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Los Angeles: 323-547-8786

Orange County: 714-541-1155

San Bernardino: 909-381-3899

San Diego: 619-381-4859

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San Bernardino County

San Bernardino, CA, is the largest county in California and with a strategic position between rugged mountains and valleys. The county has an abundance of fresh air, and the people are friendly. San Bernardino’s town was established by missionaries and developed as a strict town where gambling and alcohol were prohibited.

Despite the great lifestyle San Bernardino people enjoy, the crime rate has been on the rise. When law enforcement agencies arrest you or your loved one for committing a crime in San Bernardino, you will need a San Bernardino Bail Bond agent’s help with posting bail. At Justice Bail Bonds, we are dedicated to aiding you to navigate the judicial justice system. If you have little or no experience arranging for a bail bond, you should count on our expertise to handle the entire process for you.

Our agents at Justice Bail Bond have the necessary training to handle all types of bail bonds. We realize that the traumatic experience one undergoes while under arrest can have long-lasting implications. We, therefore, take the responsibility of ensuring that we make your bail process as smooth as possible. With our over 20 years of experience, we will provide you with the necessary assistance until you are out of the holding cell in the shortest time possible.

The most important thing when you are under police custody is your family's reunion, and at Justice Bail Bond, we will work tirelessly to ensure it happens. We understand the importance of family, and we will direct you to the right places where you can receive the necessary help if your arrest was due to domestic violence.

What Happens When you are Arrested in San Bernardino, California

When you or your loved one comes into contact with law enforcement officers in San Bernardino, you are unfortunately arrested. Take the following steps to ensure you do not add more charges to your file:

  • Ensure you are calm enough before saying anything
  • Do not resist arrest.
  • Cooperate with the law enforcement officers
  • Explain the events leading to your arrest in a calm manner
  • Submit to their test

To avoid adding more charges to your arrest, kindly avoid the following actions:

  • Running away from the arresting officers.
  • Giving information that will hurt your case later on
  • Insulting the arresting officers
  • Refusing to submit to tests like a breathalyzer

When you prove to the arresting officers your calmness and stable status, you improve your release chances and at the same time avoid having additional charges piled on your case.

Correction Facilities in San Bernardino, CA

At San Bernardino County, jail and release programs operate under The Corrections and Detentions Bureau. When you are arrested, you will stay at either one of the four adult jail facilities in San Bernardino during your court process and when the courts successfully sentence your case. These correctional facilities run several programs that aim at rehabilitating inmates, like offering High school diplomas, juvenile programs geared towards youth who are at high risk, and substance abuse interventions.

These correctional facilities are:

  • Central Detention Center
  • Glen Helen Rehabilitation Center
  • High Desert Detention Center
  • West Valley Detention Center

What is Bail?

Bail is the amount of money a court will demand you pay to ensure that you show up at the court during the entire court process. Your bail amount is set depending on the severity of the charges you will be facing, your flight risk, and the precedent of other cases. San Bernardino County posts the bail schedule at each jail, where you may check the amount of bail you will need.

How Do You Figure Out The Amount of Bail to Post?

The first step you need to identify your charge and the highest amount it carries as fines, and it's jail time. Use this information as the basis for your bail, add additional costs like resisting arrest, and add their bail amount to come up with the total expected bail amount.

When you are arrested, call Justice Bail Bonds agents to help you post bail. The San Bernardino Bail Bonds office’s experienced agents will come to your aid within minutes of your call. You don’t have to go through this traumatizing ordeal alone.

Domestic Violence Charges in San Bernardino, CA

With the increasing domestic violence rate in California, the law mandates police officers to arrest any person they think has committed the act. When you are arrested for committing domestic violence under PC 243(e), or PC 273.5, you should contact San Bernardino Bails Bond Agents to post bail on your behalf.

Under California law, domestic violence is a crime and occurs when you harm, threaten to hurt your spouse or an intimate partner.

After the police arrest you, you will be taken to a jail near you, where you will be charged. Your paperwork will be filed, fingerprints and mugshots taken, and then you will be offered a chance to post a bail bond, pay cash bail, or you can decide to wait for your trial while at the correctional facility. If you choose to post bail, you may contact Justice Bail Bond agents for assistance.

Other charges related to domestic violence include:

  • Violation of PC 273.5
  • Corporal injury to your spouse
  • Domestic abuse
  • Corporal Injury to a Cohabitant

Penal Code 273.5(a) Corporal Injury to Spouse

Under California statutes, violation of PC273.5 (a) can lead to a felony charge that will lead to an imprisonment period of up to 4 years in state prison. It can also be treated as a misdemeanor charge with imprisonment of up to 1 year in county jail.

Penal Code 273.6(a) Disobeying Domestic Violence Court Order

For a felony charge to hold in a court of law, you must have had a previous conviction on domestic violence charges. You will receive a sentence that ranges from 16 months up to three years in jail. If your order is a misdemeanor one, you will face jail time of up to one year.

Penal Code 242-243(e) Battery Charges

This charge is treated as a misdemeanor with a sentence of up to a one-year jail term. The prosecution will have to prove that you used force against the person accusing you.

Penal Code 240-241(a) Simple Assault

If you face simple assault charges, you could hurt and cause bodily injury against someone else. Once the prosecution proves that you committed the crime, you will receive a sentence that leads to a one-year jail stay.

