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Apple Valley Bail Bonds

If you have been arrested for domestic violence in Apple Valley, the police will likely keep you in custody until a judge determines your case. Therefore, you may miss work, be unable to attend to your business or family, and miss out on many other things that occupied your life before the arrest. Bail bond companies offer people like you a chance to continue living your life as you wait for trial. If you cannot pay your bail in Apple Valley in San Bernardino County, Justice Bail Bonds could help secure your release. Our agent will be there in time to pay your bond and get you out of jail.

What is Bail in Apple Valley?

Domestic violence is a severe criminal offense in California. Domestic violence conviction attracts a penalty of up to four years behind bars and a hefty fine. The offender also receives a restraining order of ten years or more. Thus, anyone arrested for domestic violence needs enough time to prepare for their defense. A successful defense may cause the court to reconsider and drop or reduce the defendant’s charges. However, there is nothing much the defendant can do while they are stuck in jail.

In California, anyone arrested for a criminal offense might remain in custody until their case is concluded.  After an arrest, you are arraigned in court, where the judge determines whether or not you could be released on bail to go back into your community as you await trial. Some people manage to post bail with no issues at all. But others might need financial help to post bail. In other instances, the court can release a defendant on their personal recognizance. It means that you are a trustworthy person. The court has faith that you will show up on the set court date without fail and comply with all bail conditions.

However, if the judge is not entirely convinced that you will honor the court conditions, you will be required to post bail. Therefore, bail is the amount of money that the court orders an accused person to pay as insurance for their return to court. The court usually predetermines bail for most criminal offenses. Therefore, you are likely to know the amount of money you will be required to pay for your release beforehand. The amount of money the court expects arrested persons to pay as the bond is determined by several factors, including the offense’s nature and the offender’s criminal history.

Once you have made the payment, the court will hold the funds until the conclusion of your case. If you met all the bail conditions, the court would give you back the money even if you are convicted of the offense. However, if you violated one or more conditions of bail, you may lose the entire amount.

What is the Essence of a Bail Bond Company?

As mentioned above, bail amounts vary significantly from one offense to the other. Some people will be required to pay a smaller amount to secure their release from jail, while others will be required to pay more, amounting to several thousand or millions. Therefore, it is not unusual to find an arrestee unable to post bail for their release, even if they fundraise from friends and family. This is the point where a bail bondsman comes in.

A bail bondsman or a bail bond company is an individual or company that could sell an accused person a surety bond for their release if the arrested person is unable to raise money for their release. The court takes the surety bond to assure that the arrestee will appear in court as required and abide by all the court conditions.

Bail bond companies come to the rescue of many accused persons in California, giving them a chance to go back to their ordinary life until their criminal case is determined in court. They do this for a fee, which is usually a small percentage of the full bail amount. Additionally, bail bond companies will require the arrestee or his/her family to secure the surety with some form of collateral. It could be any valuable property, like a deed to a home, jewelry, or a car. If the accused fails to show up in court as required, the court will need the bail bond company to pay the full bail amount. Thus, the company will use the collateral to raise the total amount, plus its fee.

If you have been arrested in Apple Valley, you will need to find a reliable Apple Valley bail bonds to work with. Once you have agreed on the fee and the collateral, the company will send an agent to you to pay a part of the money to the court and promise payment of the remaining amount if you fail to appear in court on scheduled dates. A good company will respond very fast to ensure that you are released before so much time is lost. A reliable bail bond agent will be trusted by the courts to pay your full bail amount should you fail to appear.

Advantages of Bail Bond Services

If you have been arrested for domestic violence in  Apple Valley, you need to develop a strong defense if you do not want to face the full consequences of a conviction. Thus, you need enough time to hire the best criminal defense attorney, gather sufficient evidence, and prepare for trial. Again, staying in jail before your case is determined may affect several aspects of your life, including your career, business, and social life.

These are just a few reasons why you should consider posting bail for your release. If you cannot come up with the full amount, take advantage of Apple Valley bail bond services to secure your release. Here are the main benefits of engaging the services of a bail bondsman:

Make Flexible Payments For Your Bail

The court requires arrested persons to make upfront bail payments for their release. Failure to come up with the full amount means that you will be spending time behind bars even before your case is determined. Many people are unable to come up with the full amount in one lump sum. But the help of a bail bond company ensures you can post bail even when you don’t have the total amount.

