is by working with a bail bonds agent. The Penal Code provides for the option under section 1276, giving you the freedom to liaise with a bail bonds company. Therefore, we recommend contacting a trusted Ontario bail bonds agent as soon as you can so that he/she may initiate the release process.

Usually, we will provide services after you consent to a bail bonds agreement that stipulates several rules of service. You need to note that your Ontario bail bonds agent works on your behalf and will use the company’s finances to post bail. However, you will agree to attend all court sessions to prevent the company from losing its resources when you default.

Additionally, a credible bail bonds agreement will include a collateral clause. The section requires you to provide a selected piece of property as collateral in missed court dates. This agreement remains between you and your bail bonds company, and it serves to protect the bail bonds company from unmitigated losses.

The leading cause of these losses is when you fail to present yourself in court, leading to a rescinded bail agreement. Consequently, the court holds on to the bail amount even after the conclusion of the trial. However, you can be sure that your Ontario bail bonds agent will reinstate the collateral property after your case is completed successfully.

Once you have satisfied all the agreement sections, the assigned bail bonds agent promptly begins processing your details and makes payments. You can also worry less about our service delivery efficiency, as our agents can post bail on the respective website, not over the phone on your behalf.

The process works best in an urgent situation, as the agent does not have to move from one point to the other to complete the posting procedures. Nevertheless, your participation may still be necessary because you need to provide your signatures.

When the bail office receives all documents and payments, the officers detaining you will begin the release process, and you will leave jail within a short period. Before exiting the police detention center, you can contact your Ontario bail bonds agent to confirm that all agreements have been met. Moreover, you will have a chance to discuss the payments to the bail bonds company for its service.

Normally, your bail bonds company should charge ten percent of the total bail amount you were supposed to pay in court. Since the 10% is a service charge, your bill is relative to the initial bail fee the judge set.

For some, the ten percent charge is manageable, meaning that they can pay it upfront and conclude the bail bonds agreement. Hence, an upfront payment automates your recovery of the collateral property as well, as you will have fully complied.

Conversely, the bail amount that your agent paid may have been expensive, translating to an equally high service fee. Due to this, you may need some time to accumulate the total amount needed or choose to pay in stages. We offer friendly payment options that also accommodate your repayment strategies to make your financial load bearable.

Therefore, you can engage your Ontario bail bonds agent for a constructive negotiation that involves an achievable payment plan. Additionally, you may inquire more on the minimum threshold to receive your collateral property as you continue making payments in installments.

The Benefits of an Ontario Bail Bonds Service

Compared to other options, posting bail provides numerous convenient and accessible benefits to you or your loved one. When working with the bail bonds agent, you can worry less about the success rate of operations, thanks to the reliable systems we have set in place. Some advantages of working with us are:

You Do Not Have to Struggle with Consolidating Funds Immediately

Understandably, you may not have access to the total amount that the judge issues as bail, primarily because you will be in police custody. Moreover, your loved ones may have to deal with a stressful situation as they struggle to raise the full amount. With an Ontario bail bonds agent, you can avoid the financial challenges, as we cover all costs for you at a ten percent service fee.

Se Habla Espanol

We also understand that some citizens use Spanish as their native language, meaning they are more comfortable with a Spanish-speaking agent. Fortunately for you, Se Habla Espanol. Our bilingual agents will provide excellent services to you or a loved one by providing an easier communication option. Alternatively, the agent can translate the official requirements to help you fill the essential documents without struggling.

Our Bail Bond Agents are Available Throughout San Bernardino

Moreover, we have dispatched out bail bond agents to different cities within San Bernardino, so you do not need to search for an agent outside Ontario. When we receive your details and case requirements, our team will be available to begin the bail process on time.

We Have a Wealth of Experience

You also want to work with agents who have gained enough experience, for instance, for over 20 years to avoid suffering from avoidable oversights. We have helped arrested persons complete the bailing process for over twenty years, giving us an edge over most service providers.

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