What Constitutes Domestic Abuse?

Domestic abuse comes in many different flavors like:

  • A threat to cause bodily harm
  • Verbal abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Harassment
  • Coercion
  • Psychological abuse
  • Property destruction

Arguments are part and parcel of marriage or relationships, but when the fight turns volatile, it is advisable to remain calm. If your idea will reach a point where you involve law enforcement officers, reach out to Justice Bail bonds so that we can ensure you are released to go back home and sort your relationship issues maturely and responsibly.

Domestic Violence Bail Bond in San Bernardino

When you face domestic violence or assault charges in San Bernardino, CA, you will be booked in either one of the four correctional facilities. The booking officer will take your details like a mug shot fingerprints and then log you into the penal facility system.

With your charges information, you can determine the amount of bail you will need to post to leave the correctional facility. Most of the time, the bail set amount is very high, and very few people can afford it. If this is your case, don’t panic, all you will need to do is contact us at San Bernardino Bails Bond, and our agents will post your bond for a fraction of its total cost.

Payment Plans for Your Bail Bond

You will come to realize that bail bonds are set at an exorbitant price that most people can’t afford, and this is where a trusted bail bond agency comes in handy. We will pay a fraction of your total bail bond and ensure your freedom. When you contact Justice Bail Bond, we will offer a bail bond loan, which will secure your release from jail.

Benefits of using Justice Bail Bond in San Bernardino

  • Offer the lowest prices with easy payment plans.
  • No hidden charges
  • Offer service members a military discount
  • Interact with bi-lingual staff members
  • Friendly service
  • Bail online
  • Payment and financing plans are available
  • Confidential services
  • 24/7bail bond services
  • Se Habla Espanol
  • Dedicated personnel

All-female Staff Members

When you or your loved one faces jail time, it will affect your immediate family and bring income loss. The entire process is very stressful for all the parties involved, which calls for a solution. When you engage the services of Justice Bail Bond, we will listen and offer solutions that will significantly ease your burden. It’s like sitting down with your girlfriends who are knowledgeable in bail bond matters and will guide you on the process. Our agents at Justice Bail Bonds will offer a neutral sounding board, making it easy to make an informed decision.

There is nothing better than talking with someone who understands your plight as much as you do. Someone’s objective will steer you away from any potholes that may delay your release from jail and put your life as you know it on hold. Justice Bails Bond offers you and your loved one a chance to avoid the difficult life in prison.

Bi-lingual services

When you are facing challenges, meeting someone who speaks your language can ease your burden significantly. All our agents at San Bernardino Bail Bond are bilingual and Se Habla Espanol.

Law Enforcement in San Bernardino, CA

San Bernardino sheriff’s departments and San Bernardino’s police departments provide law enforcement services to this grand county’s residents.

San Bernardino Police Department

The San Bernardino Police Department provides police and patrol services to the communities found within the county bounders. SBPD works closely with the organizations and other citizens to provide the most effective and efficient use of resources to ensure that San Bernardino residents enjoy a secure and safe environment.

To provide its residents with desirable municipal police services, the SBPD works hand in hand with citizen volunteers. These volunteers play an essential role in crime prevention programs in San Bernardino. Volunteers help in conducting patrols, working at the police station desks, and sometimes assisting in the management of crime scenes.

For you to qualify as a volunteer in the San Bernardino police department, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Must be 18 years and above
  • Must be a legal United States resident
  • Must pass both background investigation and fingerprints check
  • Possess a valid California ID Card or a driving license
  • Pass oral interview
  • Be physically fit to complete the required tasks
  • Must possess a G.E.D or be a high school graduate
  • Must meet all the required training classes
  • Be able to follow all the city and police departments policies and guidelines
  • Attend all or most of monthly meetings

San Bernardino Police Department

199 N. Hangar Way

San Bernardino, CA 92415

(909) 252-4100

San Bernardino Sheriff Department

San Bernardino’s Sheriff Department has the responsibility of patrolling and ensuring law and order in the entire areas within the County of San Bernardino.

San Bernardino Sheriff Department

655 East Third Street

San Bernardino, California


Valley (909) 387-8313

Desert (760) 956-5001

The SBSD provides patrol services to both city and county stations.

City Stations includes:

  • Adelanto
  • Apple Valley
  • Big Bear Lake
  • Chino Hills
  • Highland
  • Grand Terrace
  • Hesperia
  • Needles
  • Loma Linda
  • Victorville
  • Rancho Cucamonga
  • Twenty-nine Palms
  • Yucaipa
  • Yucca Valley

County Stations include the following:

  • Barstow
  • Big Bear
  • Central Station
  • Colorado River
  • Fontana
  • Morongo Basin
  • Twin Peaks
  • Victor Valley

Contact a San Bernardino Bail Bond Agent Near Me

When your loved one is in jail, trying to raise bond money can be very stressful. At Justice Bail Bond, we offer different payment methods like bank transfers, online payments, or any payment method that you prefer. We can also provide you a loan using your salary as your credit. We will ensure that your bond payment is easy and smooth as possible. Call us today at 951-445-4155 and speak with our San Bernardino bail bond agents.