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San Diego: 619-381-4859

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San Diego

An arrest can be frightening and overwhelming. If you have to remain in police custody until the resolution of your case, it becomes even more challenging. Fortunately, San Diego criminal court judges permit defendants to post bail to secure their freedom while awaiting trial. After the booking procedure, you ought to be released from police custody if you qualify for bail. Sadly, not all defendants can post bail. Bail is typically set at a level that is prohibitively expensive for the majority of people and families. However, Justice Bail Bonds can assist if you face an arrest in San Diego. Our agents provide fast, trustworthy, and reasonably priced bail bonds for defendants and families needing financial support.

What To Expect After Arrest in San Diego

In San Diego, there are numerous reasons why the police could detain you. It typically occurs when they suspect you of breaking the law. For example, if another person reports to the police that you have broken the law, the judge can issue an arrest warrant. The police have the right to detain you when they spot you anywhere—at home, school, work, or on the streets. Additionally, if they catch you in the act of crime, the police have the right to arrest you. You will be taken to the police station for booking after that.

Your identity, personal information, and facts of the case are all recorded during the booking procedure. A police officer will enter that data into the police database. The arresting officer will also take your mugshots and fingerprints for the police record. You will then be led into a police cell, where you must remain until a judge issues an alternative order.

A prosecutor will obtain information about your arrest from the police. The prosecutor will determine whether or not to pursue charges against you after looking into the specifics of your case and criminal history. You must show up before the court as soon as possible for your initial arraignment if the prosecution decides to pursue charges against you. According to California law, the police cannot keep you in custody for an extended period without a judge's approval.

Therefore, a few hours following your arrest will pass before your first arraignment. A bail hearing is another name for this proceeding. The judge decides if you qualify for bail, the amount you should pay, and the terms of your release during this hearing.

The Bail Hearing

Unless there are exceptional circumstances, all defendants in California are deemed eligible for bail. For example, the judge can refuse to grant you bail if you pose a flight risk or a danger to others or yourself. If not, most defendants are suitable for bail. When determining your suitability for bail, the judge takes into account several circumstances, including:

  • The nature and level of severity of your crime
  • Your criminal record
  • Your ties to the community

A court can occasionally refuse bail for the most severe or violent offenses. The judge could set the bond amount high to deter defendants from posting bail for crimes like those. That ought to keep them in detention until their case is over.

A significant criminal past increases the likelihood that the judge will reject your bail request. In the case of a repeat offender, the judge cannot release you on bail. After a release on bond, one of the requirements is to be careful not to commit any crimes. The judge can detain you until the end of your case if they believe you could commit another crime.

Whether you will still be subject to the criminal court's jurisdiction after your bail is released depends heavily on your connections to the community. Remember that this is crucial since it guarantees attendance at every court hearing. The judge cannot release you on a bond if they believe you could run away.

The judge will also determine the amount for your pretrial release during the bail hearing. Bail in San Diego is typically set in advance using bail schedules. The amount of bail required for a pretrial release can be rapidly determined by the police. However, the judge can change the bond amount listed on the bail schedule. Depending on the facts of your case, they can reduce or increase the bond amount or even release you on personal recognizance. Most first-time offenders are eligible for release on their personal recognizance. But, the judge could raise your bond amount if there are aggravating circumstances in your case, like an accident or a fatality.

Your Bail Options in San Diego

During your initial arraignment, the judge decides the type of bond you must post for your pretrial release.

A release on personal recognizance is your best choice. If you choose this option, you do not have to pay anything to secure your freedom. However, the judge must be sure that you will show up for all court dates without fail. Most of the time, first-time defendants and those who face accusations for minor offenses are granted this option.

A cash bond is your second choice. It requires posting the total bail sum to ensure your release before trial. To raise a cash bond, you could use your own resources or ask your family for assistance. The police will process your freedom once you have completed your payment to the court. Whatever the result of the case, you will receive a full refund in the end.

Property bonds are another choice you have. Using a valuable item as a guarantee for your court attendance is required. The property's worth must be more than your bail. Before accepting it as collateral, the court will value the property and evaluate its paperwork. The police will process your release if it is approved. Regardless of the case, you will receive ownership of your possessions back.

Bail bonds are your final and most popular alternative for posting bail for most defendants in San Diego. For defendants who are unable to pay bail, they can choose bail bonds. You could ask a bond dealer for financial aid if your bail amount is large and you or your family/friends cannot afford it. Bond dealers are independent businesses that collaborate with defendants to help them obtain their release before trial.

Reasons To Choose San Diego Bail Bonds

The most crucial matter after your arrest in San Diego is your freedom. Before you spend too much time in prison, it would be beneficial to find a solution that would ensure your freedom. Keep in mind that arrests usually occur when you are least expecting them. It would help if you were allowed to go back to your family, job, and school because you deserve it. However, raising bail is difficult, particularly if the court sets yours high. It can take time to sell your belongings or solicit money from relatives and friends to cover the necessary expenses. You will serve more time in jail the longer it takes you to raise the money.

A property bond can also put off your release from custody. Remember that before accepting your collateral for pretrial release, the court must locate an appraiser and evaluate its paperwork. That can require a few or several days.

