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Highland Bail Bonds

If you face an arrest for a domestic violence accusation, you want to seek the help of a bail bonds agent. You want to secure your release from jail to continue with everyday life and fight the case while out of jail. However, having your bail application approved could be stressful if you do it alone.

Subsequently, you want to work with an experienced bail bonds company that will provide beneficial services to help you leave jail. At Justice Bail Bonds, we offer A-class bail bond services thanks to our skilled and well-experienced team. With over 20 years of experience in the bail bonds field, expect high quality services.

Moreover, our female-owned and operated bail bonds company is ideal for persons looking for compassionate agents. We purpose to put your needs first, giving you an open call line with agents on standby in San Bernardino cities. Therefore, our bail bonds services are suitable for anyone facing a domestic violence arrest in Highland.

What the Highland Bail Bonds Process Entails

After your arrest, you accompany the police officers to the station where you are booked and detained pending further action. At the police station, you will undertake various processes before you can contact a loved one to inform him/her of the situation.

When you finally reach your preferred phone call recipient, you need to give them all the essential identification details to help them track you. Doing this also allows for adequate preparations to begin, depending on the requirements you have to meet before release.

Usually, the cash bail payment option is the most straightforward process for release, as you only need to pay the set bail amount. However, most detained persons may not benefit from this option, especially when the amount to be paid is too high.

Additionally, you should remember that most arrests are unplanned, meaning that you may not have all the required money on you. Despite this, various cash payment options exist for your benefit. For example, the bail officers may accept a cheque or money order to secure your release. However, they will have to verify your payment option to ensure it is legitimate.

On top of this, you may produce all required cash or use a credit/debit card. While the payment options sound convenient, the bail officers are often skeptical about the source of your funds and have the discretion to reject your money.

Going through the rejection process is quite stressful because it sets back your jail release date. Sometimes, the suspicion of sourcing money from illegal operations may also worsen your case, leading to extended detention as investigations ensue.

The Importance of a Highland Bail Bondsman

You can avoid setbacks by working with a Highland bail bonds agent who will handle the entire procedure on your behalf. After appointing the agent to begin the bail bonds procedure, you will worry less about consolidating funds from various sources, especially if you face difficult financial circumstances. 

Give your bail bonds agent an easy time to secure your release by providing all relevant details in advance. Thus, when you notify your loved ones about your arrest, you should ensure they have accurate details about your official name, address, phone number, and ID number. This way, you can entrust them to contact us and transfer these details to us to begin the bail process immediately.

You will benefit from expeditious services based on our organized team that remains on stand-by in different cities around San Bernardino. Therefore, you do not have to look outside Highland to obtain bail bond services, as a call will be dispatched to the nearest agent.

Additionally, bail bonds services should assist the arrested person in the best way possible, meaning that communication should be seamless. Thus, we recommend working with a bilingual Highland bail bonds agent if possible.

 In California, a significant number of citizens use Spanish as their first language. As a result, our agents can communicate in the language to facilitate the most accurate communication that promotes satisfactory bail bond results.

Posting Bail Under Court Instructions

Under section 1276 of the California Penal Code, a bail bonds agent can provide their services by presenting a written contract that binds you to several agreements. The contract will be between the arrested person and the Highland bail bonds agent, as he/she takes up the responsibility on your behalf. Under agreement terms, you pledge to appear for all court hearings and mentions.

The process begins with a court appearance for the bail hearing, where the judge assesses the arrest report attached to your case. Normally, the judge holds discretion on the bail amount to set and will refer to several guidelines when doing so.

The first set of guidelines involve the standard bail amounts set on the official government website. These amounts are categorized in a wide bracket, allowing the judge to enhance or reduce the amount as he/she sees fit.

Secondly, the judge will look at the severity of the case facts surrounding your domestic abuse case. Consequently, if you were involved in circumstances that caused severe injuries or fatalities, you can expect a higher bail set. For example, if you are accused of child abuse that caused the minor irreversible injury, you may have to pay thousands in bail release.

You should also note that a domestic violence case attracts high scrutiny and intense investigations from the appointed officers. Therefore, preparing for expensive bail amounts helps pave the way forward.

When the judge decides on a bail amount, your bail bonds agent can begin the filing process. The entire procedure should not take more than a few hours, as it involves filling forms and presenting the requested bail amount.

When the agent fills the application forms, you may need to be present to sign some sections of the document. Typically, the process takes a few minutes, especially if your agent had received all your details beforehand.

Some required information includes your current income source, credit card, banking details, and phone number. The collected data provides a reference for the court in case of any emerging issues. Additionally, the details verify your inability to post bail by yourself, justifying the need for a bail bonds agent.

