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Colton Bail Bonds

If arrested in Colton, San Bernardino County for a domestic violence offense, you could remain in jail until you can post bail. The bail amounts may be high for you, your friends, or relatives to pay. If that’s the case after the arrest, you should call a reliable bondsman to help you with posting bail on your behalf for you to walk out of jail. At Justice Bail Bonds, we have served countless clients seeking to post bail. We are here to provide our clients with 24/7 bail posting services. Our Colton bail bonds agents will respond to your call anytime you need help.

Understanding Colton Domestic Violence Bail

Law enforcement officers are called when you commit domestic violence, and they end up arresting and taking you to the county jail even when the dispute seems simple, with no physical contact. However, anyone, either a man or a woman, may be accused of domestic violence.

Once you or your friend/relative is arrested for domestic violence, you want to walk out of the jail facility on a bail bond appropriate to the alleged crime. However, several factors like the type of crime and your criminal history may influence the bail amount. A minor crime often warrants a small bail bond, while great crimes warrant more bail bonds. Notably, when the crime poses a greater risk, you may be denied a bail bond, although the cases are uncommon.

If you or the party acting on your behalf presents the bail to the court, the court will release you under certain conditions. The conditions may require you to return to the court for the necessary court appearances. If you fail to show up to the court when necessary, the court may issue an arrest warrant against you.

In Colton, San Bernardino County, several people may find it hard to post bail. Sometimes, you or your family members may have the money at hand but disagree with the arresting agencies. However, hiring competent bondsmen from Justice Bail Bonds will quickly locate you or your arrested colleague and keep you out of jail.

A bail bond has two constitutions: bond and bail. If the required fee is small, your bondsman will pay the amount to the law officers, and you will be released. However, bail is a loan to your family members or friends. Therefore, the bond becomes a promise which your friend or family member requests, ensuring you meet the required future legal dates. When you fail to show up during the required court dates, your bail is fortified, and the borrower is held liable to pay it back. Additionally, the bondsmen may hire paid hunters to return you to the court for them to skip forfeiting the bail.

Posting a Colton Bail Bond

After being arrested in San Bernardino County, there are three common ways to post bail. They include:

  • Bail Bond - The common method to post a bail bond in San Bernardino County.
  • Cash Bail
  • Property Bond - As you post a property bail, the court will place a lien against your property. By failing to attend future court hearings, the court may push for foreclosure proceedings. However, the property bond is uncommon in Colton.

If you plan for your release from a holding facility through a cash bail, the court requires you to deposit the recommended cash amount. You may either present the money to the court's clerk or the arresting agency. You may pay the cash in several forms depending on the court policies. For instance, you may pay the money in the form of money order, cash, banker check, personal check, or travelers check. Notably, you receive the cash bail amount sixty to ninety days after the court resolves your case.

However, once the arresting agency or the court suspects that you acquired the cash bail amount through illegal means, they may hesitate your release from custody. They will then hold a court hearing to know the source of the cash bail amount. Therefore, you will have to prove you did not acquire the amount through fraudulent means before the court during the court hearing. Upon establishing you didn't obtain the cash bail amount through fraud, the court releases you on cash bail. Alternatively, the court may raise your bail amount or fail to release you once they discover you obtained the money through fraudulent means.

The Colton Bail Bond Process

After the law enforcement officers arrest you for domestic violence, you may end up in the county jail. You may secure a bail bond before you enter the prison or even after. The judge presiding over the case sets a bail amount. If you cannot make the payment by yourself, the law allows you to inquire for help from a bail bondsman.

The court will require you to pay 10% of your bail amount. Additionally, the bail bondsman will secure the rest of the bail amount as collateral. In case you lack enough collateral, the bail bondsman may ask friends or relatives to help cover your bail. Sometimes, additional cash and the full collateral may be required for your release; what proceeds after the bail bond depends on whether you will appear before the court after you are released.

The bail bond will be fortified if you fail to appear at the court, and the court will require the payment of the remaining 90%. Additionally, the bondsman will use your collateral in paying the court your remaining bail amount. Alternatively, if you appear at the court, and the court concludes your case, the bond is dissolved, and the collateral returned to the person who posted it. Therefore, the bondsman keeps the 10% fee as a profit. If you are posting bail, our Colton bail bonds agent will guide you throughout the process.

Why Choose Justice Bail Bonds?

When you are arrested in or around Colton, the arresting officers will quickly process you and send you to a county facility. The facility is located in San Bernardino. After arriving at the county holding facility, the officials will take a longer period to release you due to the processing period. Therefore you or your friend/relative will stay in custody for a more extended period.

