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Suppose the law enforcement are called to your home to investigate a domestic violence incident. In that case, someone is likely to end up behind bars, even if it’s a minor dispute that led to a little argument, and there is no violence. Police ensure they arrest one of the parties involved because if they leave and one of the parties is injured, the victim can sue the city for not protecting them from harm. A lot of innocent people end up being arrested and spending time in jail.

When you or your loved one is arrested for a domestic disturbance in Needles, it can be daunting and confusing considering the charges’ seriousness. At Justice Bail Bonds, we can enable your release from jail on bail bond as you await trial. Our bonds agent will explain the domestic violence bail bonds process to understand your unique situation and the next steps.

Common Needles Domestic Violence Charges

California PC 13700 outlines domestic violence as knowingly or recklessly utilizing or threatening violence against an intimate partner. In this case, an intimate partner refers to a current spouse, former spouse, or family member.

Domestic violence charges are divided into four categories, each defined under a different statute. The typical domestic violence incidents include:

  1. Domestic Battery

Domestic battery is defined under PC 243 e (1) as intentionally touching someone harmfully. The charge is a misdemeanor that carries a bail bond of $5,000. It’s often committed against a cohabitant, your fiance or ex-fiance, a parent to your child, a dating partner, or a current or former spouse. Unlike corporal injury on a spouse, domestic battery doesn’t require a visible injury, meaning that you might be arrested even if you are innocent.

  1. Corporal Injury to a Spouse or Cohabitant

As per PC 273.5, it’s unlawful to strike an intimate partner resulting in visible marks or bruising, regardless of how slight the bruises are. The offense is a felony and carries a bail amount of $50,000. Acts that can result in arrest for PC 273.5 violations include punching, biting, or slapping an intimate partner. Even touching someone using force causing visible bruising is a felony under this statute.

Note that if you are on probation or have been previously charged with any of the above offenses, the judge handling your case has the discretion to increase the bail amount to match the existing county bail schedule. The inclusion of protective orders makes domestic violence even harder to understand and estimate if it’s your first time to seek release on bail. However, the Needles bail bonds will explain the entire process and estimate the amount you are likely to post as bail for your pretrial release.

Even if you are Innocent, you can be Accused and Arrested in Needles

As stated earlier, when police are called to investigate a domestic disturbance incident, they don’t know what to expect, so they don’t make any distinctions. Their goal is to calm things down and arrest someone if they feel one of the parties involved needs protection. The rest of the issues are up to the court and legal professionals.

Unluckily, innocent individuals may be accused of domestic violence. The accuser might lie to law enforcement out of vengeance, anger, or jealousy. The victim might also use false accusations of domestic violence as a threat to gain a position of power. California PC 13700 prohibits the use of physical force or verbal threats against an intimate partner.

Sometimes, a case of self-defense or defense of others might be termed domestic violence, which is wrong. Also, as an arrestee, you might have tried to defend yourself in a mutual struggle and be accused of a domestic disturbance.

Needles bail bonds will not judge you. Instead, they will guide you through the steps you will follow to secure release as you await trial.

Determining Needles Domestic Violence Bail Schedule

A bail bond is a financial or written promise that you will appear in court at a future date after an arrest. To secure pretrial release, you must post the amount in cash or a surety bond to assure the court that you will show up in court as required. Once you pay the bail amount, you are freed to go home and continue with your everyday life.

Securing release from jail and going home to your family is a huge priority when you are charged with domestic violence. For this reason, you need to do everything in your power to post bail as per the county bail schedule. Make your release from jail seamless by speaking to Needles bail bonds.

Every county in the state San Bernardino County included has a bail schedule. The California Department of Insurance governs the rates of these bonds. However, the person who sets the domestic violence bail amount in San Bernardino County is the judge. Many factors are considered when setting bail amounts, which means various bail amounts can change or increase based on the nature of domestic violence. Some of the common factors judges consider when setting bail amount include:

  • The severity or extent of the domestic violence crime
  • The public safety
  • Your chances of returning to court as a defendant
  • Your criminal record

Note that the presence or absence of the following factors in your domestic violence case doesn’t guarantee anything. They are guidelines the judge uses to decide if to allow or disallow bail. If a judge denies you a pretrial release, even Needles bail bonds won’t be able to provide their bond services.

The court might also decide to release you on your recognizance. This refers to the pretrial release of a detainee, with the only condition being to appear in court as required. A bail bond isn’t necessary in this case. However, judges only release defendants on own recognizance on minor offenses.

