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Twentynine Palms Bail Bonds

After the police arrest you for a domestic violence offense, you become a defendant in the legal process that often involves jail time. Bail is the money the court requests you to pay to get out of custody as you wait for the set court date. Bail is a way for the court to ensure that you will appear for the court trial, which can be in the form of cash or a bond secured from a bail bond agent. Bail is not imposed on all crimes. It depends on the nature and the severity of the crime. Domestic violence is a severe offense under California law. For this crime, the judge is likely to impose bail. If you need the best bail bond in Twentynine Palms, you can count on Justice Bail Bonds.

Determining the Bail Amount in Twentynine Palms

The judge has the discretion to increase or lower the bail amount based on the defendant's character and the offense's seriousness. The amounts and the rules of a bail bond in California vary from county to county. The judges in a county adopt a countywide bail schedule to set the appropriate bail amounts.

We have three bail types in California:

  • Cash bail — California PC 1269
  • Bail bond — California PC 1276
  • Property bond — California PC Section 1276.5

Posting a Cash Bail

For you to post a cash bail successfully in California, you must have adequate cash at hand. You can also post a cashier's check equivalent to the bail amount. Based on the jail facility, you might be allowed to use your credit card to post a bail amount. Even if cash bail is the easiest to post, most people can't afford the large bail amounts. It's unlikely for most people to have large amounts of money in their possession. If you can't afford cash, a reliable Twentynine bail bond agent can post bail on your behalf.

When you post cash bail, you will receive a refund of the bail amount after your case. However, your cash will only be available if you present yourself during court hearings and adhere to all the set rules. A domestic violence case may take months or even up to a year to complete. This means that you won't access or invest the money you place as bail during this period. A bail bond can save you the hassle of undergoing a financial struggle to post cash bail.

If you post cash bail, it will take between six to twelve weeks to receive the refund after completing the case. If a defendant fails to attend court hearings, the judge may issue an arrest warrant to have the defendant re-arrested. Failure to attend court could also lead to permanent forfeiture of the bail amount to the state.

Bail Bond

Since most people don't have enough money to post cash bail, they prefer posting bail through a bail bond service. A bail bond refers to a contract between a bail bondsman and the accused person. In this contract, the bail bondsman promises to post bail on your behalf, and you promise to attend all upcoming court hearings. The defendant pays the bail bondsman a specific premium, usually 10 percent of the amount. If the bail is $100,000, the applicable premium is $10,000. The premium isn't refundable. Some bail bond companies may subsidize the bail premium, especially if an attorney refers the defendant to them.

If a defendant fails to show up in court, the bail bond company forfeits the bail amount. A bail bond agent may need collateral/security. The collateral may consist of property like a house, a vehicle, or any other object of value. If you fail to show up in court, the bail bondsman will use the collateral to cover the bail money forfeiture.

Property Bond

You may post a property bond instead of posting a cash bail or paying the premium required to hire a Twentynine Palms bail bonds agent. A defendant may post their equity interest in real estate property to ensure that they will appear in court. For you to post a property bond, the equity value should be twice the bail amount. The property should have been recently appraised, should not have liens, and the property value must be disclosed professionally. If the court is convinced that there is enough equity in the property, they will accept the property bond, and you will be released from custody. The county will place a lien on the property if you fail to show up in court and then foreclose the property to recover the bail amount.

Property bonds are rarely sought because preparing the property and submitting an appraisal is lengthy and time-consuming. The property bond should only be an option if you don't have money to post cash bail or pay the bail bond agent.

Domestic Violence Crimes in Twentynine Palms

Regardless of the circumstances, domestic violence is a serious crime with harsh penalties according to California law. A domestic violence accusation may erupt from several situations and involve your spouse, ex-spouse, domestic partner, or any other relative. Most prosecutors prosecute domestic violence offenses harshly, and judges often set high bail amounts for the offenses. If you, your relative, or your friend are arrested for a domestic violence offense, you should immediately contact an experienced Twentynine Palms bail bonds agent. A bail bond agent will help you post bail to secure a release from custody.

Conflict can occur in every relationship. However, when the conflict escalates to the point of physical harm, the police come in. California has strict domestic violence rules to combat the abuse of vulnerable people. The laws shield intimate partners, elderly persons, and children from physical and mental abuse. In California, it's a crime to threaten or harm your partner or another intimate person. It's also a crime to touch them rudely or aggressively even if you don't cause them physical harm.