A bail bond contract agreement will allow for your jail release, provided you pledge to appear in court for all necessary proceedings. Ideally, the court holds the money as security for your court appearances and refunds it after the trial is done, if you fulfill all appearance requirements.

Consequences of Failing to Make Court Appearances Upon Bail Bond Release

Usually, a  failure to comply with the regulations may lead to a non-refund of the posted bail amount. This means that your bail bonds agent may lose all the money used to secure your release, creating a detrimental situation.

Moreover, the judge views your matter as an aggravated situation, leading him/her to authorize a search warrant against you. Therefore, you will end up in police custody for inconsistent court appearances, with minimal chances of entitlement to bail. In adverse cases, you may also face separate charges on contempt of court, attracting harsher penalties.

Nevertheless, you may evade the detrimental consequences of violating your bail bond agreement if you present justified reasons for missing the court appearances. If the judge is satisfied with the reasons, he/she may reinstate the bond. However, you can only present the justifications within 180 days after the court notifies you of possible bail forfeiture.

Some of the valid justifications for missing court appearances are:

  • You suffered from a temporary state of insanity.
  • You faced a severe medical condition.
  • You were detained in a different state.
  • You incurred severe injuries or disabilities.

How a Highland Bail Bonds Company Secures Payment

Your Highland bail bonds company will also require collateral as an assurance of your continuous court appearance. This way, the bail bonds company avoids irreparable losses and helps you keep up with your legal obligations.

Often, the collateral you present to your agent is actual property for safekeeping. For example, you may provide us with a highly valued heirloom equivalent to the bail amount we post for you. Thanks to our trusted services, you can be confident that we will preserve the property used as collateral until your case is complete and the paid bond amount is released.

Further, you will need to pay a premium fee to the bail bonds company for the rendered services. Your total fee calculations are from the set bail amount that the judge decides on, based on established rules of conversion. Usually, your bail bonds agent fee is always 10% of the total bail amount and can be paid after your release.

When working with a criminal attorney, the fee may be significantly lower, especially because your lawyer handles most of the paperwork. Since the bail bonds agent will only come in to pay the bail amount, the fee percentage may reduce to 9% or 8%. We recommend informing your Highland bail bonds agent of your intention to work with a lawyer when posting bail to avoid any inconveniences.

At our bail bonds company, we understand the stressful circumstances you may be dealing with. For example, you may have to cope with the possibility of a long jail term, making you reduce expenditures to help save money for your family.

 As a result, we provide low prices for our services, coupled with flexible payment plans that accommodate your specific financial needs. Additionally, we are happy to take on any suggestions you might have to ease your premium fee payment.

For example, you can use the monthly installation option that allows you to make cash payments until you settle the whole debt. The method works well when your bail amount was too high, resulting in a relatively expensive premium fee.

Advantages of Posting Bail Using a Highland Bail Bonds Service

Posting bail is not always a straightforward process, as you will have to fulfill numerous requirements that may not be attainable at once. As a result, you will enjoy several benefits of working with a Highland bail bonds agent for your jail release. They include:

You Have Some Time to Plan for Your Life

Sometimes, facing a domestic violence arrest may lead to a foreseeable conviction, where you will anticipate going to prison. When you leave jail for some time before the trial begins, you can begin making elaborate plans that ensure your loved ones will have financial support in case you are locked up.

For example, you may begin processes like terminating leases or repaying outstanding debts before trial and conviction begin. This way, you will have a clean slate to start on when your conviction period terminates.

You Can Meet with Your Defense Attorney

Regardless of a high likelihood of conviction, meeting with your criminal defense attorney is essential to help make adequate preparations before trial. When your bail bonds agent secures your release from prison, you have some time to meet with lawyers and discuss defense options.

You Can Resume Work or School Before Trial

Additionally, you do not have to forfeit your future aspirations because of a pending domestic violence case. If the presiding judge sets your case hearing date later, you can continue with your daily engagements to prevent loss of opportunities.

For example, leaving jail on a bail bond agreement can help you complete your studies and graduate before the trial begins. This way, you will have secured your certificate regardless of the case outcome.

Highland Jail & Court Information

Highland Jail
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Highland, California

San Bernardino Superior Court
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Upon facing arrest for domestic violence charges, you will need a bail bond company’s services to help you leave jail and prepare yourself for trial. When choosing a bail bonds service provider, you want a trustworthy company with a wealth of experience that will not disappoint. Working with Justice Bail Bonds is a great option, as we are reliable and flexible.

Thanks to our modern operations, we can post bail online or in-person on your behalf, leading to a fast release process. Our bilingual Spanish-speaking agents with many years of experience will provide high-quality services for anyone seeking to post bail in Highland, CA. To contact us, give us a call today at 951-445-4155.