If the court allows your release on bail, they will refund the bail amount with fewer court fees, which are non-refundable, but only when you appear before a judge as required.

Note that once the court has set bail in domestic violence cases, anyone can post the amount on your behalf. To make it easier for people seeking to post bail to locate the police station or jail you are being detained, give your full names and birth date because this is the information they will rely on to track you down.

Unfortunately, your loved ones may learn about the bail amount set by the court but find it challenging to raise the money on their own. In this case, a bail bondsman like Needles bail bonds can post the bail on your behalf at a small fee.

Needles Domestic Violence Bail Bonds Process

If you or a close relative is in jail custody for domestic violence accusations, the process of securing a pretrial release is overwhelming. This is because if the court sets bail and you are unable to raise the amount, you will stay in jail until your case is heard and completed. This might take days, weeks, or months. Attending your hearings from jail decreases the chances of a favorable outcome, prevents you from engaging in your job or profession, and keeps you away from family.

Fortunately, with the help of a bail bondsman, the last thing you need to worry about is posting bail. Without using a certified bail bond agent, securing release awaiting trial will be difficult regardless of the amount of bond. Due to this, Needles Bails Bonds is here to guide you through the bail bonds process to increase the chances of securing a release.

The domestic violence bail bonds process begins when you are apprehended by law enforcement. The arresting officer will book you in custody by taking a mugshot, recording your full name, registering your fingerprints, and gathering any other information relevant to the domestic violence case.

After the booking, you will be placed in holding cells awaiting a bail hearing. While waiting, you should reach out to an experienced bail bond agent so that they can begin the process of posting bail. That way, once the bail amount has been set, all you will need is to sign a bail bonds contract with the bail agent.

If you are not in a position to contact a bail agent in person, a friend or family member can do it on your behalf. A person who is seeking to secure your pretrial release, also known as co-signer, can reach out to the bondsman on your behalf. The individual must be willing to accept responsibility for the bail bond and defendant. It means that if you skip town after the pretrial release and fail to appear before a judge as required, they will be held liable.

Once you or the person securing your release signs the bail bonds agreement, the process of posting bail commences. Posting bail takes no more than an hour if you have been arrested and booked.

After bail has been posted, you will be released from custody. However, before that, you will be given the eliminating dates and times required to appear in court. You or the co-signer will be held responsible in the event of not showing up in court. You or the cosigner will recover all the money used to track down and arrest you for failure to appear in court.

However, if you show up in court as agreed and the case is completed, you will be acquitted, and the court will refund the bail amount less non-refundable court fees. You must also pay Needles bail bonds their premium for securing your release if you opt for their services.

Why Justice Bail Bonds is Right for you

At Justice Bail Bonds, we understand how stressful it can be to be arrested and held in custody, especially for the first time. It’s the reason our bond agents in Needles strive to simplify the process of securing bail. We guide you step by step throughout the process to avoid the uncertainty associated with the process. We believe experience is critical for a seamless release on bail; hence we pride ourselves on over 20 years of experience.

We are a female-owned and operated bail bonds company. Our female staff are kind and committed to helping clients because they understand the financial and emotional stress associated with the arrest of a loved one because of domestic violence. They are fast in finding solutions to our clients so that your loved one doesn’t stay behind bars for longer than necessary.

Our team of bail agents also understands that the Spanish population makes a large percentage of our clients. We have bilingual bail agents familiar with Se Habla Espanol, eliminating the language barrier when Spanish speakers call seeking our bail bonds services.

For the over 20 years we have been serving Needles residents, we understand that the domestic violence bail bonds process is complicated. We are focused on posting bail and offer a listening hear because we know what you are going through, which is why we have local bail agents in San Bernardino cities standing by to help you even when you need a ride home.

To simplify the way clients reach us, we provide bail online or over the phone. That way, even if you have been arrested and nobody is aware of the arrest to bail you out, you can call us from jail or contact us online for bail services.

When securing release through a bail bonds company, chances are you can’t raise the money required to post bail. Charging you high premium rates when you can’t afford bail is unreasonable. We offer the lowest prices, manageable payment plans, and no hidden charges because we understand our clients. Regardless of your income, you can raise the payment we need for our bail services.

When hiring a bail bonds company in Needles, you have multiple options. However, we provide the best services that are hard to find elsewhere.

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At justice Bail Bonds, we understand that the process of securing a pretrial release on bail for a domestic violence case is an emotional and confusing one. However, with the help of our bail agents, you or your loved one can quickly get home after an arrest. Reach out to us today at 951-445-4155 and let us make your pretrial release process simple and efficient.