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Crestline Bail Bonds

Bail is the amount deposited by a defendant to keep you out of police custody while a case is ongoing. There are several forms of bail, including cash or property. Sometimes bail is set too high, and defendants cannot afford it. Therefore, bail bond companies help you pay the bail at a fee. Bail is not available for all criminal offenses and significantly depends on the severity of the Crime.

Facing charges for domestic violence can be quite devastating. Spending time in a police cell while waiting for the case outcome can take a toll on your life. Prosecutors fight to have you face serious penalties for such offenses, and bail amounts may be high.

If you or a loved one is arrested for domestic violence, contact Justice Bail Bonds. With over 20 years' experience, we can help you secure a release from jail by posting your bail and allowing you to return home. We serve clients throughout Crestline.

Overview of Bail in Crestline

Bail is an amount you pay for release before your case hearing. The main aim of bail is to ensure that a defendant will show up for the hearing even after a release. For sensitive cases such as domestic violence, bail is set too high, and one may not be able to come up with the money at the moment. Surety bond companies provide the bail bond at a fee. Two categories of bail are available to individuals to be released before trial:

  • Civil Bail Bond. This is the amount to be paid by an individual charged with a civil offense to secure a release before the hearing. This type of bond works to assure the court that a defendant pays fines imposed after their case is concluded.
  • Criminal Bail Bond. When you or a loved one is arrested for domestic violence and is arrested, you need to pay a criminal bail before you can stay home while waiting for your hearing. The criminal bond ensures your appearance for the hearing. If you fail to appear for the hearing, the bail amount you paid will not be returned. By providing the bail, a surety bond company takes responsibility for your appearance.

After an arrest, you are taken to custody. If a case is not filed against you, you may be released to go home. However, if you are charged with a criminal offense, you will need to stay in a police cell until the date of your hearing.

On transfer to a jail cell, you will be booked. The process involves several tasks, including recording your data such as official information and taking of fingerprints. Several things may happen after an arrest and booking into the cell. You could be set free and be given the notice to attend the hearing on a particular day.

Alternatively, you may need to post bail to secure a release awaiting the hearing. Since most bail amounts are too high to raise on short notice, it is wise to contact Crestline Bail Bonds for help in posting your bail. We offer the lowest prices and easy payment plans for our services to ensure the whole process is comfortable for you. Should you fail to pay your bail or the court denied, you would remain locked-up until you are acquitted of the Crime, or you are sentenced. Your fate after an arrest for domestic violence significantly depends on the severity of the crime you committed.

Factors Affecting Crestline Bail Amounts

The first hearing you appear after an arrest if the bail hearing. During this hearing, the court will determine whether or not you are eligible for bail. Also, the amount you will pay for a release before your case is determined in this hearing. Some factors that play a role when setting your bail include:

Bail Schedules

The bail schedules are rules which specify the amount of bail to be paid by defendants of particular crimes. Bail schedules vary significantly depending on the Crime you committed. The judge could decide to reduce or increase the bail amount depending on your charge's specific factors. Whether you committed a misdemeanor or a felony affects the bail schedules. A Crestline Bail Bonds Agent will help you understand the factors surrounding your bail setting and cover it for you.

Amount of Evidence against you

Domestic violence is often complicated, and sometimes, the judge can deny you bail. If you are granted bail, the amount of evidence against you on the case may play a part in setting your bail. If the court sees increased odds of being found guilty, your bail may tend to be higher. This helps discourage a defendant from running and failing to attend the hearing.

Criminal History

If you are known to have committed other crimes in the past, your bail could be set high to protect the community from repeat offenses. Domestic violence is a serious issue. If you have a conviction for a similar or related offense in the past, the judge could set a high bail or deny it altogether.

The seriousness of your Crime

The nature and seriousness of your crime affects the setting of bail significantly. There are several forms of domestic violence for which one could be charged. However, most charges will attract hefty penalties in jail time and fines. The more severe the Crime, the more bail is required to set you free before your case hearing. If a victim of your Crime suffered severe bodily injury, the judge could deny you bail.

Flight Risk

Flight risk is the possibility that one away from the pending case and fails to appear for trial. Several issues could cause a defendant to flee, such as being guilty of the alleged offense. If a person is guilty and knows that there is a high chance of facing a conviction, they may be considered a flight risk. Also, a defendant who does not have substantial ties to the community, such as a job and property, is a flight risk.

When one fails to appear for trial, the court will not refund the amount paid as bail. By setting a high bail for such a defendant, the court attempts to ensure that the defendant will show up for the trial.

