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Rialto Bail Bonds

Domestic violence is one of the common offenses in Rialto, CA. In most domestic violence cases, most perpetrators end up in jail, especially if they were previously involved in domestic violence. Most surveys suggest that domestic violence victims are usually women, but anybody can be a potential victim of abuse.

Actual physical contact with another person is not the only way to be arrested for domestic violence. Your arresting officer is only required to have ‘probable cause’ to arrest a domestic violence suspect. However, battery or assault stands to be the most linked behavior in domestic violence cases. Anyone convicted of assault or battery is more likely to end up in jail than other minor actions related to domestic violence.

If you are charged with domestic violence, your case will likely lead to a court trial. At this time, you will probably spend your time in jail as you wait for the police to investigate your charges. Fortunately, arrestees can pay a bail bond and spend their time out of jail as they attend their court hearing. To post bail, you need to contact an experienced Rialto bail bonds agency to help you settle on the required amount needed.

Justice Bail Bonds is your reliable Rialto bail bonds agency that serves San Bernardino County and its neighboring areas. We are a female-owned and operated agency committed to offering professional and discreet domestic violence bail bonds services that distinguish us from other agencies in Rialto, CA.

A Brief Description of Domestic Violence and Its Laws in Rialto, California

Under California laws, domestic violence is the abuse committed against an intimate partner. A person is perceived to have committed domestic violence when he or she intentionally or recklessly threatens or uses physical force against an intimate partner.

California laws define an intimate partner beyond a current or former spouse. The following people are also included as intimate partners:

  • Current or former fiancé
  • Current or former registered domestic partner
  • A person you are accused of having a child witH
  • Someone that you are seriously dating or have seriously dated in the past
  • Someone that you have cohabited with

Common Domestic Violence Crimes in Rialto

In California, domestic violence crimes include abuse, battery, threat, and neglect. Some of these crimes are misdemeanors, while others are felonies. Let’s have a closer look at these crimes:

  1. Penal Code 273.5: Corporal Injury to an Inhabitant or Spouse

Under Penal Code 273.5, it is unlawful to inflict an injury that results in physical harm to a spouse or an intimate partner. Corporal Injury to a spouse or inhabitant is a felony with penalties that range from one year to four years in state prison.

  1. Penal Code 243(e)(1): Domestic Battery

Under Penal Code 243(e)(1), it is unlawful to inflict violence or force on a spouse or intimate partner. The affected partner does not require a visible injury to prosecute a suspect under this law. Domestic battery is a California misdemeanor with a maximum fine of $2,000 and a maximum of one year in county jail.

Whether you are prosecuted for domestic battery or corporal injury on a spouse or inhabitant, there are chances that you will end up in jail as you await the investigation process to take place. Engaging our Rialto bails bonds agency will help you await the investigation and appear in court without necessarily spending time in jail.

What You Need to Know About the Rialto Domestic Violence Bail Schedule

First of all, it is necessary to define several terms related to the domestic violence bail schedule. A bail is a payment of a sum of money to the court that allows suspects to be released upon paying it. Once the accused appears in court, the money is released back to the payer.

A bail bond agency is a company that pledges the money that assures the court that an accused will appear to court at the right court date. Justice Bail bonds is a well-established Rialto bail bonds agency that will help you post your domestic violence bail bonds.

In California, the domestic bail bond amount for misdemeanor domestic violence-related offense (Penal Code 243 (e)(1) is $ 5,000. On the other hand, the bail bonds for the felony cases (Penal Code 273.5) ranges between $20,00 and $ 50,000.

How to Post a Rialto Domestic Violence Bail Bond

Once the judge has set the bail amount, it is imperative for the accused to seek help from a bail bondsman to post a bond on his or her behalf. Once you involve a bail bond agent, you have to pay 10% of the bail amount. The bail bondsman will then pay the required amount on your behalf and secure the rest of the bail amount in the form of collateral. If you do not have enough collateral, our Rialto bails bond agency will contact your relatives and friends to help you pay the bail. In most cases, additional cash and full collateral are required to post the bail bond.

After agreeing on the collateral, our local bail agents in San Bernardino cities standing by will immediately go to the jail that you are in and post your bail bond. Fortunately, our Rialto bail bonds agents are available anytime and can bail online or over the phone to help you get through your situation as fast as possible. This allows you to return to your friends and family. However, you have to honor the responsibilities that have been granted by the court. These responsibilities include attending all court dates, refraining from contacting the alleged victim, and refraining from being re-arrested before your court.

