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How to shop for the best bail bonds services in California

Posted on Jul 17th, 2021 by mrnice 574 Views

The California Department of Insurance (CDI) has the authority to regulate the bail bond business as per the Bail Bond Regulatory Act. Currently, there are approximately 3,200 licensed bail agents and organizations in California. (California Department of Insurance) This article incorporates how to shop for the best deals on bail bonds in California in addition what is the criteria to choose the best bail bond services when it is required.

Bail Bond

It is a written document signed by a surety or a defendant to pay an amount that is fixed by the court for the appearance of the accused in the criminal court proceeding at the time and date specified (Gustafson, 1956). In other words, bail is a surety bond, which is posted by the bail bond company to the court for the arrestee’s appearance in all court proceedings. Bail can be in cash or in the form of a bond secured from a bail bondsman. (Marcus, 2003)

Bail Bond Surety Companies in California

The California Department of Insurance (CDI) rate regulation branch keep the check and balance about bail premium rates charged to the consumer in California are fair. The criteria depend on the fact that each surety company must file the rates with CDI and bail agents must charge the same file rates. (Gonzalez, 2018) The cost to the consumer is not to exceed ten percent of the total amount of the bond in addition, necessary and reasonable expenses that were required for the transaction such as travel, notary and or posting fees.

How to shop for the bail bonds services in California?

There are many bail bond companies in California so the crucial question arises here how to shop for bail bonds service? This article will provide you with some convenient ways to choose the best services about bail bond services in California;

  1. Call Justice Bail Bonds

Over the years, Justice Bail Bonds has grown to become one of the most trusted and reliable bail bond companies in California. It had created its goodwill and reputation through its serves over the past years. We provide the best bail agents to assist our clients at discount rates. It is worth mentioning that every year we train and retain the best bail bondsmen to maintain professionalism in their services. We assure you that our bail bond services are not comparable with the other bail bond companies. We will address all your queries and provide you with legal, right, logical and reasonable services. 

  1. Check reviews

At Justice Bail Bonds, we understand the pain, anxiety and stress that can come with a loved one’s arrest. Therefore, our professional bondsmen will be courteous and respectful to provide you are the best services. For your satisfaction, you can visit BBB, Google and Yelp, to see what other people reviewed after obtaining our services. It is crucial to point out here that we are very dedicated to our services as we maintained 5 starts. Moreover, the reviews can assist you to know about the speediness of our services and general perception about our services.

  1. Ask about their fees and discount

It is further mentioned that we not only provide you to bail your loved one out of the jail but we make it affordable. Most people are not financially well stable to bail their loved one out of the jail so Justice Bail Bonds comes in to play. Most of the companies in California charge a 10% fee for providing their services but this will be a great way to check double incase you are using a new company. Moreover, it is very important to carefully read the whole contract in order to figure out any hidden fees, recurring fees, annual premiums and any other additional fees. Furthermore, it is important to ask about their discount rates for members of certain unions, military, law enforcement, AARP members, first respondents, homeowners and healthcare workers.

  1. Payment methods

If you are worried about the mode of the payment to avail of our bail bond services so Justice Bail Bonds will provide you convenient ways to pay us through cash, credit cards, debit cards. Rest assure that our agents will assist you to step by step through the process of securing a California bail bond.

  1. Convenient online process

In these hectic and tough schedule days, Justice Bail Bonds provide you all paper requirements through online rather than to physical meetings. We provide you easier and quick process so it will safe your time and money. Moreover, we make sure to be there for our clients on 24/7 bases.

  1. Bail Bond Services 24/7

If you required to bail your love one out of the jail at any time of the day, Justice Bail Bonds will be your perfect choice as our bail bond services are available 24/7. At any time, we are here to address your queries and assist you in tough times. We do our process very quickly and efficiently and we will surely have satisfied by our services. We provide our services 24/7 so what does this means for our clients? This means that whenever you call us, there will always be a licensed bail bond agent who assist you up to your satisfaction level. Furthermore, we provide professional and courteous services.

  1. Experienced, Licensed Bail Bond Agents

Last but not the least, our experienced licensed agents at Justice Bail Bonds, work with the jails in order to approve the release of the accused out of the jail. Our agents are very professional and they will never infringe client privacy and violate their trust in any circumstances. Moreover, they deal with each matter with diligence and professionally.


It is quite difficult to find out the best bail services, when there are many options in the market. This article deals with all the best services provided by Justice Bail Bonds.


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For faster service please call 951-445-4155 24 hours a day, seven days a week if you or a loved one has been arrested and need to be bailed out quickly and confidentially or if you simply have questions regarding bail, an arrest, or inmate information please do not hesitate to call or fill out our contact us form. We are available 24/7 for all of your bail needs.