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You or a friend being arrested for domestic violence is among the most terrible encounters because it’s humiliating and stressful. Being booked or processed in jail after an arrest is even worse. The only answer you will be looking for at this challenging time is how to secure freedom.  Luckily, Justice Bail Bonds in Loma Linda can help you post bail and secure release.

Our bond agents or operators have a considerable amount of experience and better understand the bail bonds industry, ensuring a smooth release. In this article, we have given a general view of what a bail bond entails and the process of posting bail. 

General View of Bail Bonds in Loma Linda

A bail is a set sum of money that acts as insurance between the litigant or individual faced with criminal charges and the court. The amount posted guarantees future court appearance by the litigant and reduces the challenges associated with staying in jail awaiting the trial. The court allows individuals to post bail in cash, but unfortunately, the amount is nearly inconceivable for a family to raise.

Bail usually ranges from thousands to countless dollars, which makes it difficult for many families to afford. A convenient solution for many litigants is to take out a surety for bail bonds. Various options are available for paying bonds in exchange for jail release. Besides, you should know that although you have the right to bail, the right can be withheld if the court believes you are of significant risk or danger to the community.

You can pay the bail by having a bonds agent post the bail on your behalf. The suitable bail bond agents will start the process of discharging you on bail immediately. Once you have Loma Linda bail bonds operators by your side, you are only supposed to pay them a particular percentage of the bail amount as a service fee. Then they will post your full bail to ensure a fast and smooth discharge. The bonds agent deducts 10 percent of the bail amount as a little add-up to pay for the pretrial release accommodation.

Remember, the court releases you on the condition that you will be present in court on the scheduled date. Therefore, if you skip town and miss court, the judge hearing the case will issue an arrest warrant and commence the process of relinquishing the bail bond. The court will give you 30 days to return to court failure, to which they will cancel your bond, and the co-signer is made to pay the bail amount.

As a co-signer, you are encouraged to keep in touch with the respondent and the Loma Linda bail bonds agent handling your case. You should also help the litigant show up on future court dates to reduce the possibility of missing court, resulting in bond cancelation. Note that if the litigant never shows in court even after thirty days, as a co-signer, you must pay the bond amount unless the respondent appears in court.

Your Loma Linda bail bonds operator will be ready to accompany you to all court dates to ensure zero infringement of bail protocols. Also, they will advise you to stay away from any form of trouble that may cause you to miss a scheduled court date.

When you adhere to all court appearances, you can peacefully build a strong defense against the domestic violence allegations you face from the comfort of your home. If you observe all the court requirements, you will pay a 10 percent premium fee at the end of the case.

The Process of Posting Bail Bond in Loma Linda

After the court has granted your release on bail, they set an amount that must be posted or paid to the court. It’s your constitutional right to be given bail, and these privileges shouldn’t be relinquished if you comply with court conditions. If you feel as if any of your rights have been violated, you should contact a local attorney right away.

Generally, your bail bonds agent can post bail in cash or an approved cash substitute. However, before posting this amount, it’s critical for the bond agents you are working with to go through all the details of your case to decide the most appropriate approach for posting bail.

At Justice Bail Bonds, we specialize in domestic abuse incidents, so you don’t need to worry about bail requirements. We are focused on ensuring you obtain all the assistance required by explaining how we deal with bail charges in domestic violence cases and the unique conditions you must meet.

When faced with a hefty bail fee, your first option should be to pay a cash bond, although it might not have the most monetary benefits. For domestic abuse cases, the bail bond amount might range from $5,000 to $50,000, which is money you probably don’t have lying around.

For many people arrested for domestic violence, the capture comes as unexpected because most of the action doesn’t warrant an arrest. However, because police must protect the abuse victims, you might end up behind bars even when innocent. If you find yourself in a situation like that, chances are, you are not prepared to pay the bail sum set for your release, or you don’t anticipate it. That is the reason for the existence of bail bonds. It makes bail affordable to respondents for ordinary defendants and helps your Loma Linda bail bonds agent make a living.

If a surety or bail bond is not applicable in your case, you can opt for a property bond. You might be asked to your property, whose value estimates the cost of the bond to anchor your bail. The most commonly utilized property for bail anchoring is jewelry, a home, or an automobile. A property bond’s limitation is that the property used as security must be one and a half times the bond amount. The aim of setting the value is to cover additional expenses or materials concerning securing the property.

The contrast between a surety and property bond is that it can’t be transferred to somebody else. The moment the co-signer changes their mind about property anchoring, the defendant should be taken back to custody, relinquish the bond, and prepare all the necessary documents for property discharge.