Income and Assets

A defendant with a high income and many assets would not hesitate to leave behind a few dollars paid as bail and flee. Therefore, individuals with less assets may receive lower bail amounts for a specific crime than their wealthy counterparts.

The risk to the community

Domestic violence cases are sensitive, and the judge is keen on keeping the alleged victim safe. Also, public safety plays a significant role in setting bail. If you caused a severe injury or harm to the victim, the court could deny bail for the victim's safety. If the judge deems you a risk to the safety of other people, your bail may be high.

If your bail is set too high and you cannot come up with the money, it would be wise to contact Crestline Bail Bonds. Our local bail agents in San Bernardino cities are standing by, ready to guide you and help you post your bail.

Benefits of Hiring a Crestline Bail Bonds Agent After an Arrest for Domestic Violence

Even though you are free to post your bail, the amount set may be too high to come up with in a short time. Hiring a bail bonds agent makes the process of posting bail smooth in the following ways:

  • Your loved one Goes Home as Soon as Possible.

In some situations, individuals could be released from police custody without a need for bail. However, you or your loved one will only qualify to be released on their recognizance if the offense committed is not violent, which is often rare in domestic violence cases. Also, they need to have an excellent criminal history and not be a threat to others.

If one does not qualify for your recognizance release, you will need a bail bonds agent's services to post your bail. A surety bond saves you the hassle of liquidating assets to afford bail. At Crestline Bail Bonds, we provide bail online or even over the phone for a faster release from custody.

  • You Can Keep your Assets and Money Safe

When the surety bond company pays your bail, you must use the property as collateral for the money they pay for you. If you appear at the hearing and the case is resolved, the amount paid as bail is returned. Therefore, as long as you follow the rules and appear for the hearing, your money is safe. 

The bail bonds agent charges you a fee for the services, which is mostly 10% of the total bail set by the court. However, it is crucial to understand that failure to attend the hearing will make the surety bond company lose the money used as your bail. In return, the bail agent may auction the asset you used for collateral to pay the bail agent.

  • Bail Agents have Knowledge and Experience

Besides paying your bail, a bail bond agent uses their knowledge and experience to guide you through the process. The agent will help you with the paperwork and answer all your questions on the process of posting bail. This helps speed up the process and ensures you or your loved ones do not spend more time in police custody.

  • A Bail Bondsman Takes Responsibility 

When you are released on bail, you need to promise the court that you will appear for the hearing. When you seek the services of a bail agent, they take responsibility for your appearance in court. If you fail to attend, the surety bond company is responsible for finding you and ensure you appear before the judge. If you need efficient services to ensure your loved one does not spend a night in police custody, contact Crestline Bail Bonds. Our se habla espanol agents work to ensure a smooth bail posting process for you.

Conditions of Bail in Crestline

If the judge grants you bail for domestic violence, there are conditions imposed with the release. Most of the conditions resemble those of probation and include:

  1. Regular check-ins. While out on bail, you are required to report to your pretrial officer continually. The officer is appointed by the court and holds the responsibility of checking on you to ensure you are following all conditions imposed by the court.
  2. No-contact order. When the judge allows your release with a pending domestic violence case, they try to ensure the alleged victim's safety. Therefore, the court will order you to stay away from the alleged victim and their families until the case is closed.
  3. The court orders you to seek employment. If you do not have a job, the court requires that you seek employment while out on bail. This is to ensure that you have something tying to the area and minimizes your flight risk.
  4. Travel restrictions. Should you be released before trial after an arrest for domestic violence, you could be restricted from going out of your jurisdiction. However, when you have a matter of urgency and need to travel out, you will need to first report to the pretrial officer. 

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Find a Competent Crestline Bail Bond Agent Near Me

It is always unfortunate when you or your loved one faces an arrest for allegedly committing a crime. Domestic violence cases are often very sensitive due to the risk assumed on the alleged victim. The criminal consequences that accompany such cases are immense. Fortunately, should you face an arrest, you can be released on bail until your case's outcome is determined. 

Due to the nature of domestic violence cases, the bail amounts set may be too high to manage at the moment. Therefore, contacting a bail bonds agent would be wise to ensure you develop the amount and avoid the trauma associated with spending time in a police cell.

Justice Bail Bonds is a female-owned and operated company, where you will receive proper guidance through the process of posting bail and ensuring you or your loved one does not spend any more time in custody. We serve clients throughout San Bernardino to make the process of posting bail easier. Contact our Crestline Bail Bonds agents today at 951-445-4155.