If you fail to appear in court, the bail bond will be forfeited, and the court will expect the remaining 90% of the bail to be paid. The bail bondsman usually uses the defendant’s collateral, including jewelry, house, and stocks, to pay the remaining amount.

If you appear in court, the bail bond will be dissolved, and your collateral will be returned to you or the person who posted on your behalf. The person who provides the bail bond on behalf of another person is referred to as the co-signer.

Paying Outstanding Premium

At Justice Bail Bonds, we understand the stress and financial burden that comes with paying bail bonds to help you stay out of jail. Unluckily, you might fail to honor your payment in full due to one thing or another. Our licensed bail agents are available anytime to discuss the lowest prices, easy payment plans that would help you fulfill your premium.

Things that You Can Use as Domestic Violence Bail Bonds

Unless you own plenty of personal resources, you need to have other means of paying to convince a bail bond agent to sign an agreement with you. In most cases, precious things are usually acceptable rather than promises.

Collateral comes in different forms. Find out what type of collateral is acceptable while posting domestic violence bails bonds.

Credit Card or Bank Account

If you have run out of cash, you can offer your bank account balance as your collateral. Credit cards can also be used to secure bail. Authorization forms permit the bail bond company to run the card for the bail bond penal amount if you fail to appear in court.

Real Estate

You can rely on real estate as your collateral. Real estate can be any building of any kind or your house. A piece of land or resources like your crop can also be referred to as real estate. Apart from that, your family members can use their real estate holding and use as collateral on your behalf.

Your Vehicles

Our Rialto bail bonds agency can also accept titled vehicles and cars as a form of collateral. We do not take away your vehicle from you but will hold your title. If you fail to attend your court hearing, they will have to take and sell it to recover the amount they had paid as your bail bonds.

Home or Land

You can also use your home or land as collateral. At this point, the bail bondsman will hold all the titles related to your home or land, meaning that everything will still belong to you. However, if you cannot honor your court dates, you will lose them.

Pawnable Items

Pawnable belonging contains different things. It goes from antique furniture, tools, gaming systems, and electronics. As long as these items can secure your bail, they will be held by the bail bondsman until you honor your court requirements.

Your Jewelry

Jewelry can also be a suitable form of collateral for your bail bonds. You can put a few of your jewelry as collateral instead of relying on other items.

Why Choosing Our Rialto Bail Bonds is the Way to Go

Choosing a local bail bonds agency like our Rialto bail bonds agency is the best idea if you want to get out of jail as quickly as possible. National franchise chains might mislead you, but the truth is that local companies can provide better services than nationally owned agencies. The following are the benefits of choosing Rialto bail bonds company:

Quicker Services

If you are detained for domestic violence, there are high chances that you will be in the local state jail. A local bail bonds company is the fastest way to respond to your situation. These agencies usually have local offices with bails bonds agents at your disposal to help you get out of jail as quickly as possible.

Local Experience

Hiring the right bail bonds company can be stressful and challenging. That’s why it is recommendable to find someone with local experience. With the help of a Rialto bail bonds agency, you will be confident that they know about the jail that your loved one or you are being held in and start filing necessary paperwork as soon as possible.

Personalized Services

Once you hire a local bail bond company, you will be sure of personalized assistance. There will be people to talk to you physically and guide you through the entire bail process. You can also request the bail to be posted with ease. If you have any issue regarding the bail process, there will be an agent available to answer all your needs. These professionals will assess your circumstances and provide the most practical solution.

Local Accountability

Once you choose a local bail company, you will have an agency that you can contact anytime you have a concern or a question. Simultaneously, a local bail bond agency knows that it will be held accountable based on the local bail bonds standards. In that case, they will strive to ensure that they work to your expectation. This is to avoid spoiling the reputation that they have worked so hard to build.

Affordable Services

Choosing a national chain bail bonds agency can be more expensive than a local one. With a local bail bonds agency, their agent will not have to travel a long distance to cater to your needs. Therefore, their services are more affordable regardless of your budget.

Improved Bail Options

Using a local bail bond agency is a better idea than relying on a government pretrial release method. This removes the hurdles that come along with posting bail since the bail bond option is a one-time expense. Some of the hurdles that you avoid include the use of ankle brace monitoring.

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It is scary and unsettling when a loved one is arrested for domestic violence. Once this happens, the first step should be seeking the services of a reputable bail agent. If you have been arrested for domestic violence or someone you know has been arrested, Justice Bail Bonds is the agency to call. We will smoothly and discretely help you be released from jail as fast as possible. Call us at 951-445-4155 and let our bail bonds agents over 20 years of experience help in your situation. And to our Spanish-speaking clients Se Habla Espanol!