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San Diego: 619-381-4859

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Warner Springs

If you or your loved one has been taken into police custody in Warner Springs, our agents at Justice Bail Bonds can assist you. We are a full-service bail bond agency that offers bail bond services around the clock. We have the necessary experience to help you get out of custody quickly, and we're always available to help you no matter what predicament you find yourself in.

When you get in touch with us, we'll work cooperatively with you to develop a bail bond schedule that suits your budget and needs. We also offer the most affordable rates and are always ready to reply to any questions you have because we understand how strenuous the process of being released from jail could be. Call us now to get started.

Understanding Warner Springs Bail Bonds

If you have never been arrested, you may be unfamiliar with the idea of making bail or acquiring a bond. Bail is a sum of money you must pay to the court to be released before your court hearing.

The payment of bail represents a commitment to appear in court as expected until the court delivers a verdict. Bail's primary goal is to let people out of jail while their cases are still ongoing in court because it presumes defendants to be innocent until they are proven guilty.

In most cases, people who have never been arrested want to know what they should do if they find themselves behind bars. To do this, you need to first know what bail and bail bonds are. Bail is the money that you or someone else pays to the court to be released. The money serves as a guarantee or an incentive to show up for your court appearances.

A bail bond is a financial pact that you and your Warner Springs bail bonds agency make to ensure your release from custody. Once you have agreed to the terms of the agreement, the agency will notify the court to arrange for your pretrial discharge.

To secure your release, the bondsman has to provide the court with a bond, cash, or collateral. But before they can do this the bail bonds agency will need you to pay off a non-refundable charge equal to 10 percent of your bail.

The agency assumes liability for your conduct, including failing to appear in court, once it has paid the money. When you fail to appear for scheduled court hearings, a bail agent is in charge of tracking you down and bringing you before back to court.

If you posted a bond, your bondsman will secure any collateral you put up and sell it to reclaim the funds they paid to the court. Additionally, the court judge will issue an arrest warrant for you to be brought back into custody. Once you're arrested again, your bail could be revoked and you'll be charged with additional failure to appear-related offenses.

You can only skip bail and have the bail amount reinstated if:

  • You had a disability that made it impossible for you to appear
  • You were admitted to the hospital after suffering a serious injury
  • You were arrested and taken into custody in another jurisdiction

Nevertheless, you must provide evidence to back up these statements, so you'll need the required documentation to validate all of your claims.

What Kind of Bail Bonds are Available in Warner Springs?

Different types of bail can impact the cost, limitations, and conditions of your bail. A local Warner Springs bail bonds agency can help with different bail types to have you or your loved ones back home as early as possible.

Drug Crimes Bail Bonds

Bail for drug offenses can vary depending on the amount of the drugs seized, intricacy, and the severity of the allegedly committed crime. Proposition 64 legalizes marijuana for individual use in California for people over the age of 21, as well as the sale of cannabis by authorized enterprises. If you're not an authorized business, you may face charges if you have been caught with packaged marijuana.

If you are arrested for committing drug crimes, you ought to look for assistance from bail bond agencies who can help you or your loved one get out of jail sooner.

DUI Bail Bonds

If a traffic officer observes you driving recklessly or involved in a road accident, they might pull you over and ask you to take a field sobriety test. It could be a breathalyzer test to rule out the possibility of alcohol intake or even a blood test to rule out the possibility of drug use.

Driving Under the Influence, or DUI is a crime that carries among the harshest penalties in the country. You risk having your license suspended, paying fines, being placed on probation, or even going to jail. Fortunately, a  knowledgeable bail bonds representative can help relieve the stress associated with posting the entire bail required after your DUI arrest.

Bail Bonds For Domestic Violence

Courts in California generally move forward with counts against the alleged perpetrator because many people who initially accuse their partners of domestic violence, also known as domestic abuse, later retract their claims. This implies that the bail amount can be set extremely high and predicated on the most serious charge plausible, even though the ultimate charges are later pleaded down.