Some of the typical domestic violence offenses under California law are:

  • Domestic battery – PC 243(e)(1)
  • Corporal injury on your spouse or cohabitant – PC 273.5
  • Child abuse – PC 273d
  • Child neglect – PC 270
  • Child endangerment – PC 273a
  • Criminal threats – PC 422
  • Elder abuse – PC 368
  • Damaging a telephone line – PC 591
  • Aggravated trespass – PC 601

Consequences of Domestic Violence

A domestic violence offense has several potential penalties. Some of the typical consequences of domestic violence in California are:

  • Jail time
  • Fines
  • Paying restitution or reimbursing the victim for costs like medical expenses and counseling fees
  • Loss of child custody and restraining order
  • Deportation if you aren't a U.S. citizen

Given the severity of a domestic assault crime, the bail amounts are often high. You might find it hard to raise the bail amount within a short period, thus the importance of a Twentynine Palms bail bonds company.

Posting a Twentynine Palms Domestic Violence Bail

If the police arrest your loved one for domestic violence in San Bernardino County, for domestic battery, domestic assault, or domestic violence, you will want to arrange for their release from jail. You have to pay the bail amount in full or secure the services of a bail bond agent. If the defendant doesn't post bail within two court days from their arrest, they will proceed to court to be arraigned. If the arrest takes place on holiday or during the weekend, the arraignment will be delayed. During the arraignment hearing, the issue of a pre-trial release is discussed. However, with the help of a competent bail bond agent, you don't have to stay in custody this long.

If you are arrested and charged with domestic violence, you should contact a reliable Twentynine Palms bail bonds agency right away. Over recent decades, the protection of victims has expanded, which has widened what qualifies as domestic violence. The definition of who can be a victim of domestic violence has also widened, increasing domestic violence cases.

Domestic violence has evolved and may include people who don't even qualify as intimate partners to you. Violence doesn't have to involve any contact with the victim. Any form of rude or abusive conduct towards a victim could lead to a domestic violence accusation.

Given the complicated nature of domestic violence crime, you need to be out of custody to work alongside your domestic violence attorney to create a convincing defense for your charges. This is where Justice Bail Bonds come in. We are one of San Bernardino County's leading bail bond companies.

We understand how important your freedom is, and we treat all our clients with dignity and respect. Because we value your privacy, we provide a confidential bail bond service. We will help you post bail and an affordable rate so that you can be free to be with your lawyer. We understand that you need a bail bond service that is fast, affordable, and discrete. Immediately you contact us, our experienced bail bond agent will arrange for your release from custody.

Why Use Our Services

Given that there are many bail bond companies in San Bernardino County, why should you use our services at Justice Bail Bonds? Justice Bail Bonds is a reliable female-owned and operated bail bond company that has served the Twentynine Palms community for many years. Below are some of the reasons why we are the most reliable Twentynine Palms bail bonds company:

We Have Over Twenty Years of Experience

The role of your Twentynine Palms bail bonds agent is not just to write you a check and secure your release from jail. You need an experienced bail bond agent that can help you through the whole bail process. Our experienced bail bondsmen will help you answer all the questions you might have regarding how to post bail. More importantly, they understand how to file all the necessary paperwork, which speeds up the bail procedure. Our professional bail bondsmen are discrete. They will not reveal your arrest information to the public. We aim to ensure that you are free to resume your normal life as you wait for the trial.

Se Habla Espanol

At Justice Bail Bonds, we offer full-time Spanish-speaking bail bond agents. We added this offering to enhance our customers' experience, given the increased numbers of Spanish speakers throughout San Bernardino County. The Spanish-speaking bail bond agents are always ready 24/7. They are quick in their response. We advise you to call us first after your arrest before you call anyone else. This will enable us to start the release process fast for an efficient bail experience.

Our Twentynine Palms Bail Bond Agents are Always Available

We have our local bail agents in San Bernardino cities standing by. Our professional bail bondsmen will always answer your call irrespective of the time. It doesn't matter whether you call in the wee hours of the night, early in the morning, on weekends, or holidays. We understand that an arrest can occur when you don’t expect it.

Therefore, we ensure that our bail services will always be available all the time. Our professional bail bondsmen know all aspects of bail and court systems. Our 24/7 bail services give our clients great peace of mind because they can always reach us whenever they need us.

You Can Seek Bail Services on Phone or Online

We can arrange for bail services and your release on the telephone or online. You only need to call us, and our experienced bail bondsmen will complete the entire bond service over the phone. We also give clients the option of completing bail bonds online. While applying for a bail bond online, you only need to provide the defendant's full name and other information like a birth date.

We Have Affordable Prices and Easy Payment Plans

With our strong network of well-trained and licensed bail bonds agents, we have been proudly serving the Twentynine Palms community. Given our many years of operations and our understanding of the bail bond system, we can provide bail services at an affordable rate. We also have easy payment plans.

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