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Domestic violence is defined as any deliberate harm by a family member or housed against another household member or family member. Charges could be filed for numerous acts, ranging from threatening a loved one to injuring a relative with a weapon. The penalties and sentencing include hefty fines, incarceration, stigma and could adversely affect your future, family, and career. If charged with DV, you can’t afford to take this lightly. While obtaining bail could be tricky, knowing your constitutional rights and what to do beforehand could keep you out of police custody. Justice Bail Bonds is a trusted bonding company in Upland and takes pride in sharing the content below on how domestic violence bail bonds work.

What to Know If Detained for DV Charges in Upland

DV is a more common challenge than most people realize. It happens in several forms, and courts and prosecutors take allegations seriously. If you have been arrested, you are probably wondering what to do. Read on for things which you might want to know about your situation.

An Experienced Upland Bail Bond Agency Might be able to Assist You

If you've been arrested, you probably want to be released immediately. After all, when in jail, your freedom is at stake, and you are separated from loved ones, could lose your employment, and face severe consequences. Please note that in San Bernardino, you won't have your bail set until your arraignment hearing.

Fortunately, you don't have to go through the trying situation alone. Your bail bonds agent could work to aid you in getting released. The agent will make your bond pocket-friendly by posting it on your behalf in return for a non-refundable premium. Justice Bail Bonds has set the lowest prices, easy payment plans of ten percent of your total bail amount. That means if your bail amount is twenty-three thousand dollars, you will pay the bondsman two thousand three hundred dollars as a premium.

Additionally, the bondsman will assist you in handling the paperwork and process so you could be released quickly.

There are Special Conditions That You Should Comply With

Typically, after your release, there are terms and conditions that you should follow.

For instance, after your domestic violence charge release, the judge could issue a no-contact order. In this case, you should not contact the alleged victim. In other words, you should not call the victim, visit the victim at their workplace or home, contact them through social media platforms, or use a third party to reach them. The order will remain effective until the court modifies it or the case is closed.

Other terms and conditions you must adhere to include:

  • Placing you under house arrest with electronic monitoring
  • Wearing a secure continuous remote alcohol monitor
  • Securing your driver's license and passport
  • Being restricted to leave California
  • No drinking and driving your car with any level of alcohol in your bloodstream
  • Refraining from engaging in any criminal conduct
  • Failing to comply with your release conditions could result in an additional criminal charge and revocation of your Upland bail bonds.

You Should Hire a Seasoned Criminal Defense Attorney Immediately After Your Arrest

A DV conviction could affect your life in several ways. Your reputation, finances, and career are at stake, and you might face the loss of child custody, probation, and incarceration. Hiring a lawyer could help you develop a robust legal strategy and significantly reduce your penalties and consequences.

The Upland Police Will Take a Report

If law enforcers come to your home due to DV allegations, you should understand that the police will analyze the situation, take notes, and ask you questions. The results of the investigation will significantly determine whether you will be arrested or not.

If arrested, the police report will influence your actual criminal charges and the Upland bail bonds amount set.

Understanding the Upland Bail Bond Process

Here is a brief overview of the process, beginning from the arrest to the court's responsibility to your bail bonds exoneration.

  1. Arrest

An arrest is depriving a person of their freedom of movement.  Immediately after you arrive at the nearest police or sheriff station, the law enforcers will begin the booking process. Typically, the procedure involves taking your fingerprints and photos and entering your domestic violence charge and personal details into a computer. You will also undergo a health screening and full body search to ensure you do not have any weapon. The process could take two to eight hours.

  1. Your Domestic Violence Bail Amount is Set

Once done, bail is set under the Bail Schedule in the county of your arrest. The amount of your bail depends on your crime's severity and enhancements such as:

  • Use of a gun to commit the crime
  • Your previous criminal record

The police initially set bail, but the judge analyzes the amount set when the accused requests. Bail should not be too high that it bars the defendant's release. However, that is often the case with most poor defendants. Similarly, the court could increase the bail amount from the bail schedule if the accused is well-off, and posting the entire bail amount doesn't guarantee their court appearance.

The judge considers the public's safety when setting the bail amount. If you pose a threat to witnesses, the judge could take that into account. Moreover, the judge will consider your ties to your community, for instance:

  • Your involvement in your community
  • Your employment status
  • The residences of your family
  • Ability to travel outside your county

Once your bail is set, you could either pay bail to be released from detention or wait in police custody for your trial. Since this section is about the Upland bail bonds process, we will assume you wait to bail a loved one out.

If the court thinks you posted your bail using unlawful means, you can face California Penal Code Section 1275.1 PC. It is a felony. Generally, this suspicion is common when the accused post their entire bail amount in cash.