For defendants who cannot afford to spend more time in police custody, bail bond companies provide a much faster answer. When the authorities take you into custody, keep in mind that everything in your life stops. To prevent some circumstances in your life from worsening following the arrest, you must return home right away. After your arrest, you should think about San Diego bail bonds.

Bail assistance is always available from bail bond brokers. After you call them for help, they have the resources and agents prepared to meet your requirements right away. A trustworthy bond dealer knows how difficult it can be to serve time in prison when there is so much more to do outside of it. Because of this, an agent will expedite the process to release you before too much time is lost.

Bond brokers also provide flexibility for the payment of bail. You must pay the total cash bail if the judge grants cash bail to be released. But before processing your release, a bond broker does not demand payment in full. A tiny portion of your bail is used as the agent's premium. Since it serves as the charge for the bail services, the amount is not recoverable. However, if you cannot raise that tiny amount—typically 10%—upfront, the agent can agree to let you pay in installments over time.

Bond agents provide prompt services no matter what time or day you are arrested. You should be able to locate an agent to start the bond process, whether you are arrested in the morning or at night. Your bail can be processed anytime; you are not required to do it during regular business hours or business days. By doing that, you spend less time behind bars.

How San Diego Bail Bonds Work

The judge sets your bail during your initial arraignment and decides how much you must pay to obtain your pretrial release. You could be given cash bail, a property bond, or the ability to post a bail bond by the judge. It is advised to contact a reputable and reasonable bond dealer as soon as possible following your initial arraignment if you are permitted to do so. One of your friends or family members can make that request on your behalf.

An agent will be assigned to your case as soon as you call a bond dealer and provide them with the details of your arrest. San Diego's bond agents are constantly available and ready to assist. As a result, you can anticipate that the agent will begin working on your case as soon as they receive your information.

By outlining the terms of their services, the agent begins the bail process. For example, the agent will inform you of the premium amount you are required to pay, your available payment choices, and the requirement for collateral to guarantee the bail bonds. The cost of bail bonds in California is typically 10% or less. Depending on the size of your bail, you can negotiate a better price.

Bail bonds require collateral to cover the fees incurred if the judge forfeits your bail. That could occur if you disobey the court's bail conditions, like failing to appear. If it happens, the bond agent must pay the court your full bail. The dealer will require something of worth from you to compensate for expenses like those. If you attend all your court dates, your agent will return the collateral once your case has been resolved.

Your co-signer for bail bond services can be the individual who contacts the bail bond company on your behalf. As co-signers, they will vouch for your readiness and willingness to face trial. If the court relinquishes your bail, they agree to pay the whole amount.

San Diego Bail Bond Process

The bond agency is prepared to begin the bail process once you have read, understood, and agreed to all requirements. They will ask your co-signer for your name, address, and information on the accusations you are facing. Your name, date of birth, residence, social security number, and any outstanding warrants or charges can be among the details sought. The agent will also require information on the jail where the police are detaining you and any other details that will help them locate you.

The agent will begin processing your release as soon as you pay or promise to pay the premium. In less than 30 minutes, you ought to be free.

The agent will ensure you know all the requirements surrounding your bail release. They will explain why you are required to appear in court on every occasion.

You will not have to pay the agent or bond dealer any additional money if you or your consignor pays the entire price up front for the bail services. However, if you agree to pay in installments, you must make all the scheduled payments.

Consequences of Failing To Appear

Before the trial, a person is released on bond. It is not true that you have no case to answer if the judge releases you on bail. You must therefore be ready to go through a trial and sentencing. If the judge finds you guilty of the primary counts, they will impose the appropriate punishment. But if you are innocent, you will be allowed to leave.

Everyone granted bail must appear in court on every scheduled date and time without fail. During your initial arraignment, the judge determines the date of your hearing and notifies you of it. That hearing and any subsequent hearings require your presence. If not, the court will forfeit your bail. If that occurs, you lose all the money you have given the court as bail. The bond agent would be compelled to pay the full bail amount to the court if you were freed on San Diego bail bonds.

It will be a significant loss for you if the court forfeits your bail. That is because the bond dealer will sell the valuable asset you provided as collateral to recover the bail amount they paid to the court. For example, if you had used your home or car as collateral, you would lose it all at that moment.

Failing to make all court appearances also comes with additional criminal charges of failing to appear. The judge will order your re-arrest, after which they could deny you bail. You will face charges for the underlying offense and additional charges for failing to appear. If you are not guilty of the underlying charges, you could still be penalized for failing to appear.

Absence from court results in severe consequences, like jail time and a court fine. Additionally, it will show up on your criminal record. The judge can use that information to deny you bail if you are arrested again for a different crime.

Therefore, you are advised to attend all court dates and remain within the court's boundaries throughout your case. If you cannot participate in your hearing for any reason, let your lawyer know immediately so they can let the judge know.

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San Diego arrests can be highly upsetting. But if you post bail, you can return to living your life immediately after your arrest. Fortunately, bail is an option for the majority of defendants in California. At your initial arraignment, the judge will inform you of your eligibility for bail and the amount. A release on bail also enables you to consult an attorney. Therefore, choose reputable San Diego bail bonds if you or your family cannot pay cash bail or a property bond. After you call Justice Bail Bonds for assistance, our agent will rapidly handle your release. For your convenience, we also provide various payment choices and plans. To learn more, call us at 951-445-4155.