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24 Hour Bail Bonds:

Los Angeles: 323-547-8786

Orange County: 714-541-1155

San Bernardino: 909-381-3899

San Diego: 619-381-4859

Riverside: 951-445-4155

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Once you are accused and arrested for a domestic violence crime, you will have to go to jail as you wait to be processed and investigated. Staying in jail is frustrating, and anyone would want to get out of it as soon as possible. Luckily, the existence of bail bonds allows arrestees to get out of jail as the investigation goes on.

Posting a bail bond does not only help you stay out of jail but allows you to build your defense with an attorney and improve the chances of winning your case or reducing it to a lesser charge. Posting bail related to domestic violence crime is expensive, and most people cannot afford to raise the required amount all at once. That's why it is recommendable to seek help from an experienced bail bonds agency that can help you service your bail and help you get out of jail.

Justice Bail Bonds is a female-owned and operated bonds agency operating in San Bernardino County and its environs. Our 20 years' experience gives us the confidence to help you get out of jail no matter the gravity of domestic violence-related charges you are facing. Schedule an appointment with our Yucaipa bail bonds offices and let them help you with your situation.

What You Need to Know About Yucaipa Domestic Violence Bail Bonds in California

A bail bond is a financial guarantee to the court that makes sure that a defendant appears in court at the required dates until the case is over. It can be defined as a surety bond that is posted to provide an opportunity for anyone arrested to stay out of jail but ensure that he or she attends all court-ordered dates.

Once an arrestee has posted bail, he or she can go home and continue with their life. At Yucaipa bail bonds, we know that getting out of jail and returning to your home is your priority. Therefore, we will strive to ensure that your bail bond is processed as soon as possible.

The Department of Insurance is responsible for setting the rates of every bond in California. The premium of every bail amount is 10% and is non-refundable. Although there is a set amount for each bail, judges in every county decide on the bail amount. The judges usually use a specific assigned schedule for every crime.

In San Bernardino County, the required bail amount for a first time domestic violence offense is $50,000, $100,000 for a second offense, and $600,000 for a third offense. However, the judge can decide on a higher amount, depending on the nature of your case. The scheduled amount usually gives a starting point for the standard amount to pay. This means that there are particular factors that a judge must consider while deciding on the bail amount. These factors are as follows:

  • The defendant's likelihood to attend all court hearings
  • The defendant's criminal history
  • The severity of the crime
  • Public safety

The above-stated factors are simply guidelines and not a guarantee. In some cases, the judge can disallow a bail request and have the defendant stay in jail until trial. Your bail request can be denied when another jurisdiction has an arrest warrant or hold on you for committing another crime. Violation of probation or parole can also deny you the possibility of bail.

Conditions for Yucaipa Domestic Violence Bail Bonds

There are chances that the court will impose several conditions once they release you on bail. Your attorney can also suggest some terms and conditions as a way to convince the judge to release you on bail or decrease it. These conditions are as follows:

  • Placing you under house arrest with electronic monitoring
  • Surrender your driver's license or passport
  • Avoiding any contact with your spouse or your intimate partner
  • Restriction from leaving the state
  • The requirement to attend a domestic violence-related counseling session
  • Refraining from possessing a firearm depending on the nature of your crime
  • Regular check-ins with a pretrial service officer

Domestic Violence Bail Bonds Payment Process in Yucaipa

The entire point of a bail bond is to help you get out of jail when you cannot raise enough money to cater for the bail imposed by the judge. However, this does not mean that you have to pay off the bail bondsman. All you need to do is pay the 10% service fee to our Yucaipa bail bonds agent and cover the rest with collateral. For instance, if the court requires you to pay $50,000 as your bail bonds, you only need to raise $5,000 and pay our agents as you cover the remaining $40,000 with collateral.

The collateral is used to recoup the amount paid on your behalf if you fail to attend your court hearings.

Things you Should Know About Domestic Violence Bail Bonds Collateral

Our Yucaipa bail bonds agents expect you to offer collateral to cover the risk of losing the bail bond they have posted on your behalf. If there were no protection built in the bail bonds system, every bonds agency would go broke in short order once a person flees after being released on bail.

Our agents will seize your collateral if you fail to live up to the responsibilities of your release. However, if you honor these responsibilities, your collateral will be returned to you or your co-signer after your case.

There are different types of collateral you can offer. They are as follows:

  1. Your Property or Home

Offering your home as collateral is probably the most desirable and useful collateral since their value usually exceeds any bail amount by far. As long as there are no outstanding liens on your home, it will be accepted as collateral by our agency. Putting your home as collateral might be tempting, but it might leave you homeless if the court revokes your bail.

  1. Your Car or Other Vehicle

Vehicles are also popular choices when it comes to collaterals used in posting bail bonds. It is essential to learn about your car or vehicle's value before you use it as collateral. If its value is sufficient to be used as collateral, you will have to sign its ownership to our Yucaipa bail bonds agents. They will return ownership to your vehicle if you meet the Requirement of your release. 

