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Orange County: 714-541-1155

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Adelanto Bail Bonds

When the police arrest you for domestic violence in the city of Adelanto, you are put in jail until your court date. You will only be let free if the court judge decides to let you go on your recognizance until you are released after you pay bail. Bail is the money set to act as insurance between you and the court. You have an option to pay your bail in cash if you are financially stable, but many defendants cannot do this.

The bail that the court sets is usually a high amount. If you are not financially stable to post bail by yourself while in San Bernardino County, you are required to get help from a bondsman to make the payment on your behalf. At Justice Bail Bond, we ensure that you do not spend time in custody. Our bail bond agents have over 20 years' experience in securing the release of defendants and will help post a bail bond for you.

Bail Definition in Legal Terms

Bail is defined as an agreement made between you and the court. When released on bail, you agree to appear for your trial. The court returns your bail after the trial is concluded.  If you do not show up on all the scheduled dates and miss even one, your bail will be forfeited. A warrant of arrest is then issued. However, if you appear for the hearings, you will get your bail back after the trial is concluded.

If you cannot pay the set amount of bail needed, you will remain in custody until your case is concluded. Since court cases can take some time to begin, making bail an option for you. The problem comes when you don’t have the cash to get out. Due to this, you should get help from a bail bonds company to get out of jail.

Bail Bond Definition

A bail bond is issued by a bonds company where a bail agent or a bail bondsman secures your release from jail. Bail bonds are classified into civil bail bonds and criminal bail bonds.

Criminal bail bond - It is a bail bond used, especially in criminal cases. It guarantees your appearance for trial when you are called upon and acts as a guarantee for payment for the penalties or fines decided against you.

Civil bail bond - It is majorly used in civil cases. It acts as a guarantee for the debt payment, including costs and interest assessed against you.

How Bail Bonds Works in Adelanto

Bail bonds are comparable to a loan where you commit a certain percentage of the total bail amount, and a bail agent pays the remaining. If the court requests $10,000 bail, you might be required to pay the bail agent $1,000, and the agent will pay the whole amount to the court. In addition to the percentage you will pay, you must also provide enough collateral to cover the difference if you do not appear in court for the hearing. Collaterals are usually things like cars, jewelry, among others. After your case is concluded, the bail is returned to the bail agent

Since the bondsman accepts the financial risk, they do take precautions to appear before you appear to the court. The bail agent prefers to have a relative or friend provide the collateral. You are not likely to miss any hearing if your friend or a relative’s property is used as security to the bond. They will contact you before the hearing date as a reminder. They require you to make regular visits to their office to ensure you do not leave the town. If you try to leave the city or miss a court date, they hire a team to hunt you down and make the payments and the cost they have incurred on your behalf.

A judge is the one who sets the amount of bail. If you cannot pay the bail on your own, you may seek help from the Adelanto bail bond company to get a bail bond to secure a bail bond on your behalf. Additional cash payment and full collateral are often needed for the bondsman to bail bond to post the bail. Whatever will happen next depending on if you show up in court after your release.

If you fail to attend the trial - The bail bond used as security by the Adelanto bail bond company is forfeited, and the court will require that the remaining percentage of the bail be paid off. The bondsman uses your collateral, e.g., a house, stocks, jewelry, among others, to pay the remaining amount of bail.

If you show up in court - When your case is closed, the Bail Bond is dissolved, and the collateral used as security is given back to the person who posted it. The bondsman then keeps the 10% fee as their profit.

Getting an Adelanto Bail Bond

Surety companies don’t write bonds since there are usually underwriting issues related to them. Assuming the Adelanto bail bond company writes a bail on your behalf. If you fail to attend the court hearing, the bond company is liable for the bond penalty fully, if any.  Due to the surety bonds' nature, the surety bonds company will seek compensation from you to get back any penalty they incurred to pay for you.

It is crucial to identify all the risks involved in bail bonds. Usually, underwriters evaluate the risk of posting the bail bond, including your personal life, family circumstance, financial situation, and the specific case, before issuing the bond. The approval process is not easy, and it requires others to co-sign or indemnify for you. The judge determines the type of bail that you will receive. Three things that the judge considers when deciding bail are:

  • The type of crime you have committed
  • Are you a suspect of a violent crime?
  • The level of threat that you pose to the public and your family
  • Whether you have been charged with other crimes
  • The likelihood you will flee before your criminal date
  • If you have any family ties in the area

In addition to these factors, the judge may consider your economic resources. Like, if you are a low-income defendant, a lower bond is set. The judge may decide to give you a secured bail, unsecured bail, or deny you bail.