Even when you or your relative is held at the county jail, Justice bail bonds have professionals to quicken the release. Our team works with the local law agencies to keep you out of jail immediately. We have a standing relationship with several facilities to fasten your release. When your partner is arrested, you may be affected directly or indirectly, putting you on the edge of financial disaster. The company constitutes majorly women professionals our firm offers the following services to our clients. Speak with our Colton bail bonds agents to assist you in posting your bail. Our clients enjoy the following services:

  • Bilingual staff

The administrative staff in justice bail bonds is experienced and bilingual in handling people of different backgrounds. We serve the Americans and other non-Americans like the (Spanish speaking) Se Habla Espanol. The staff is willing to assist the people who are undergoing difficult experiences in their life. Due to the experience, we understand how challenging our clients may be undergoing.

Colton comprises so many Spanish speaking people. Therefore the non-Americans may experience domestic violence and require legal assistance just like the Americans. Handling Spanish cases may be challenging, especially when you don't understand their language. However, our firm bondsmen are fluent in the Spanish language. In our firm, they receive interpretations. Therefore if you are Spanish speaking, our Colton bail bond agents will help you post bail in California.

  • Female Bondsmen

The staff is committed to dignity and kindness, which is seen through their interaction with any client they assist. Notably, the women of justice understand the emotional and financial stress you are recently facing. The staff will help you discover the best discounts and offer the fastest way to keep you out of jail. Naturally, women are equipped with the knowledge of domestic violence. Thus they are in the capacity to handle the cases at their level best.

  • Cheap Bail Bond Fee

Most people in the city of Colton think once you are arrested, walking out of jail will cost them a lot of money. However, the bail bond fee is not that high. The bail bond fee is ten percent of the amount. Therefore the bondsmen don't charge less or more amounts. California courts allow the bondsmen to reduce the fee amount to eight percent when you meet any of the following:

  • If you have preserved a defense lawyer
  • If the liable party is a representative of the US military
  • If the alleged victim is a representative of the worker' union

Once you have a high bail fee, our firm offers flexible payment and financing plans. Sometimes we require collateral. Additionally, when the fee is too high, we may take anything with sufficient resale value when it's outright owned. Our firm offers the option since we don't want money to limit your rights. We understand the importance of your time. Therefore save your time by seeking legal assistance from our experienced bondsmen immediately you go against domestic laws.

24/7 Hour Colton Bail Bond Services

Domestic violence doesn't wait for the day or night time for them to happen. Therefore, arrests happen at any time, either during the night or daytime. Additionally, the arrested victims are in a hurry to walk out of jail on a bail bond. Therefore, at the justice bail bonds, we work on a full-time basis to ensure you receive the services at the point of time you require us the most. If you are arrested, you may contact us immediately to keep you out of jail on a low fee through a bail bond.

Over 20 Year Experience

Before paying bail bonds, you need to use the right firm for the job. Notably, you must consider the law firm's years of experience and read testimonials from clients before making decisions. At Justice bail bond, we have over 20 years of experience in the bail bond industry. We understand the legal process and enjoy assisting clients facing difficulties in their lives. Additionally, our experienced bondsmen give a great perspective and insight into many different cases and help you make the best decisions.

Bail Online or Over the Phone

If your loved one is jailed, the most crucial thing in your mind is ensuring they walk out of county jail. However, leaving your house, especially right now that we are fighting covid 19, may not be the best option. Notably, with a justice bail bond law firm, you can obtain online bail bonds then bail your loved one out of the county jail from the comfort of your home. Speak with our Colton bail bonds agent and post bail online or over the phone now. The following details are essential while posting a bail bond online:

  • The full name of the defendant
  • The date of birth of the defendant
  • The defendant email address
  • Defendants phone number
  • Photo of ID
  • Citizen information
  • Social security Number
  • The email address of the person paying the bond
  • Phone number
  • References
  • Payers occupation

Justice bail bonds make it simple for all people within the city of Colton to reduce the stress of going to jail. Additionally, Justice bail bonds allow online bail bonds for defendants held in state courts or prisons whether the payer is located within California or not. You may pay online bail bonds through PayPal, credit card, western union, debit card, prepaid cards, bitcoin cash deposited in the bank, and bank wire transfer.

Therefore, if your loved one is arrested for domestic violence, a justice bail bond makes it possible for the arrested to walk out of jail without having to appear in person. If you need assistance, reach us since we are available 24/7, and we will assist you in making the online bail bond application.

Colton Jail & Court Information

Central Detention Center

630 East Rialto Avenue

San Bernardino, CA 92415


Superior Court of California, San Bernardino District – Criminal Division

247 West Third Street

San Bernardino, CA 92415-0240

Phone: 909-384-1888

Monday – Friday

8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

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When you are arrested for committing domestic violence, we understand that you hurriedly need to walk out of jail. At Justice Bail Bonds, we are determined to provide unmatched bail services to our customers. Our bondsmen offer the same personal attention they would give to their family members. We provide efficient and fast bail services to our clients in Colton. Call us today at 951-445-4155.