If you're intimidated by the large bail amount and are incapable of paying the bail, a bail bond is the best way of getting your loved one from custody without having to cover the crippling bail charges. You can get started with the process right away by giving your local bondsman a call whenever you need assistance with a bail bond for domestic violence charges.

Penal Code 1275 Bail Hearings

If the prosecution or anyone else involved in your incarceration believes that bail was posted illegally, a Penal Code 1275 could be put on their bail. This signifies that the bail is believed to have been obtained through illegal acts involving theft, gang-related acts, or drugs and is thus unsuitable for the intent of discharging your friend or relative from police custody.

The defendant must establish the integrity of the funds and the absence of any criminal charges during a Penal Code 1275 hearing. The person posting bail will have to offer:

  • Evidence of income
  • Car returns
  • Tax filings
  • Credit or debit card statements
  • Bank statements
  • Statements showing monthly bill payments

as evidence that cash can be used for bail. Additionally, it is strongly advised that you bring a lawyer with you for professional counsel and any key witnesses who can bear witness to your ability to pay your bills.

Important Terms to Know During Your Bailout

Bail bonds give defendants the ease of being able to leave jail even if they are unable to pay the full bond amount. You can take back control of your life and get back together with your friends and family for a 10 percent premium on the overall bail. Bail agents expedite the bailout procedure so you can keep working and avoid losing income from time spent in custody.

Once the court grants you bail, there are certain terms you need to understand before contacting your Warner Springs bail bondsman. They include:

Bail Conditions

You already know what bail is as well as how it's calculated by the moment you get to the phrase bail conditions. As a result, before reaching out to your bail bonds agency, you should be aware of the terms and conditions laid out for your release. Normally, after receiving a bailout, you are not allowed to miss court or commit any crimes. A subsequent arrest may lead to incarceration or the suspension of bail at the succeeding hearing.

You will also have to abide by the judge's rules, which may include keeping your distance from your victim.

Co-Signer or Indemnitor

Even though acquiring a bond appears to be a simple process, you require an indemnitor, sometimes referred to as a co-signer or a guarantor. A guarantor could be anyone you trust, such as a friend, partner, or close relative. These people are in charge of making sure you attend court, just like your bail bonds agent.

Keep in mind that if you escape from the jurisdiction after receiving a bailout, your indemnitor needs to be able to pay your bail. Therefore, the person needs to be employed or have a sufficient amount of liquid assets to offset the losses sustained from bail forfeiture.

When they are unable to locate you, the bail bonds agency will look to your guarantor. The guarantor will suffer even more when you escape, so when they gain knowledge of your plans to leave or discover you are committing a crime, they need to report you. The indemnitor is released from their obligations following your second arrest, then you will be compelled to find a new guarantor.


You can see from the description of a guarantor given above that, due to the high risks involved, finding an indemnitor is not always easy. However, you shouldn't assume you cannot post bail when you can't find one.

Your bondsman will give you the choice to use your properties or assets to use as collateral. The assets are used as a guarantee or surety that you'll keep your end of the bargain by following the bail terms.


Another word you need to be acquainted with during your bailout process is forfeiture. It implies that the cash the bail bonds agency placed with the court can be forfeited if you miss or fail to appear for scheduled court dates.

The bail bonds business suffers significant losses whenever bail has been forfeited. The agency will reclaim the assets you had pledged as security for the loss and sell them at an auction to earn back the full bail amount.

As an alternative, the agency will find you and bring you before the court, canceling your bail. As soon as bail is revoked, the bondsman gets their funds back.

Bounty Hunter

Don't forget that whenever you skip court, a bounty hunter can be dispatched to find you. Bounty hunters are fugitive recovery specialists employed by the bail bonds company.

Typically, they receive a portion of the bail money that the agency would have forfeited if they hadn't brought you back to court. Bounty hunters are motivated to work hard and utilize their skills to track fugitives down and make arrests due to the handsome compensation.