An Apple Valley bail bonds company will give you enough time to make payments as you enjoy your freedom. If you can honor the court dates and abide by all the bail conditions, you only pay the required fee, and your collateral is given back.

Enjoy a Quicker Release From Apple Valley Jail

No one deserves to stay in jail longer than they should. Freedom is paramount, even for those accused of serious offenses like domestic violence. An Apple Valley bail bonds company will see to it that you are released much earlier than expected, and then you can quickly go back to your daily routine. More time behind bars means you will not be working, fending for your family, or taking care of important matters in your life. Bail bonds services give you back your life at least until a court determines your case.

Greater Convenience

The justice system is full of all kinds of people. The police are busy enforcing law and order and making arrests. Judges are busy hearing cases and making verdicts. Prosecutors and busy filing cases in courts, and attorneys are busy looking for better ways to defend their clients. In short, everyone is busy doing this and that. Thus, you may not receive the attention you deserve as you await the determination of your case. An experienced Apple Valley bail bondsman is all you need to navigate the justice system without receiving a backlash. An agent will handle everything as you wait to be released from jail.

Conditions for Bail

To maintain your freedom, the court will give you certain conditions you must abide by throughout your release period. Failing to meet these conditions will attract severe consequences such as a re-arrest. You are also likely to forfeit your bond, which means a loss to the amount your Apple Valley bail bondsman has paid to secure your release. Here are the common types of conditions the court might give you:

Mandatory Regular Check-ins

When a court releases a defendant on bail, it has no guarantee that the defendant will ever show up in court after that. The bail amount is usually not equivalent to the gravity of the offense committed. The court and the general public will be happier if you appear in court and answer the allegations as required. That is why you might be required to make regular check-ins with pre-trial officers. The check-ins will assure the court that you are still within the community and are likely to honor the court date.

Travel Restrictions

One way the court is sure you will not skip bail is by restricting your movements. Travel restrictions will keep you within the local jurisdiction, where you can quickly be traced and arrested if you fail to appear or violate another offense. Court-ordered travel restrictions will be strictly enforced. If you are caught trying to run away, the police will arrest you and take you back to jail. You might be required to remain in custody until the court concludes your case.

However, there could be exceptions to this condition, for instance, when the defendant needs to visit a sick or dying relative.

Employment Requirements

One way the court can be sure of your stay within the local jurisdiction is if you have a permanent job. Thus, you may be required to get a job as one condition for the court to release you on bail. If you are currently unemployed, the court will order you to seek employment after release actively. The job will sustain you and keep you within the community. The court will always know your whereabouts, which is essential as long as your case is pending.

No-Contact Orders

Since you are a suspected domestic violence offender, the court will perform its protection mandate by requiring you to stay away from the alleged victim. This condition will keep you away from people who the court believes you might harm. The court will also want to be sure that you will not influence the people who might witness against you during the trial. The people would be your current or previous partner or any other family member.

Court-Mandated Rehabilitation Programs

The court might also order you to attend specific classes that will better your life and rectify your behavior. For example, if you have a history of drug or alcohol abuse, you might be required to attend and complete a drug rehabilitation program. If the court establishes that you have anger-management issues, you might be required to attend anger-management classes. These rehabilitation programs are usually connected to the underlying offense.

Weapon Restrictions

If you own a firearm, the court might order you to surrender the gun. You will also not be able to purchase one at least until the verdict is out. This condition is given even to offenders who have committed a serious offense, not just gun-related crimes.

Staying Sober

Another requirement is for you to remain sober and clean from drugs throughout the bail period.  The court could apply this condition if it is established that you committed the alleged offense while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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If you have been arrested for domestic violence in  Apple Valley, it is advisable to contact a reliable bail bond company. The right bail bondsman will be there in time to release you from custody. Justice Bail Bonds is a female-owned and operated Bail Bonds Company that has been around for over 20 years. We are a local bail agent in San Bernardino with the lowest price and easy payment plans. Our services are available online and over the phone. Se Habla Espanol. Contact us today at 951-445-4155 and let us secure your release from jail before more time is lost.