However, if the judge relinquishes the bail, the property reinforcing it will be sold off and paid to the relevant parties. The remaining amount returns to the co-signer. A property bond is a long process that might not be ideal for you if you aren’t released on time but based on the circumstances of your case, the option might be viable.

A surety bond is the most straightforward manner to raise the bail amount, considering you are acting on short notice. Your co-signer comes up with a small percentage or portion of the total bail amount. Your Loma Linda bail bonds agent will then raise the remaining amount and post the entire bail for your freedom. The amount of bail the co-signer comes up with is 10 percent of the bail, and it acts as a fee for the services because it’s non-refundable. Setting the rates at ten percent means bail bond organizations won’t exploit clients.

The ten percent premium rate is constant, and organizations are not allowed to adjust the rates for whatever reason. However, they can include hidden and additional costs to increase the amount they charge for securing a pretrial release. Some organizations use these extra costs to exploit clients, so you need to be alert and not sign a contract without reading the terms. Talk to your Loma Linda bail bonds agent to know what they are charging, and any conceal and additional expenses you should know.

As you know, court systems in Loma Linda are highly populated, and domestic violence cases may take months or years before a ruling. Many bail bonds organizations will charge reestablishment fees, while others will exploit you by charging cancellation fees. Doing so is unethical, and it’s the reason you need to find a more reputable firm to handle your bail. We will never exploit you at a time of difficulty. Instead, we have alternative financing options that can help you obtain release from jail awaiting trial.

Why Choose Justice Bail Bonds in Loma Linda?

If you are looking for an organization to safeguard your interest and prepare for your trial from home, look no further. We are available to assist you in securing the pretrial release. Some of the elements that make us stand out among our competitors include:

  1. Female Owned and Operated

Our staff is composed of women who provide our clients with compassionate and undivided attention. A domestic violence arrest can be emotional and stressful, so we are here to alleviate your stress. Our team of female employees will treat you like family because they know the emotional and financial stress resulting from the process.

These women operators understand you want to hide the shame that comes with these cases and subsequent arrests, but you are still compelled to deal with it. They are dedicated to finding answers to your difficult situation to ensure confidentiality and that you secure release soonest possible.

  1. Bilingual Services

Our all-female staff is bilingual, meaning we assist all individuals who want to secure freedom to fight civil or criminal charges from home. Cases of domestic violence are common in Loma Linda. Their effects on family members are the reason we are available to ensure you don’t deal with the hardship of you or a loved one being locked up for a simple misunderstanding.

For Se Habla Espanol individuals, you don’t need to be afraid of the language barrier because our bilingual female operators can provide professional guidance in a language you can understand. Spanish speakers incarcerated for domestic violence can find comfort in contacting our organization for bail bond services with these features. Further, when interpreters for other languages are required, we have bilingual female staff more than willing to assist.

  1. Experienced Operators

We have been serving people arrested and incarcerated for domestic violence for over 20 years. It means having more than 20 years of experience representing respondents with cases like yours. In the years of service, we know that even law-abiding citizens can find themselves on the wrong side of the law. We are ready to help you at the hour of need without judging your actions. With our experience in the bail bonds process, we will secure your release right away.

If you have been granted bail but you can’t raise the amount, our local bail agents in San Bernardino cities are on standby to have you released. You can contact us regarding your bail online or over the phone for an initial consultation. We offer the lowest prices, easy payment plans, and terms, making our services the best, especially if you are on a tight budget.

  1. Protects Your Privacy

Arrests and surety bonds require high-security levels to prevent further embarrassment and humiliation that you are already experiencing. Your personal information or details of the case can only be used to obtain your release from custody. We make this stressful duration of your life less stressful by guaranteeing to protect your information so that you can only worry about your freedom and not our confidentiality.

  1. We Act Fast

Acting fast is the most critical element in a surety bond situation. Regardless of the extent of your case, staying in jail, especially for the first time, can be harmful due to torment and anxiety. Luckily, our operators understand all the factors and traps that can delay your release. We will apply our knowledge and experience in the industry to make your clearance as quickly as possible to limit the time spent in custody.

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Finding yourself behind bars for allegedly committing abuse against a current or ex-intimate partner can be a scary experience. Posting bail, obtaining a release by recognizance, and locating a bail operator can be challenging, especially for a first-timer. If you have been captured and booked in Loma Linda jail, contact Justice Bail Bonds at 951-445-4155 to discuss your situation and begin the process of posting bail.