  1. Stocks and Bonds

Most bail bond agencies accept stocks and other guaranteed investments as collateral. However, you should be careful when using a long-term investment like this since you can end up losing them. 

  1. Credit Cards

You can use your credit card as collateral if it exceeds the amount required as your bail bond. The use of a credit card as collateral makes this process very simple and does not endanger your long-term investment.

  1. Your Jewelry

Properly appraised jewelry can work well as your collateral. Should your jewelry yield the value of your bail requirement, our bail bonds agent will likely accept it as your collateral. 

  1. Your Electronics

Although electronics might be a less popular type of collateral, our Yucaipa bail bonds agents can accept them as collateral if they can sufficiently cover your bail amount. However, electronics usually sell at a lower price hence their use as collaterals for low bail requirements. 

  1. Your Cash

Surprisingly, your cash can be suitable collateral for your bail bonds. You are probably wondering why you have to rely on a bail bond agent, whereas you can pay your bail all by yourself. However, posting large bails by cash can raise many questions regarding the legality of the amount. Therefore, if you do not want the state to start questioning the source of your finances, using a bail bond agent can be an ideal way to avoid this kind of situation. The state or government can decide to look for potential impropriety even if your finances were legally acquired. This is something most people would not want to experience. 

What you Need to Know about Domestic Violence Bail Bonds Cosigners

When it comes to posting a bail bond, a co-signer is required to ensure that you honor your court dates and pay fines when expected to do so. Theoretically, the co-signer can be anyone else apart from the defendant. This means that he or she should have a strong relationship with you if you want your bail bondsman to accept him or her. Your friends, family members, co-workers, and spouse can be a good bet while choosing a co-signer.

Responsibilities of a Co-signer

Regardless of who accepts to be your co-signer, they must know that they are signing a contract as liable parties for you. This means that there are particular responsibilities that the co-signer must honor in your name.

Firstly, they are responsible for getting you to court at the scheduled time. If you fail to show up for your hearing, your bail bondsman will seek your co-signers, who should pay the bill amount. Therefore, it is in your best interest to make sure that this does not happen.

Secondly, the co-signer is responsible for paying your bond premium. Failure to pay the premium will restrain the bail bondsman from paying your bail.

Lastly, your co-signer might be responsible for paying any other fee imposed on you if you fail to meet your release requirement.

Rights of a Co-signer

Once you appoint a co-signer, it is recommendable to have them acknowledge their rights. First of all, they have the right not to be co-signers. They should know that your failure to honor your release requirement puts them at risk of paying off your bail amount.

Secondly, your co-signers can revoke the bail bond once they suspect that you will not appear in court. Co-signers can contact your bail bondsman or court and advise them of their concern and the desire to terminate the agreement. At this point, you will be at risk of being taken back to jail until a court hearing is scheduled and the agreement is canceled. That's why you should work hard to honor your release requirement to avoid getting back to jail or putting your co-signers at risk of losing their collateral. 

How to choose the Right Yucaipa Bail Bonds Company

Although the process of looking for the perfect bail bonds agent usually takes place during a stressful time, you should not ignore the need to do as much research as possible. A good bail bond company should be able to work with you regardless of your financial situation as long as you have sufficient collateral and pay their premium. Below are other aspects that should help you choose the right bail bond agency.

Look for a Firm that is Open at All Times in Yucaipa

Always look for an agency that can bail online or over the phone. This means that they should stay open 24/7 to ensure that they respond to your needs anytime. Since most domestic disagreements occur at night, you should find an agency that will accommodate your needs regardless of your timing.

Find an Agency Located in Your Area

Relying on a bail bonds agency in your area will help you get out of jail as quickly as possible. Our local agents in San Bernardino cities standing by are willing to help you fix your issue with more ease than those working for a large and established bond company. Most of these agents do not have local offices, meaning that they might take long before responding to your needs.

Narrow Down to an Agency with a Strong Reputation

It is always good to have several agencies to compare to narrow down on the best among them. Deciding whether a particular agency meets your need should not be a big issue with the existence of online platforms. Take your time assessing the kind of reputation that every agency at your disposal has established before you make a decision. 

Beware of their Pricing

The pricing of any services matters a lot. In that case, find an agency with the lowest price, easy payment plans to ensure that you are spending more money posting the bail rather than paying the agency fees.

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If you or your loved one is on the verge of staying in jail following an arrest, you have to find a bail bonds agency that can help you. Not all agencies within your reach can offer the kind of services that you need. Justice Bail Bonds is your best option when it comes to the most reliable agency in San Bernardino County, CA. We have compassionate and professional bail experts willing to help you in your situation. For more information, contact us at 951-445-4155 and schedule an appointment. If you are a Spanish-speaking client, don't worry since; Se Habla Espanol!