Finally, while out on bail, it is recommended that you spend time with friends and family, and keep yourself busy at work, or with your lawyer discussing the criminal charges against you. By doing this, you avoid the bail bonds agency's need to dispatch their bounty hunters to find you when you flee the region to avoid being criminally charged in court.

To get out of jail, all you have to do is pay for the premium service charge and have a cosigner or some form of collateral.

What Happens When You Cannot Afford Bail?

The court usually decides on the bail, which is typically determined by the gravity of the offense, and your risk of fleeing, among other things. Bail may be within reach of some individuals. Others, nevertheless, might think it's hard to raise the funds.

Unfortunately, if you can't afford the bail sum, you'll have to remain in custody. That's not a good idea because it could result in a loss of earnings, a loss of employment, or homelessness. Fortunately, if you're unable to pay bail, you have a few alternatives, including staying in police custody until your trial date.

Borrowing Money From a Friend or Family Member

Borrowing bail cash from friends or family is among the most popular ways to raise bail money. This is a great choice if you know someone capable and willing to assist you. Ensure you have a strategic plan for how you will pay back the loan.

Acquiring a Personal Loan

Another alternative is to acquire a personal loan. You can get a variety of loans, such as personal loans, payday loans, and title loans. You must be certain that you can make the payments because these loans frequently have higher interest rates and other related costs.

Partnering With a Certified and Licensed Bail Bond Agency

Working with a local Warner Springs bail bond agency is the final choice. This is typically the best choice since you will not need to provide any collateral, the information on your guarantor will be kept private, and you will not need to worry about paying back the money until your case has been completed.

Your bail bondsman will assist you in creating an affordable payment schedule. Most bail bond agencies provide several payment alternatives because they recognize that defendants do not always possess a huge amount of money at hand.

Warner Springs Jail Information

When you have been arrested, you will be held at the:

San Diego County Sheriff - Ranchita Office

25704 San Felipe Road

Warner Springs, California



Court Information

Your case will be heard at the:

San Diego Central Courthouse

1100 Union Street

San Diego, California



Bail Bonds FAQS

Below are some commonly asked questions on Warner Springs Bail Bonds:

What Happens If the Defendant Fails to Appear in Court?

A bench warrant will be granted for the accused's arrest when they fail to appear in court. The accused is then listed as a fugitive in a national database (National Crime Information Center). According to the law, the accused's bail agency must also make arrests. This could result in additional expenses for the indemnitor.

What is Collateral?

Collateral is property put under the bail bondsman's legal supervision that can be sold if the accused fails to attend another court hearing. This property can then be sold by the bail bondsman to recoup the amount used in posting the bail. Collateral mainly serves as a pledge that the accused will return to court and fulfill their obligation.

What Kind of Collateral Do Bail Bondsmen Accept?

Although each bonding office has its requirements, they will typically consider:

  • Real estate
  • Bank accounts
  • Cars
  • Jewelry
  • Stocks
  • Credit cards
  • Bonds
  • Artwork
  • Personal credit

Do I Receive My Money Back Once the Case is Resolved?

There are several exceptions to this rule, but generally speaking, you don't get the premium fee back from the bail bonds agency. The defendant paid this fee to be released from custody, and it's fully earned when they are no longer in custody.

For instance, if the accused is placed under arrest again, you are not entitled to any compensation or a fraction of it. You might be able to get some sort of refund only when the bondsman breaks his or her commitment to you.

Can I Leave the Country or State When I Have Been Released on Bond?

Before doing so, you must obtain written authorization from the bail bonds office. If the judge has specifically instructed you not to move out of the country or state, you must first obtain authorization from the court and the bail bondsmen before departing. You risk being arrested if you don't!

Find a Reputable Bail Agent Near Me

When you get arrested, your family and friends might not always be in a position to help you financially. However, Justice Bail Bonds will be there for you in your time of need. Our bail representatives will work relentlessly to guarantee that you get the help you need to get back home fast. We are committed to offering top-notch bail bond services to guarantee a smooth bailout process. Please contact us today at 951-445-4155 to begin your Warner Springs bail bond process.