  1. Posting Bail in Upland

Generally, there are three (3) primary ways of posting your bail, namely:

  • Cash bail — To post cash bail, the defendant must pay the full bail amount in cash or use their cashier's check of the amount. Although cash bail is the easiest method, bail amounts are usually high, making it hard for many people to have the entire amount. If the accused attends all court sessions and follows the conditions imposed, the cash bail amount will be refunded once their domestic violence case is closed.
  • Property bond — Here, you post an equity interest in real property as a guarantee to appear in court. To acquire your property bond, you should recently appraise the asset, have all liens revealed, and your asset equity professionally estimated. If you skip bail, the court will foreclose on your property to recover your bail amount.
  • Bail bond — Many defendants without enough cash on hand to post bail will use bail bonds. A bail bond is a contract between the defendant and a bail bondsman. According to the agreement, you promise to attend your court hearings, and the bonding company promises to post bail on your behalf.
  1. Contact Your Upland Bail Bond Agent

The next step involves calling and speaking with an experienced bail bond agent. Before contacting the bondsman, you need the information discussed below. It will help your bonding agent complete the necessary steps and paperwork to get your loved one out of detention timely. These details include:

  • The defendant's full name
  • The defendant's date of birth
  • Location of the jurisdiction
  • The booking number
  • The bail amount

If you believe there are any other relevant details that the bonding company should know, take note of it and tell the firm. The company should have as much information as possible if you want them to help you.

Using the information provided, the bail bondsman will draft a bail contract and application. It is not a long document and could be completed through email or fax if you cannot meet with your bail bondsman one-on-one.

Once payments are arranged and paperwork filled out, your bondsman will go to jail and post your bond. Justice Bail Bonds has local bail agents in San Bernardino cities standing to post Upland bail bonds in jurisdictions 24/7. Therefore, irrespective of when you choose to start the process, your loved one doesn't have to wait for the jurisdiction's business hours to be released.

  1. The Defendant is Released

Once the clerk's office has received your bail payment, it will instruct the corrections officials keeping you in police custody to release you. Sometimes, the release could occur almost immediately, mainly if the clerk is in the same facility as the jail. Generally, the duration defendants take before their release varies with cases and the reason for the variance is due to the following factors:

  • Traffic/ How bus is the jailhouse — If you have posted bail at a jailhouse with a vast volume of defendants, it might take several hours before the defendant's release.
  • Staff — The number of employees working when you post your bail bonds also affects how fast you could process your release.
  • Paperwork — Much of the paperwork is involved in Upland bail bonds. Generally, the officer overseeing your release will check your paperwork closely before the release. It could increase your release waiting time since many officers want to ensure they do not release the accused with a different warrant out of the arrest.
  1. Your Bail Bond is Exonerated

After you have met every court obligation, your bail will be declared exonerated. In other words, the court does not have financial interests in you or your co-signer. It is also not financially accountable for anything concerning your domestic violence criminal case.

The ruling of innocence or guilt in your trial does not affect whether your bail is exonerated or not at the end of your court proceeding. What matters is whether you appeared in court and complied with the conditions imposed.

Who is a Co-signer?

Being a co-signer on a bail bond is demanding. A co-signer is a person who uses their money and time to acquire a loved one's release. After the bail amount is set, the accused will contact a relative who will pay bail and secure their release. The co-signer should complete the bail application and post the required fees to release the defendant. You could be your co-signer if you have the money to cover your premium.

As a co-signer, you have rights. First, you are entitled not to co-sign the bond. If you decide to do so, you will pay the bail bond in full should the defendant skip bail. You are also entitled to revoke the bond after it has been posted. If you feel the accused might not attend the court hearings or harm themselves, you could contact your bonding company and ask them to terminate the agreement and arrest the defendant.

It is your responsibility to ensure all components of your bail bond agreement are adhered to. It means ensuring the accused checks with the bonding company regularly. You should notify the agency of all changes in employment and address for yourself and the accused.

Choosing the Right Bail Bondsman

If you or a loved one has been arrested for DV, your world has been turned upside down. You might feel frightened and stressed and should act fast. The challenge is that a quick online search could give you thousands of choices.

So, how do you find an Upland bail bonds agent that meets your needs? It is essential to understand what to look for so you could find a firm that treats you honestly and fairly.

At Justice Bail Bonds, we offer our well-esteemed clients top-notch services because:

  • The company is female-owned and operated.
  • Se Habla Espanol.
  • We have at least 20 years of experience.
  • We have local bail agents in San Bernardino cities standing by
  • We provide bail bonds over the phone or online.
  • We offer the lowest prices and easy payment plans.

Before settling on the bail bond agent in Barstow, please consider the factors mentioned above.

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A domestic violence charge carries severe penalties and consequences that could adversely affect your life, not forgetting the pain experienced by the family member involved. If you have been arrested for DV, it is wise to have a competent team on your side. You will require a defense attorney to fight the charges and a bonding company to help you get released from custody. Justice Bail Bonds is ready to help you. We offer 24/7 bail bond services and could get you released within no time. Contact us today at 951-445-4155 to learn how we can help and get your concerns addressed.