Secured Bail

A secured bail is standard in many court proceedings. The bond requires that your friend or a relative pay the bond secure your release. The relative or friend will pay a bail bondsman a10% of the set amount as a fee to sum up the total bail amount. If you do not attend your trial, the bail agent or the bondsman seeks the rest of your family members' funds.

Unsecured Bail

It acts as security for release on own recognizance. This bail requires you to commit to paying the full amount if you do not make your court date. However, you don't need to pay any amount to a bail agent or the court before your release.

No Bail

If the judge finds you are unfit for any bail, you will be held in jail until your trial. Although the judge may make the initial determination on bail, your attorney may ask the judge to review the judge's ruling based on the facts that the truth will be disclosed in the future.

When you are arrested for domestic violence charges, you are booked for jailing. Your data is fed into the computer. Your fingerprints and the picture are then taken, and our items are held in impound. A sobriety test is then done, and you can then make a phone call to notify your family about your arrest before you are locked up. A court hearing is then scheduled where the judge determines the amount of bail you should pay. The bail is set 48 hours after the police arrest you.

How is Bail Amount Set in Adelanto?

Most Courts have a schedule that determines the amount of bail. For example, the court may set $20,000 as bail if charged with a felony with a possible jail sentence. The judge has control when setting the bail. However, they can take specific circumstances as a determinant to the amount of bail. For instance, if it is the first offense, you are employed and have a family in the neighborhood, the judge can decide to reduce the amount of discard it. However, if the judge finds out you are a repeat offender, he or she can increase the amount set as bail or have it revoked. Some judges usually assign bail immediately after you are booked. They do not have to wait for the hearing. This only applies if you are a low-level offender. You are then notified if you can pay the bail. You have the option of making a payment with your credit card.

Types of Bail Bonds in Adelanto

The types of bonds that you are entitled to are:

Citation Release

It is one of the best ones to get because you never get taken into jail. You are given a citation release when the arresting police officer doesn’t take you to the station. Instead, they issue you a citation that acts as an order for you to attend the hearing on a set date. You are also given a citation release if you have committed a minor crime like traffic violations. A citation release is the decision of the arresting officer. In case the officer decides to take you into jail, you will be required to try a different type of bail bond.

Recognizance Release

It is a type of bail bond that comes second to the citation release in terms of ease. You do not need money to get it. You need to promise that you will appear before the judge at the set date. When you sign the paperwork, you will be released from jail. Although you will not be charged for your release, there is usually a fine if you do not appear in court.

Cash Bail

It is a bail that is paid in cash. If you do not need help from Adelanto bail bonds company, you can pay your bail in cash as long as you have the money required. Cash payments are usually made with severe crimes in which bail can't be denied.

Surety Bond

When you want to get out of jail and do not have the cash, the only way to get back your freedom is to work with a bail bond agent from the Adelanto bail bonds company. There, you will find local bail agents in San Bernardino cities standing by to offer you a bond. This bond is secured after you pay 10% of the total bail amount to the bondsman and promise to show up in court. It is relatively easy to get this type of bond. You or the party representing you pays the 10% fee posts the bail needed to get you out. If you or your relative do not have the required cash, most bail bond agents are flexible in arranging payment.

Adelanto Bail Bond Payment Options

It may be challenging for you to get out of jail when dealing with your arrest's stress; help from Adelanto bail bonds Company is available. The company has the option to discuss your bail, where you can discuss your bail online or over the phone. Some of the options for securing your bail bonds without money are:

  • Promissory note
  • Payday loans or cash advance
  • Car title loans
  • Government pay-services
  • Bonds and stocks pledge
  • Life insurance policies

Some of the offers you will get from the female-owned and operated bail bonds company are:

  • Confidentiality of your personal information
  • Lowest prices
  • Fast and friendly service
  • Free bail information
  • 24-hour bail bonds services
  • The top attorney recommended bail agents
  • Financing availability and easy payment plans
  • 24/7 mobile bail bonds services
  • Se habla espanol

Adelanto Jail & Court Information

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Adelanto Court

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Monday–Friday: 8AM-4PM

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If the police arrest you for domestic violence crime and you need to bail yourself out, you will be required to secure a bail bond to get out of jail. Unless you have dealt with the court system before, the chances are you do not know about bail bonds. Contact our agents from the Justice Bail Bonds at 951-445-4155 and get yourself out of jail.